Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

December 7, 2016

Standing Rock -- Chief Arvol Looking Horse 'Keep the Prayer Going'


Anonymous said...

Not everyone who came to Standing Rock came for civil disobedience.
Probably most people came there to be one heart.
A vision of Standing Rock can be the Winter Camp of Peace Teaching.
Build a beautiful peace camp.
Peace gardens, water garden.
All those people came there for a reason.
Noone expected the level of police violence, it was unprecedented and ugly.
But the people endured and many continue to suffer now.
Nobody wants to suffer and then be left behind.
Give the people, give the youth, give the world hope.

Anonymous said...

Build the peace garden, a free and open space, a sanctuary.

Anonymous said...

You are leading by example in peaceful prayer. We are listening and praying with you from around the full circle of the world. Thank you. Peace to everyone and every thing. So Be It