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December 10, 2016

Leonard Peltier speaks on passing of his son Medicine Shield

Leonard Peltier

Statement by Leonard Peltier

Greetings, everyone.

It's taken me a while to get over this shock of my son's passing. I keep thinking this did not happen and then I realize no one is going to tell me something like this IF it didn't happen. Damn, as all parents, we expect to go before OUR children. I'm so upset. I want to lash out, blame "someone" or "anything"!! BUT I can only blame myself for not being a better father. I'm so happy that, some time ago Now, when I last spoke to him about this that we told each other we loved one another and that I would try to be a better father. BUT it is SO damn hard to be a good father from prison especially when you're in a situation like mine when all you think about is going home and being able to just sit with them and talk about life.

Now my baby son is gone and I will never be able to tell him in person again I love him, only through the spirits. I want to thank all of YOU FOR YOUR CONDOLENCES. Thank you very much. You supporters have been more than awesome. You're good people and I love all of you very much.

Since I was unable to be a better father to Wahacanka (Medicine Shield), and he has left five children (three young children) I feel it is my responsibility to take care of them at least until they are grown. He also had a grandchild with another on the way, so I will need to look after these babies too. I will need your help to set up a foundation or whatever to care for these children. I don't know what it will take, but I'm thinking maybe I could fund this through my art (paintings and prints). So if anyone has ideas, etc., please help me with this. I don't know what to do or even begin to do with something like this.

When it rains it pours, they say. I just heard an old friend and ally Warren Allmand has passed too. Last week I'm told, and I just heard about it yesterday. This man fought hard for me to try and get justice for the fraud the USA committed in Canada's courts, against a sovereign government, to get me back here to the USA. But Canada was involved with the fraud, too. Then we found out they were also threatened by the DOJ that they would withhold multiple millions of dollars for their joint agriculture laboratory if they ruled against the USA in the extradition investigation Warren and supporters demanded. So I need to send my condolences to his family also.

I will be going for a prostate operation shortly. With modern medicine and treatment, it should be successful and quick. They will not tell me when, so stand by for results if all goes well or if not. Again, thank you.

In the Spirit Of Crazy Horse...


Leonard Peltier


Unknown said...

Hello Leonard, I am sorry to hear that your son died, and I do hope you get your wish for a foundation for your grandchildren. I pray for your freedom, send you love. Sincerely, Gladys Sumner from South Australia. P S my nickname is Crazy Horse, I hope you don't mind, as he was a great warrior whom I have adored since I first heard of him, when I was a kid. I am now 61 and I have always lived in Australia. I am an Original native of this country. ❤️🙏🏾

Unknown said...

My sincere condolences re: the loss of your son. I hope your wish is granted for the foundation for your grandchildren. I hope you get your deserved freedom to do this personally. Sincerely, Gladys ( Original native of Australai

Unknown said...

Much love and all respect to you, Leonard.

Unknown said...

The loss of a child brings indescrible pain, my condolences.

Unknown said...

The loss of a child brings indescrible pain,my condolences.

Unknown said...

Please accept my condolences. As a mother I can only imagine your pain. I remember meeting some of your family years back when we marched in NYC to fight for your release. You remain an inspiration through your strength and Spirituality. With much Respect, never forgotten! said...

I am still leaving messages about your release and you not seeing your wife, children, grandchildren all these years. Now I feel like I have a broken heart because of you losing your youngest son and you had not seen him since he was little more than a baby. I lost my youngest son in 2002 he was a diabetic I know how you feel my son was 26 was in the country in Maine most of his life and had no idea what life was about. I am Praying for you and I will keep sending Obama messages about you until he leaves office. I really do not have much hope with the President elect now Trump. We will see! Blessings to you my friend and may you have as good a Christmas and New Years as possible under your circumstances. By the way I am Cherokee and I live in Maine