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Friday, April 3, 2015

Mauna Kea Cease and Desist Order

Ali'i Mana'o Nui

The Initial construction is beginning on a huge telescope to be built on top of Mauna Kea.  This mountain is considered very sacred by Hawaiians.  The new telescope will join many others built over the objections of those seeking to protect the sacred site.  People engaging in non-violent resistance to the continued desecration are being arrested.

In response to the initiation of construction and the arrests, the King issued a Cease and Desist Order to County and State officials.  A copy of that Order is attached.

Gaza Flotilla III Sails Soon!

boat logo
 Thanks for your generosity last month as we announced Gaza Freedom Flotilla 3.  Several of our international partners were in Tunis last week at the World Social Forum to talk with Palestinian supporters from around the world and while there, created the new brochure which we have included at the bottom of the email.

 We hope you will use this new brochure to help raise funds so we can sail soon.

Nonviolence International is our 501(c)(3) organization for donations.
Please make an online contribution here and indicate "Gaza's Ark/Gaza Freedom Flotilla 3" in the Please designate this gift for a specific purpose in the "Designation Code" box. 

Checks payable to "Nonviolence International" (with Gaza's Ark/Gaza Freedom Flotilla 3 in the memo line) may be mailed to:  Nonviolence International, 4000 Albemarle Street, NW, Suite 401, Washington, DC 20016, USA


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VIDEO HAWAII Sacred Mountain Defenders Arrested


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Buddhist Nuclear Free Walk arriving in Dineh and Hopi lands

Contact: Bahe Katenay


Peace Prayer Walk visit Radioactive Sites and
Native Lands to Send a Message to the United Nations

Flagstaff, AZ April 3, 2015 – A Buddhist Prayer Walk for Peace was launched on March 21st on the shores of the Pacific Ocean just outside of San Francisco, California and will now be arriving in FLAGSTAFF and the NAVAJO and HOPI RESERVATIONS. According to walk’s leader, Jun-san Yasuda, a Buddhist nun, the cross country journey is an effort to bring an urgent message to the American people and the United Nations about the constant and worsening use of the nuclear materials and technology. Participants consist of international citizens including some Japanese from Fukushima.

The NPT Peace Walk’s purpose further states, “70 years since the US atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We have since learned their full impact, not just on the residents of those cities but on places and people where the uranium was mined, the bombs tested, the waste stored. We will visit Native American communities where people continue to suffer from all the stages of the nuclear chain.”

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) is an international mandate for the prevention and elimination of nuclear weapons. Every five years, nuclear-armed states hold a review conference at the United Nations to work on the total elimination of nuclear weapons. Article IV of the treaty promotes “peaceful use of nuclear technology,” however, the level of radioactive exposures in regions of abandon uranium mines and other nuclear installations have been destructive and deadly in many instances.  This Walk hopes to bring this strong message before the nuclear power states.

The Walk in northern Arizona starts April 5th in Flagstaff to first recognize how Natives and non-Natives are confronted with, knowingly or unaware, the uranium mining developments near the Grand Canyon. The march will visit Cameron and Tuba City where Navajos and Hopis have had their waters contaminated and lived next to abandon uranium mines for decades. The final stop is Black Mesa, on April 9th, where the world’s largest coal strip mining is located and which has severely impacted Navajo and Hopi cultures.    

Thanks to Bahe Katenay of Big Mountain for sharing this with Censored News.

