Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

December 6, 2016

Chief Arvol Looking Horse 'The Battle is Not Over'

Chief Arvol Looking Horse calls for an International Day of Prayer for Peace and Non-Violence at Oceti Sakowin Camp.
Chief Looking Horse called on all nations and all faiths to come together for one prayer.
"Mother Earth is sick and has a fever," said Chief Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe.
Chief Looking Horse said there must be help for the young people and all people.
An energy shift has to be created, and it must be created through prayer.
The news of the Dakota Access Permit being denied was a victory.
"The victory is there, but the battle is not over."
"This is a beginning that we are going into right now."
"We've got to realize that Standing Rock is everywhere in the whole world."


T Blu said...

Thank you Chief Arvol Looking Horse. The wisdom of your words ring true!!

I have a great suggestion for Dave Archambault II (AKA Corpo Turncoat)....Why don't YOU & you alone GO HOME as you are a heavy detriment & a weight on the backs of the true Water Protectors. Just go, leave and keep silent with those poorly chosen words.

Anonymous said...

Intelligent minds want to know, can you see me?
can you see the real me?
I heard someone say "last real Indians", somebody must've felt that way.
Like you're holding onto what might be the last handful of blue corn ancient seeds and trying with all of your might and mind and heart and soul & really every last bit of your entire being.
Holding on to truth, holding on to respect,
Holding on to honor
You started to sing & pray & dance & play for water
(___real name),
And when you did life was beautiful and the true corn grew.
The man grew straighter then too.

Carrying water is like life,
Singing to
every precious drop.
past, present, & future real;
A great, unending, unfailing love.
What little we do for the water
& water she does so much for us.

Anonymous said...

What little we do for the water,
& she does so much for us

Anonymous said...

What will we do for the water and she does so much

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed at the lack of disappointment.
Celebrate, Yes!
Give up?? Go home? What?!

Anonymous said...

"There can be no deep disappointment,
Where there is not deep love"