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December 8, 2016

Oceti Sakowin Camp -- Stand Strong and Resonate Across the World -- Dec. 7, 2016

Josue Rivas Photo
By Oceti Sakowin Camp
Censored News

Standing Rock Reservation, Oceti Sakowin Camp. North Dakota—Our first concern issafety. We ask all who can and want to leave, to return home. We are especially concerned for elders, families with children, those with health concerns, and/or pets that aren't acclimated. For those who can stay—and are prepared for arctic conditions—please do, we need people here. The Lakota/Nakota/Dakota people of The Great Sioux Nation have survived in these conditions for thousands of years. If Ally Protectors cooperate with the ancient wisdom and ways of these lands, we will fare well. This movement is unlike any other—it is prayerful as well as peaceful—the consciousness we have raised here continues to resonate across the world.

Secondly we ask this of you in order to conserve resources. Bringing in wood, and other essential life supporting goods, is now much more complicated. For those who want to come, be prepared for arctic conditions, we can't stress this enough. Be ready to contribute to the survival and safety of the camp in a significant way daily, be abundant in spirit and ready to share. Bring wood, plan to work. We need cooks, medics, builders/repair-persons, people dedicated to the survival of the community, for the coming storms. Bring weather-ready vehicles, 4x4 trucks and trailers, snow-ready vehicles.
Oceti Sakowin Camp remains determined—to protect our land. We have been given the obligation to do so in the treaty of 1851—we were specifically asked to protect this river. This is the way of the Standing Rock people, the Lakota people, the Hunkpapa people. All of the seven tribes of The Great Sioux Nation have gathered here again in an historic way—once as former enemies, we now stand together as brothers and sisters.
We are not protestors.
We are not terrorists.
We are not rioters.
We are in fact, Protectors.
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Anonymous said...

Chairman owes an apology to the people who came to support.
And, (gag) could he be any more kiss-ass to the gov & sheriff??
What about the people the police hurt??
Does anybody else feel like puking?

Owlsi said...

Why are you saying that, anon? He is correct in that not everyone that arrived this past week was ready for the weather in North Dakota. He is not ordering them ,like Gov.Daply. It is a request and then a statement of the reality of camping in the winter on the Great Northern Plains
I SUSPECT that you are a TROLL.

Ajijaak said...

Give the weather is severe I think people should go. Sorry go home and fight there are many battles everywhere. At this point you are in dangerous weather conditions and can get frost bite or hypothermia in a few minutes. It is not worth the battle in my eyes.