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Monday, December 5, 2016

Marchers in blizzard -- DAPL says it will drill without a permit Dec. 5, 2016

Photo Lakota People's Law Project

Photo Lakota People's Law Project

Photo Lakota People's Law Project

Photo Lakota People's Law Project

Photo by Matt Remley

 Police and military building barracks today to protect DAPL.
Police and military building barracks today to protect DAPL.

Police and military building barracks today to protect DAPL.
Police and military are mobilizing additional forces about a mile north of the bridge barricade, which has just been cleared of all personnel and vehicles. Don't believe the mainstream media!
Video screen capture by Censored News
Dakota Access Pipeline said in a written statement on Sunday night that is proceeding without a permit. DAPL is ignoring the fact that the Army Corps denied the DAPL permit this weekend. A call out for support!
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Watch Veterans March on Hwy 1806 in Blizzard on Unicorn Riot
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T Blu said...

ETP is drilling easement permitted by Army Core of Engineers. I am not surprised but am greatly saddened. When the announcement came during the Choctaw Powwow yesterday, my elation was quickly clouded by the realization this was just a cheap ploy, a bastardly way to hoodwink everyone into a mass exodus.

Where is the Sheriff from Morton County NOW?? He should be arresting the ETP jerks for drilling without the permitted easement. Has the ETP greased his palms and filled his pockets to look the other way???

Anonymous said...

Why are they not arrested?
Why are they allowed to drill?
If everyone done what they wanted thier would be no need for laws and treaty's and contracts
It would be settled differently.
Where is the law?
They run away and hid
Pieces of crap hidden away not protecting the law

Anonymous said...

Maybe the drillers need to have the firehoses turned on them, give em a taste of their own bad medicine

Jesse Dent said...

I think people should stay too, However the elders have released us. We are there guest and we must do as they ask.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100 percent!

Anonymous said...

How many ND LANDFILLS accept Radioactive Waste from hydraulic fracturing, fracking?
How much of an increase in radioactivity did ND Health Services allow under new rules to be placed in ND landfills?
Is it 50 picocuries/per gram of radioactivity ?
Is IHD SOLIDS Management in McKenzie County taking in the tons of radioactive waste?
Williams County?
Where is it sent out of state?
To which States?
Does fracking in ND produce 70 tons per day?

Did EPA issue a $2.1 million fine for violation on air quality from gas/oil wells,
Slawson Exploration Company? Not admitting liability?

Has 2 years to start upgrade/ improve air quality ?
Other ND AIR POLLUTION lawsuits, other companies,
How many sick ?

Anonymous said...

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT ORDERED For segment of pipeline by Standing Rock.
Not for whole pipeline.
What about IOWA?

Unknown said...

Hi everyone,
Bill McKibben is to be interviewed on WBUR/WBGH here in Boston at 1:00 PM today on the Jim and Margery talk show
Pleas tune in and also send a question for Bill, to

Thanks for posting the Militarized law enforcement encampment being built out of sight of the Mass Media who are probably leaving.

It also has been observed that DAPL workers are on the Drilling Pad working, this needs to be photographed in details from the drones!

Geoff NH

Anonymous said...

So the law only applies to the ordinary citizen, and not to these corporation.

Unknown said...

That's what I was thinking, too. But, now, idk.

If I come back, it's not out of disrespect.

It sounds necessary. I keep hearing the same thing. I really think it's going to boil down to US vets vs US government, but maybe that's unfair to lean on them en totalle.

Unknown said...

That's how I was seeing things but have heard nothing but this rumor since, pretty much.

Unknown said...

Casey X, T Blu, we [all] have to inundate USACE in Bismark and DC along with SD AG's office to send Observers to the Drill Pad, where Workers have been seen busy working at the Drill rig which is mounted in place [reported on Dec 6th so they have had 72 hrs of work at X feet per hour drilling?]
So please everyone contact whom ever is in your State and make a report for Observers and include the White House.
ETP and all involved need to be bought to Justice from top to bottom including the Dakota's Law enforcement folks encamped up the road from the Drill Pad - they see all the comings and goings and are aware of the Presidential Army order to"stop" plus the DAPL Security thugs.
Full accountability is a must and needs to be enforced on behalf of the people of these United States. Not just the Wall St Mavens, Bankers, nasty, deceitful, deceptive, obfuscating, greedy corporations and the 1% getting away by there bullying to get their way and not even for the entire benefit of the nation, only their 1% pockets being lined.

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