Pat Bellanger of AIM Passes to Spirit World

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

MINNEAPOLIS -- Censored News sends condolences to the family of Pat Bellanger, one of the founders of the American Indian Movement, who has passed to the Spirit World. Pat, 72, died on pneumonia on Thursday.
We remember Pat with these audios from Alactraz and the 40th Anniversary of the American Indian Movement in San Francisco in 2008.
Those attending the gathering in San Francisco will remember the voice of Charlie Hill as he called out: "Pat Bellanger In The House!"
During introductions, Tony Gonzales of AIM described Pat as an inspiration to AIM and a leader of women in struggle.
On Alcatraz, Pat was joined by Bill Means, Lakota, and Mike Flores, Tohono O'odham.
On Alcatraz, Bellanger, Anishinabe from Minnesota, shares a memory of Phillip Deer and the imaginary border.
Bellanger said she has been with AIM since the beginning and it has been an incredible journey. She said the gathering at Alcatraz was a time to celebrate what has been accomplished and a time for giving thanks.
"We beat daddy Bush and we beat baby Bush," Bellanger says of the fight against oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve.
During the AIM West Conference and Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of AIM in San Francisco, she introduced Clyde Bellecourt. Pat describes the work that they have done around the world. She praised Clyde and his work of keeping the work of AIM going, especially with the youth and elderly.
Pat describes what the imaginary border has done to divide and destroy Indigenous Peoples.
Pat describes what has happened to Indigenous Peoples throughout the Americas, including the struggle to overcome religious doctrines and preserve the traditional and sacred.
Pat pointed out the profound importance of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Treaties. She explained why it is important to use the words "Indigenous Peoples," which ensures the right of sovereignty, as opposed to the word "populations."
Pat challenged all present to fight for their rights.
"We have the right to fight for it. We have the right to fight for our own culture."
"We're trying to bring all of it together and get this movement even stronger than it has been, and is," Pat said.
"Look to your elders, help them out, even if its shoveling, believe me it is a help if you're up in Minnesota." She said when one gains the trust of elders, then there is learning.
Pat said it is also important to listen to the children and teenagers, and learn from the children and teenagers.
Pat said of the gathering in San Francisco, "We're here to work, we're not here as guests. I'm going to be cooking wild rice."
She said the most important thing was to leave knowing they would all be doing something together.
Listen to Censored News Blog Radio 2008:
Earthcycles: 40th Anniversary of American Indian Movement

Also see: 
Pat Bellanger, prominent Indian activist from Minneapolis dies
By Randy Furst
Star Tribune
Over nearly half a century, Pat Bellanger was a voice and unwavering advocate for American Indians in the Twin Cities, the United States and internationally, on issues from treaty rights to social welfare programs.
She died Thursday at Methodist Hospital of pneumonia at age 72, her daughter, Lisa Bellanger, said Friday. Her Ojibwe name was Awanakwe, pronounced “A-wanna-kway,” which means “water woman.”
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NEW YORK: Lakotas Launch Radiation Monitoring Project with Film Screening


More at Owe Aku International Justice Project:

French translation by Christine Prat

Univ Arizona assaults Apache at Mount Graham while supporting Navajo at San Francisco Peaks

Sacred Mount Graham desecrated by the University of Arizona, other 
universities, and the Pope, all who pushed for the desecration by these
telescopes and tourists.  San Carlos Apache Wendsler Nosie was even
arrested by the University of Arizona while praying on the sacred mountain.
University of Arizona secretly renewed 20-year permit for Mount Graham telescope desecration --
as the university promoted Navajos protection of San Francisco Sacred Peaks

By Robin Silver
Center for Biological Diversity
Censored News
TUCSON -- Under smokescreen cover of a admirable petition to help the Navajo protect their sacred San Francisco Peaks against a ski resort, the University of Arizona and its partners have secretly renewed their Mount Graham telescope permit for another 20 years.

On Mount Graham, in order to promote their astronomers, the University of Arizona has achieved several firsts, including securing two congressional exemptions from federal cultural, religious and environmental laws.

In order to promote the Mt. Graham telescopes, the University of Arizona has become:

·         the first University to fight against the listing of an Endangered Species ( July 21, 1986)

·         the first University to secure a congressional legislative exemption from federal environmental, religious and cultural laws (1988)

·         the first University to promote a project whose biological basis (1988 USFWS Biological Opinion on the Mt. Graham Red Squirrel) is acknowledged to be fraudulent

·         the first University to litigate against the rights of Native Americans to practice their religion (1992)

·         the first University to produce and implement a written plan to destroy the religion and culture of a Native people (1992, 2004)

·         the first University to secure a second congressional legislative rider to expand its exemptions from federal environmental, religious and cultural laws (1996)

·         the first University to arrest a Native American returning from prayer on his ancestral Sacred Grounds (August 30, 1997), and

·         the first University to require prayer permits for Native Americans to pray on their ancestral Sacred Grounds (1988)

Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University are partners in the Mount Graham telescope project (See: .)

