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December 12, 2016

Kenny Frost -- Stockpiled Supplies and the Chairman's Deal at Standing Rock

This is just one corner of many warehouse rooms where the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe stockpiled donations that were received in recent months. The boxes, marked by the senders for specific camps of water protectors, are in the process of being distributed. Tribal workers said the packages had been there since October. Kenny Frost, Ute Elder and Water Protector who made this public today said, "It is important to note the tribe has more supplies they have not given out under the name of Standing Rock."

Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault told water protectors and Veterans abruptly to leave, when Archambault announced DAPL's drilling permit was denied by the Army Corps. Now, Ute Elder Kenny Frost, a water protector at Standing Rock, explains.
Update: Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Dave Archambault's response:
Statement from Chairman Archambault II regarding supply donations. 12-13-16

"There has been some confusion lately regarding donations and the Tribe’s role in storage and dispersal. First and foremost, please do not indulge in these conspiracy theories circulating about secret agreements between the tribe and the company or local law enforcement. Such rumors are false and harmful to our movement. Also, I would like to clarify that the Tribe has only tried to help in this donation supplies issue, by providing a storage facility for the large quantity of donated items coming in for the camps. We have never attempted to guide or interfere with distribution. To avoid any further confusion, we ask that camp donations from here on out be sent to specific people at the respective camps, and not directly to the tribal offices. Any supply donations received by the tribal office will be returned to sender."

By Kenny Frost, Ute
Censored News
Posted with permission from Kenny Frost

Kenny Frost, Ute

Well, bright and early this morning we were allowed to get our packages which never came to our shipping address of Sacred Stone Camp.

Where is this you might ask?

I've been called a liar by a few. As, I stated yesterday. These packages of heaters, cots, generators, hand warmers, space blankets and the list goes on for Sacred Stone Camp, the Big Camp, Red Warrior, and others are housed here.

If many of you know me, I believe everyone, including tribal government leaders must be held to a high standard. People look up on them for leadership.

Why was our people -- water protectors, Defenders and Vets -- asked to leave immediately.

You might have guessed why.
A certain meeting was held very quietly with those of the pipeline. I did receive confirmation, as we had guessed this might have happened.

One of the individuals who was at this meeting advised me of those in attendance, including the Colonel, including the oppositions.

Part of agreement was to have water protectors, defenders and vets, vacate the big camp.

This is why the announcement was abrupt for everyone to leave!

If I was the chairman and people came to support me I would have a traditional meal, thanking everyone for coming, supporting, and perhaps give gifts to all who came, with a closing prayers for all who came for a safe journey. But at the end, I would have told everyone in a year, we will have a big celebration for everyone to come back. This is me however as I was raised traditionally.

I am happy. We got our packages back. People depend on these supplies. We must take care of our people no matter what tribal nation is standing with us to kill the Black Snake. This snake is not dead.

Now, we need a call out for trucks to help get these supplies to camp.

Thank you everyone who has sent supplies to help us. I'm saddened Red Warriors' camp is gone. They were very important in our cause.

We must put egos, and differences aside. I'm glad the other camp name is All Nations Camp. It's going for all of us as one nation to come together as one.

If we can do this correctly we can bring all minority groups United as one nation. We must continue to protect Mother Earth

We can do this.
We must do this.

We are Unarmed.

Water is Life.
Water Is Sacred

---- Kenny ---

Stack upon stacks are here.

Rock Industries, as shown on the banner in the Standing Rock Sioux warehouse in photos, is a tribal entity that partners with a US Defense Contractor.
From its website:
"Rock Industries Corporation (RIC), a tribally-owned SBA 8(a) company, is a division of the Standing Rock Development Corporation. RIC is located in Fort Yates, North Dakota, the tribal headquarters of the Standing Sioux Tribe. RIC has partnered with Alion (Alion) Science and Technology to develop a 'stationary' Mobile Parts Hospital program for the U.S. Defense Department. So far, Rock Industries Corporation has delivered on multiple projects for the Army and is striving at to become dependable supplier for the Defense Department."


cetandi said...

When will I learn to trust my heart? I knew in my spirit not to trust the IRA... I AM SO SORRY I participated in sharing that the tribes address was a good place to donate... I am ashamed and Im angry and hurt.
Is there any way to get these items to the people in camp that are left?, or to a different dustribution center to be distributed when more people come back?
Is there any address available that is safe?
I know its too late, but I also know its not over, and many things will be needed in the future.

Berkeleywoman said...

Holy crap! Did this include items sent to the Oceti Sakowin camp? This is unconscionable! People donated to help and the trival gov sat on this? This action tells me perhaps the tribal gov hasn't been as honest about their roll in the negotiations over the pipeline all along and that perhaps there is some truth to the stories about the tribe not participating in the mtgs.

Censored News, publisher Brenda Norrell said...

