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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Standing Rock Spirit Resistance Radio Live Dec. 27, 2016

Photo Liz McKenzie
Photo Kanahus Manuel
Standing Rock Spirit Resistance Radio is live again! Listen online, and at 87.9 FM in camp! Govinda is streaming live now, as kids are sledding. There's a horse and sleigh, and spirits are good at the big camp, where 1,000 people remain, regardless of the blizzards! Listen now! Resist!
UPDATE: As soon as this grassroots radio station hit the airwaves, and we publicized it, BAM! it was knocked offline just now, Tuesday, Dec, 27, 2016, 3 pm Central time.
Govinda said a helicopter was flying overhead, and then the online streaming station was knocked offline. We will continue to struggle against these dark forces that knock it offline.
In August and September, Standing Rock Spirit Resistance Radio programs were rebroadcast from coast to coast, and around the world, carrying the message of the people, "Water is Life," and "Dakota Access Pipeline," from Standing Rock Camp!

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