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December 28, 2016

Standing Rock -- DAPL Threatens Lives of Water Protectors in Prayer by Olivia Bias

Article and Photos by Olivia Bias
Censored News

Olivia Bias reports on the militarized police and Dakota Access Pipeline security attack on water protectors on Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2016.
The report said there were 15-20 with shields, 6-8 armored vehicles, a bunch of vans, a sound cannon and water cannons that rolled out again, this time around Turtle Island sacred site and Heyoka Camp.
"Nothing has changed. We are still here protecting ourselves against imperialism and ecocide," Olivia said.
"Earlier we went to the bridge and prayed, took a few pictures. Concrete barriers and razor wire are still up, vehicles were moved days ago, bridge inspection will take 'thirty days.' A gun was pulled on us by DAPL mercenaries."
DAPL mercenaries "stated that if we touched the barbed wire we would be shot. People tried speaking to them reasonably. When I told them the pollution from these oil spills invades my womb and breast milk for the next seven thousand generations they walked back to their cars."
"We will post video later. We went up on the bridge again later praying with the drum, got on our knees and prayed. Some people, unarmed as always, walked off into the field not far from the bridge and were shot with rubber bullets by cops."
"Unfortunately 4 scouting from Sacred Stone were arrested, but this was unrelated to our group."
"I didn't go on Turtle Island. Prayers have been laid there. I told the feds to get off the gravesites and sacred site."

Video posted by Last Real Indians

Thank you to Olivia Bias for allowing us to share your words and photos.


susan said...

The real power of a women speaking of her womb the place of creation and breast milk lifes' sustenance:literally disarms a militia.

jonnyjonjonny said...

What happened to the Veterans? are they still there.

jonnyjonjonny said...

What happened to the Veterans? are they still there.

Ikce Wicasa said...

The Veterans are gone, so the violence and abuse can not continue.

Denny said...

My prayers continue for our Mother and the Protectors still at camp in these harsh conditions. Many thanks for bringing this to the world. I seenanstand being taken now across the USA and other countries because of your voice. You are beautiful and deeply loved.

Unknown said...

How can we get the veterans to come back and help you ... and all of us?!

Unknown said...

Thank you for your efforts, commitment and prayers

Roachport M said...

Blessed be; my prayers are still with you, strong as ever. And a vast gratitude for what you are giving of yourselves for all of us and for our Mother Earth.

Unknown said...


Mark Bachelder said...

DAPL private security people do not have the legal right to threaten people with death, under any circumstances. There is a legal point here that some hay can be made of, I hope. I know legal resources are stretched mighty thin, and yet I think that the legal recourses that are available regarding these aspects of private fascist activities are key and critical. A strategy to shed daylight on what is happening. Dark as these times may be, daylight is our friend, and is one thing these forces from darkness cannot abide.
Thank you for posting this - more light is shining in because of you.