Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

December 1, 2016

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Calls for Immediate Halt to Dakota Access Pipeline


Anonymous said...

Thanks Representative Tulsi Gabbard for your statement asking the U S House to join in on a quorum to ask President Obama stop DAPL. I haven't heard U S House Representatives scolding other members about their non-membership on this subject and that "America is 'Being Put to The Test' and will it fail on their watch".....

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your good words.
Politicians know the value of water, the price is going up!
Back in 2005 Bush bought 300,000 acres in Paraguay that sits on top of aquifer.
Fresh water is necessary for survival.
98% of the water on earth is salt water.
About .25% is fresh water in lakes, rivers, underground...
Standing Rock is a water rights issue,
Who's gonna get water to drink and who isn't?

Kepa said...

It's not so much about a pipeline as it is about where it is. People should not get this confused. It was supposed to take another route next to a town but people there said no because of possible leaks. Their voices were heard so they moved the route under a lake. Same concern but with greater impact to water but the voices of the Native Americans go unheard. Instead they are accused of stopping progress and hurting the economy. Why one group listened to and another not? Could it be a majority of whites in the town versus the "savage" Indians? Does saving a few million dollars now out weigh the enormous harm to a water resource serving several states in the next generation? Pipes deteriorate over time. There will be a leak in some future date. We have leaks with pipes above ground. What makes anyone think that under water makes it safer? Our plans should always be long range thinking and not short term profits for large corporations. Trump's stand for the pipeline gives US a pretty good idea as to how he thinks about the environment and Native peoples. Short term profit planning versus long term human survival and this is only the beginning. "He speaketh with forked tongue".