The new previously secret Mount Graham permit:

A summary of the University of Arizona’s Mount Graham activities can be found at:

Robin Silver, M.D.
Co-founder and Board Member
Center for Biological Diversity
PO Box 1178
Flagstaff, AZ 86002

Le Mont Graham Sacré profané par l’Université d’Arizona, d’autres universités et le Pape, tous poussent à la profanation pour ces télescopes et les touristes. Wendsler Nosie, un Apache San Carlos, a même été arrêté par l’Université d’Arizona alors qu’il priait sur la Montagne Sacrée

Publié sur Censored News
3 avril 2015
Traduction Christine Prat
Par Robin Silver
Centre pour la Diversité Biologique
TUCSON, Arizona – Derrière l’écran de fumée d’une admirable pétition pour aider les Navajo à protéger leurs Pics sacrés San Francisco contre une station de ski, l’Université d’Arizona et ses partenaires ont renouvelé en secret leur permis pour le télescope du Mont Graham pour 20 ans.
Sur le Mont Graham, pour promouvoir ses astronomes, l’Université d’Arizona a inauguré dans plusieurs domaines, entre autres en obtenant deux exemptions fédérales de se soumettre à des lois sur la culture, la religion et l’environnement.
Afin de promouvoir les télescopes du Mont Graham, l’Université d’Arizona est devenue :
- la première université à combattre l’inventaire des espèces menacées (juillet 1986)
- la première université à obtenir une exemption du Congrès de se soumettre à des lois fédérales sur l’environnement, la religion et la culture (1988)
- la première université à promouvoir un projet dont la base biologique (1988 Opinion Biologique de l’USFWS [Service des Poissons et de la Vie Sauvage] sur l’Ecureuil Rouge du Mont Graham) est reconnue comme frauduleuse
- la première université à aller en justice contre les droits des Autochtones de pratiquer leur religion (1992)
- la première université à produire et mettre en pratique un plan écrit pour détruire la religion et la culture d’un peuple Autochtone (1992, 2004)
- la première université à obtenir une deuxième décision du Congrès pour étendre ses exemptions de respecter des lois fédérale sur l’environnement, la religion et la culture (1996)
- la première université à arrêter un Autochtone rentrant de la prière sur ses Terres Sacrées ancestrales (30 août 1997) et
- la première université à exiger des permis de prière pour les Autochtones voulant prier sur leurs Terres Sacrées ancestrales (1988)
L’Université du Nord de l’Arizona et l’Université d’Etat d’Arizona sont partenaires dans le projet de télescope.
Robin Silver, M.D.
Cofondateur et Membre du Conseil d’Administration
Du Centre pour la Diversité Biologique
PO Box 1178
Flagstaff, AZ 86002
Web :
Notification d’intention de poursuivre:
22 décembre 2010
Contact : Dr. Robin Silver
Poursuite Lancée pour Sauver l’Ecureuil Rouge du Mont Graham du Projet de Télescope de l’Université d’Arizona
TUCSON, Arizona – Le Centre pour la Diversité Biologique, la Société Audubon de Maricopa et la Coalition pour le Mont Graham ont déposé ce jour une notification d’intention de poursuivre le Service des Forêts des Etats-Unis pour mettre un terme à tout nouvel impact destructif causé par les télescopes du Mont Graham à l’Ecureuil Rouge du Mont Graham, espèce gravement menacée. L’action légale d’aujourd’hui requiert que le Service des Forêts demande une nouvelle évaluation du projet selon la Loi sur les Espèces Menacées auprès du Service des Poissons et de la Vie Sauvage des Etats-Unis d’ici au 22 février 2011 ou s’expose à des poursuites.
La Loi sur les Espèces Menacées exige que toutes les administrations fédérales consultent le Service des Poissons et de la Vie Sauvage si leurs actions mettent en danger des espèces menacées. Le Service des Forêts gère le terrain occupé par les télescopes de l’Université d’Arizona.
L’impact du projet de télescope n’a subi aucune évaluation depuis que l’université a obtenu une exemption du Congrès en 1988. L’exemption protège les télescopes de toute évaluation environnementale tant qu’ils n’affectent pas plus de 8,6 acres. La zone affectée par le projet est cependant maintenant 40% supérieure et n’est donc plus exemptée d’évaluation.
« Les effets de ce projet sont allés bien au-delà de ce qu’on laissait supposer. Nous n’allons pas laisser l’écureuil rouge du Mont Graham être acculé à l’extinction » dit Robin Silver, du Centre.
Il ne survit qu’environs 200 écureuils rouges sur le Mont Graham. Les écureuils sont gravement mis en danger essentiellement à cause de la destruction progressive de leur habitat forestier. En plus de l’abattage des arbres à proximité des télescopes, près d’un tiers de la forêt d’épinettes et de sapins, qui constitue l’habitat primordial de l’écureuil, a été détruite par un feu allumé par le Service des Forêts pour protéger les télescopes en 2004.
« Même si le réchauffement climatique, la faiblesse de leur population, les feux de forêt et les insectes nuisibles restent des problèmes, si nous voulons que cet écureuil rare survive, nous devons contrôler la présence destructrice d’immeubles inutiles au cœur de leur habitat » dit Silver.



