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December 10, 2016

All Nation Camp Rises, Carrying on the Struggle!

Live! Saturday night, Dec. 10, 2016
All Nations Camp rising at the place of Oceti Sakowin.

Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Saturday midnight, Dec. 10, 2016
Dutch translation by Alice Holemans at NAIS

Gathered at Standing Rock Camp, Chase Iron Eyes, Lakota, said there are a lot of rumors, fear and confusion. 
Iron Eyes said that some people think that the tribe will prevent others from coming to camp. There are other people who think that the Army Corps is going to flood the camp.
Today, a member of Oceti Sakowin who was one of those who started the Sacred Fire in this camp, extinguished that fire.
But Iron Eyes said, "Whenever something like that happens, an end always signals a new beginning, and a new day is dawning here at All Nations Camp."
Some are leaving the camp -- but the winter is harsh.
He said with the winter, comes a great cleaning.
"It is very, very tough here."
He said the All Nations Camp is now where Oceti Sakowin Camp was.
Iron Eyes said there are about 1,000 people here. There are also still people at the Horn and at the Haudenosaunee Camp. Across the river, there about 1,000 people at Sacred Stone Camp, and about 300 people at Rosebud Camp.
"Who are we to abandon our struggle? Who are we to forsake our ancestors sacrifices?
"Who are we to forsake the 550 people who have been arrested."
"Who are we to forsake those who have been shot with rubber bullets, those who have had their limbs blown open by law enforcement explosives?"
"Who are we to forsake those who have had their lives put at risk by water cannons in sub-freezing temperatures?"
The fight for our liberation is enough alone, but this is a fight for all peoples human rights.
When the people are asked to leave, he said they are being asked to leave and return to lives of poverty and oppression.
This society has tried to erase us, he said, and tried to disconnect us from the land, from the water.
"What is happening here is an international monument, an international prayer monument, that lives within each of us."
"We can't live like this anymore."
He said here, people live with love, compassion and bravery.
"We are answering to our spiritual nature."
We are non-violent, we are unarmed.
This has made the people and the struggle stronger.
It is a peaceful revolution.
"Peace does not back down. Peace is power."
"What you see here in this whole camp is power." The power to connect, the power to rely on each other. People have sacrificed for the water and rights, and the people are provided for.
"We are here, we are committed and we are going to carry on the struggle."
He said do not believe the rumors, fears and confusion on the Internet.
The people at camp are committed.
"Our world is blessed for their bravery."
Speaking of this struggle, he said, "They are coming for our rights right now, but they are coming for all of your rights next."
Trump is threatening to privatize tribal nations. "We have to be prepared for that."
People have to stay strong and rely on each other.
"We got this."
Nataani Means, Dine' and son of Russell Means, spoke of what he has seen here. "It is a beautiful transition from one fire going out, to another one being lit."
The people witnessed a lot of trauma.
"We're still here."
Nataani said he was able to watch his father in action, and his father stressed Treaty Rights.
Nataani said, "Honor the Treaties."
"We're not going to abandon that."
"This place is a place for no fear. You can't have fear on the front." And you can't have fear when you go into the banks to divest.
Atsa E'sha Hoferer, Paiute, Shoshone, Creek and Seminole, and video reporter in camp, said it is important that the people continue on in one fight.
He said it is the time for the younger generation to fight for Mother Earth.
"She is hurting."
Atsa said he comes from the homeland of Wovoka, and he is here with a descendant of Wovoka who brought the Ghost Dance.
"We brought our prayers here, just like in the 1890s."
Wovoka's dream was that if we all continue together, and keep our prayers strong, our ancestors will come back and protect us.
Antone Edwards, Lakota, said as soon as he saw his brother Nataani here on the videos, he came.
Antone said since coming here, he realizes the power of the songs.
"Our people can not be broken."
"There is no fear at all."
"We are all here until the end."
Antone said, for those still coming, be prepared to work. Be prepared to be a Warrior.
"The other night we heard those machines going all night."
"It is not over. That is why we are still here."
Rico said, "We have no doubt that we are going to stop this pipeline."
"What Big Oil calls progress -- we are going to stop it."
An Akwesasne Mohawk said, "We are not stopping."
"In reality, this is only the beginning."
One Standing Rock tribal member welcomed others who can handle the harsh winter. And another young woman, a Lakota Warrior, said she was here to ensure the rights for future generations, and "our unborn children."
One Warrior said, "If you have never felt freedom before, you need to come here."
This entire country, and the world is watching, he said.
The gathering ends with a Lakota drum song.


Janis said...

I don't know that I met you, but I remember you from Tony Black Feather, my good friend who protected me until he died, because I discovered who really killed Anna Mae. Sins are washed away in this harsh reality, thank God.

Red Haircrow said...

I was just reading in "Spirits of Blood, Spirits of Breathe" by Barbara Alice Mann, how the Ghost Dance and the movement spread by Wovoka being misinterpreted and defined by Anglo terms and idealogies, some of those who thought they knew "Indians" so well. It was a main reason the US government decided to "crack down" on native messianic ideologies, which is how they took it. They completely superimposed their beliefs over it and vilified it, resulting in the consequences we all know.

Glad to see it is being used today and hope some don't chose to inaccurately represent it today. Whether they do or not, I believe and feel this is right. No one person's words or thoughts should stop what is meant to be and what is right because of their fear.

Cathy McGuinness said...

Hello! I would like to follow your blog, but can't seem to find a way to do so. Would you be so kind as to clue me in? Many thanks, and keep up the good work! My Blogger site is: Rise And Shine, My email is: jdub66@gmail or cjmcguinness1@yahoo and I'm on fb as Cathy Jeanne McGuinness Thanks again!

Unknown said...

Here in northwest Pennsylvania,we stand with you,we pray with you. Never give up,Never surrender!

waterislife said...

The people United will never be defeated!

waterislife said...

The people united will never be defeated!

Censored News, publisher Brenda Norrell said...

Wicahpi Ksapa Peji Wikan, thank you for allowing us to share this statement on Censored News -- Oceti Sakowin Headsman said Oceti Sakowin Seven Council fire remained lit, and all are welcome at camp, be prepared for the winter.