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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Coushatta Round Dance Texas 'Idle No More' Tarsands Blockade

Tarsands Blockade

VIDEO: Our Action Camp this weekend joined members of the Coushatta and Biloxi-Chitimacha tribes for an Idle No More solidarity round dance and rally within feet of the KXL pipeline easement.

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Over a 120 blockaders danced and rallied in the front yard of an indigenous family's home immediately adjacent to the Keystone XL pipeline easement. The toxic pipeline is being laid about 100 ft from their front door. Blockaders from Michigan reached out to the family to offer first-hand experiences of dealing with tar sands spills afterwards.
  Over 100 Tar Sands Blockaders participate in a round dance lead by Coushatta organizer Ben Yahola in solidarity with Idle No More on land immediately adjacent to a KXL Pipeline construction site. We arrived on the land, resided on by a family of Alamaba-Coushatta tribal members, at 5pm on January 4 to begin setting up for the dance. Workers were milling about at the end of their work day and immediately noticed our banners. Police showed up shortly thereafter, but we were not disturbed in our peaceful demonstration of solidarity with Idle No More, Hunger Striking Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence, and all affected by toxic tar sands exploitation.

Photos TransCanada tarsands protest action in Houston Jan. 7, 2013

Balloon spill at TransCanada Jan. 7, 2013
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Today at TransCanada in Houston, latest action against TransCanada and the Keystone XL tarsands pipleine that Obama rallied for in Cushing, Oklahoma. Now, private lands of farmers is being seized in east Texas, and elderly farmers are going to jail trying to protect their family farms.
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Mohawk Nation News 'Canada, Stop Leeching Off Us'

MNN.  Jan. 8, 2013. We subsidize every last thing in Canada.  The meeting on January 11th in Ottawa between Prime Minister Harper and his traitorous pet Indians is not valid.  Your puppet strings will be pulled tight.  Your arms will be permanently up in the air, palms up, and your knees will be under your chin. You will be plied with money, liquor and female or male companionship, filmed for future blackmail purposes. You “turn the other cheek” Indians do not speak for us. 

At the Westin, Ottawa
At the Westin, Ottawa
Harper has something on most of them.  They’ve all been bribed and sold their souls to the devil.   Everyone in the Canadian system too.  Harper is screaming,  “Shut up and play the corporate game”. 

Canada is one of the world’s largest countries with a small population. Half the exports are raw materials, minerals, fuel, metals, ores, wood, pulp and paper, agriculture, fish, shellfish and hydro, while they rape Mother Earth. 
Harper's corporate outfit
Harper's corporate outfit
The federal government usurped control over us; the natural resources were turned over to the provinces; they provide transfer payments to the feds. The province deals with the predatory multinational corporations, who don’t have to speak with us. We do not get any money from our resources. We can’t fight the multinational corporations.  We’re forced to accept our own money like crumbs.   
Canada takes $9 billion in taxes and royalties from companies mining our resources, a tiny fraction of the whole amount; $3.8 billion from exports of hydro; 60% from harnessing our water; $1.2 trillion from tar sand extraction for 35 years;  $38.2 billion from forestry.  [2006 figures].  
Spending on Indigenous land and resource owners is $5.36 billion:  $7,200 per Indigenous compared to $14,900 per non-native person. 
All Canada’s wealth is based on the value of our resources. This theft has caused us incalculable suffering.  Torture in jails, suicides, forced confessions, capturing and fining our youth so they have a lifetime criminal record, brutal persecution of our traditional people and genociding our children.    
We have a right to exist and resist.  Large scale land and resource theft needs to exterminate us. We will stop the brutal program to erase us and our connection to our land.  This is just the beginning.  We will take care of our Mother, protect our land,  rivers, lakes, forests and oceans because that is what she instructs us to do. 
Our traitors will be given false promises and “death dealing” trickery. We have been watching you stuff yourselves while keeping our plates empty. That’s going to change.  We will take our possessions and distribute them fairly.  Not another tree is going to be cut down.  
Canada thinks they are immune to protests and economic reprisals.  Canada, get used to the idea that we are your landlords. What happens when you don’t pay your rent? The sheriff will come and lock the door.  You won’t even have time to get your things. Any money we receive comes from the Corporation of Canada, our tenants.  Now they are demanding to know where their landlord spends the rent money.  
Countries all over the world disapprove of Canada’s brutality.    Warrior unity flags fly everywhere to support our resistance to the New World Order.  
Protecting the People
Protecting the children
The time has come to use non-violence through a massive international boycott involving Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany and Japan to stop white domination.    
Harper, the truth will bring you down.  We are going to reclaim our natural possessions. The Corporation of Canada has nothing to negotiate, except to leave Great Turtle Island.  And to give us its shareholder list of those who have been murdering us. Especially the 100,000 children murdered by the clergy in the residential school holocaust.  Degenerate clergy, the gauntlet awaits you.
The band council offices are embassies of the Ottawa cartel.  These modern day barbarians are going to be impoverished.  The good times are over.  Their opulence and power is approaching the sunset.    
Keeping Canada white through white domination smacks of Naziism.  We will stop Bill C-45, the murder machine, from annihilating us.  The Canadian Reich is unsustainable, toxic, evil and bankrupt. 
As Leonard Cohen said:  “Everybody knows that the dice are loaded.  Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed.  Everybody knows that the war is over.” 

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Anonymous -- A Message to Canadians

Published on Jan 6, 2013
Citizens of Canada, We are Anonymous.
Your country is in far deeper trouble than the government makes it out to be,
then what the media allows you to see.
This program will just touch on some of the major issues you as Canadians face.
This program will show how Harper deceived thousands.
How he has angered many, and has not done anything about it.

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