MNN. Apr. 2, 2015. Canada and US have three coordinated attempts underway to steal large tracts of Mohawk/Kanionkehaka land. Their incorporated INDIAN councils – Mohawk Council of Kanehsatake Inc., Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. and the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Inc. – are the frontline swindlers. None of the corporate sales, bylaws and regulations of Canada and US apply to us. They are all violating the teio’ha:teh/Two Row Wampum Agreement. Through Vatican Papal Bulls, Doctrine of Discovery, etc., all fiction, the land was illegally occupied.
Protection of Ono'ware:geh by "Keepers of the Eastern Door".
Corporate fencing of land of “Keepers of the Eastern Door”.
The Sulpicians and Jesuits are the agents of colonization and genocide. The Company of One Hundred Associates operated from France had assumed possession of Mohawk land, which they illegally doled out. Saint Sulpice in Old Montreal set up the city of Montreal on kanion’ke:haka/Mohawk land.
The Jesuit Jean Jacques Olier in 1657 sent four priests to Paris to come back and set up a parish on Mohawk land. In 1663 France gave Mohawk land to the Society of Notre Dame of Montreal, which then gave Mohawk land to the Seminary of Saint Sulpice at Kanehsatake. A French seigneurial system was set up on Mohawk land.
In 1668 the Sulpicians decided that Mohawks in Kanehsatake, Montreal, Mi’kkmaq, Akwesasne, Algonquins of Abitibbi and Temiskaming were Catholics. For military purposes in 1676 a mission was opened at the Great Lakes. In 1720 they moved them to Mohawk land at the Lake of Two Mountains – Kanehsatake. In 1716 Mohawk land was granted to the Mohawks on the Ottawa River. Anyone questioning this bizarre swapping of Mohawk land was murdered.
Louis XIV gave Mohawk land to the Jesuits in 1680 now called the Seigneury of Sault St. Louis, south of Montreal. Grand Man Chief, Mike Delisle, and his Privy Council liaison, Christine Deom, have a deadline of June 2015 to finalize their contract. Phone 450-632-7500
INDIANS that left the canoe!
INDIANS that left the canoe!
Washington Lawyers were at the Handsome Lake Masonic longhouse in Akwesasne on April 1. It was to be falsely called an “Iroquois Confederacy” meeting to get false consent to the theft of all Mohawk land forever. The St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Inc. would get some pocket money for cooperating. Then a Rotiskenra’kete from the Men’s Society reminded them that the land belongs to our unborn children rotisokonsatatie and that we are caretaker. The meeting was quickly closed down. [Call 518-358-2272.]
On March 16th there was a meeting to briefly inform the Mohawks of Kanehsatake that they seek to finalize a contract for our land known as the Seigneury of St. Sulpice on April 25th, 2015. We Mohawk land caretakers have been purposely uninformed of these finaglings. [Contact chief Otsi at 450-479-8373]  "Then he said, 'Oh yeah, tough guy, well, what are you going to do about it?'"
As we are often reminded the serpents are well advanced on their path. Soon we shall see the bright light coming from the East that will bring back the peace to all of earth. With unity of mind comes great strength, and with that comes the peace.
As Joanie Mitchell laments: “We are stardust. Billion year old carbon. We are golden, caught in the devil’s bargain. And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.” [Woodstock].

MNN Mohawk Nation News For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go  More stories at MNN Archives.  Address:  Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L for original Mohawk music visit
Video.  Road to Crimea.

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