Thanks everyone for commenting. The packages that were stockpiled were sent to individuals, and all the camps. Thanks for sharing our links. (To obtain the link, click on the headline and it will be in the browser. It can be copied and pasted from there.) -- Censored News

Unknown said...

Its good that so many showed support in this tangible way. Its good to build the camps. Fires where extreme battles & prayers are happening is necessary. The fires are spreading. It would be good for the Standing Rock campS -- all of them--- to quickly & equally sort these supplies. Keep whats needed. Then distribute to tribal communities. Like a circle radiate those gifts. That way some Elders & children can have life saving tools too. People are freezing & hungry. Spread wealth. Do good.

Ajijaak said...

Now show support at home. Seriously there are hungry Native folks in your own community, folks that need money to enter recovery places, folks that need help paying bills. These boxes seems a bit excessive to me. Don't see this kind of support in many remote First Nations communities in the Ring of Fire - Attawapiskat, Neskantaga, etc.

Goldfinger said...

My name is Dallas Goldtooth. The photos are of supplies acquired by Last Real Indians over the past 3 weeks, through their own amazon wish list that was promoted online. What is seen in these photos are supplies explicitly mailed for Last Real Indians supply drive. -- so it is EXTREMELY misleading to label these photos as the supplies referenced in this post.

Censored News, publisher Brenda Norrell said...

Thanks Dallas. Censored News is in the process of verifying all the information. We have requested a response from the chairman. Are you camped there now Dallas?

waterislife said...

There didn't used to be so much classism.
Ya know, most everybody in the same boat.
We shared then.
Respect, love, sharing
Remember to those who are not sincere, $$ can't buy love.

Unknown said...

Looks like a logistics log jam. The bigger the camp, the bigger the headaches. Let's not jump to conclusions, but sort things out first.

Unknown said...

Looks like logistics log jam. The bigger the camp, the bigger the headaches. Let's not jump to conclusions until this is sorted out. It just causes bad feelings. If there was somebody in charge, they can answer up.

Unknown said...

So, is Dallas saying either you ,Brenda, or Kenny got these photos from Last Real Indians?

And these donations were intercepted by who?

And why were they stockpiled in the Tribal warehouse that works with the US army?

Unknown said...

Based on what you posted and the photos of the Warehouse. Someone needs to ask/request from FedEx/UPS if they would assist in providing a hand held scanner so every package can be entered into a Data Base. This will identify the sender and receivers addresses.
Then all this can be data base, sorted into each camps address, but needs a full and complete list of every person in the camps . Then all the packages can be either trucked from the warehouse or picked up at the warehouse for the named person at the various camps.(need ID to claim).
Seems strange that David Archamboult has been so quite about all these packages, when there were thousands of Water Protectors, Vets and Non Native Americans available to work at clearing up the warehouse MESS..
If this is not resolved quickly and without any finger pointing then the next time assistance/call for stuff occurs, folks will think otherwise for the cause.
All the elders should organize a set group of volunteers from the various camps to go to the Warehouse everyday and retrieved the received packages .

By the way has anyone any more news of the Drilling at the TWO drill pads (the east and west pads) , now all encased and covered for bad weather drilling?




Unknown said...

Looks to me they went through all the boxes and stole what they wanted. Then retaped with blue tape. People should call and tell them what they sent and see if it was stolen.

Unknown said...

My granddaughter and I volunteered to help with mail for Oceti Sakowin camp on Dec.5. We rode a rainbow colored bus with about 40 people. I'm sorry I don't know where we were taken, it was a fairly long ride from Oceti Sakowin camp. Didn't know what the building was, either. There were multiple rooms. We were completely overwhelmed by the amount of mailed boxes, small and large. We opened boxes,sorted, and filled other boxes with the sorted items, and then all were taken to another room. We weren't even making a dent in emptying the room when a semi truck arrived with a load of more boxes. It was incredible, but I felt there could be a big bottle-neck situation arising. Donated items included everything asked for from emergency water, to straw bales....and everything in between. It was so wonderful. We were just done with unloading the truck when we got the news that the Army Corps. had denied the permit.

Unknown said...

So is there a need for trucks if these pictures do not reflect the backlog of deliveries?

John said...

Typical Indian treachery. Slit each other's throats all the time. Too bad there isn't some white guy to blame. I'm sure the will find one soon. Just blame Trump. The next 8 years will be just that. Crybabies gtfo!!

Hazel Blackhair said...

The Question you all should be Asking is,. Why didn't the Mail Men or Delivery Men deliver to the Proper Address? Isn' it the Postal Office or UPS etc... to Guarantee Delivery of their packages to the Rightful deliveree? Time and time Again we have seen Morton County and the State of North Dakota spread Propaganda! Don't you think they had a hand in withholding all the mail/packages/letters?.... "DIVIDE and CONQUER". The Art of War!! Dividing the people,, will you let it happen?,...

Coreymillia said...

That blue tape is Amazon primes stupid advertisement.