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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Music Videos: The Triumph of Frontline Water Warriors at Standing Rock

Music Videos Champion the Triumphs of Frontline Water Warriors at Standing Rock

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"So What" This music video documents the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest at Standing Rock. While capturing the police brutality and human rights violations against peaceful Water Protectors, the filmmakers were tear gassed, targeted and shot with rubber bullets in an unconstitutional suppression of free press.

Censored News Celebrates Native American Youths and Future Generations!

Native American youths ran from Standing Rock to North Dakota this summer, empowering youths worldwide with the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

We survived and celebrate Native youths and future generations!

It is a great time to be alive! Censored News has survived a full decade with no advertising, grants, or revenues. We celebrate this victory and share it with all of you who have shared your articles, photos and videos through all these years. We celebrate each of you, with a special tribute to the new generation out there, defenders of the earth, the young warriors risking their all for the land, water, air and people. Thanks to all of you, these stories will be the histories for the grandchildren yet to be born, the generations to come!
Thank you, Brenda Norrell, publisher Censored News

Censored News celebrates a decade of publishing. With love, we celebrate in memory of Roberta Blackgoat, Dine', shown with 'No relocation' sign; Willie Lonewolf, Dine' Ute shown on Longest Walk 2 at Southern Ute Museum with historical Ute photos; Floyd Westerman shown with Keith Secola at the Indigenous Peoples Border Summit, San Xavier, Tohono O'odham land; and Elena Garcia, O'odham, shown with Marcos in Sonora. Thank you to each of you, Brenda.

Censored News celebrates surviving a decade of publishing. We celebrate the Warriors, the Walkers, the Storytellers, the Mothers, the Fathers, the Cooks and all those who shared and dedicated their lives to struggle. In memory of Tomas Reyes, our friend from California who was with us on the Longest Walk 2 northern route. In memory of Amalia Astorga, Comcaac (Seri) whose homeland is on the coast of Sonora, Mexico. The land and sea were her way of life and and the wellspring of her stories. In memory of Roberta Blackgoat, Dine' of Cactus Valley, Big Mountain, with relocation sign. Roberta Blackgoat is with her son Danny, and Mike Flores, Tohono O'odham, while protesting the Peabody Coal slurry. In memory of Floyd Westerman, Lakota, shown with Keith Secola, Anishinaabe, at the Indigenous Border Summit, San Xavier, Tohono O'odham land.\

All photos copyrighted by each photographer. 

Dine' Celebrate Victory -- Pinon Pipeline Withdraws Application

BLM Scoping Meeting on Pinon Pipe Line in Eastern Navajo Nation produced an over flow crowd Dec 2. Hearing was part of the public input and Bureau of Land Management extended comment time frame for another sixty days.
Photo Earl Tulley

Dine' Celebrate after the Bureau of Land Management withdraws application for the Pinon Pipeline! The battle continues to stop the Escalade Project and uranium mining on western Navajoland and in the Grand Canyon!

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Earl Tulley, Dine', told Censored News today, "Pinon Pipe Line bit the dust. The company withdrew their application."
The pipeline was going to be built from Lyebrook New Mexico, to Milan New Mexico, 130 miles.
"Standing Rock protectors were on their way down today,” Tulley said.
"Perhaps showing up in numbers at Dec 2nd Hearing in Window Rock was enough for company to pull their application -- victory for Navajo. At the December 2nd Scoping Hearing in Window Rock, there was a new generation of protectors accepting the call to the front line in protecting mother earth."

"We need to help, and work with, western Navajo to stop the Grand Canyon Escalade project and purposed uranium mining."
"Voice of one inspiring, symphony of voices uplifting."

Help stop the Escalade Project, and protect sacred land from politicians and corporations, at

BLM Receives Withdrawal of Piñon Gathering System Right-of-Way Application

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Farmington Field Office has received a withdrawal letter regarding a right-of-way (ROW) application for the proposed Piñon Gathering System project (known as the Piñon Pipeline project).
The letter stated that due to current market conditions Saddle Butte San Juan, LLC has decided to withdraw their application.  Therefore, the BLM will no longer consider the project. 
The system would have included a gathering line ROW of approximately 49.5 miles and a mainline ROW of approximately 98.5 miles in length.  The proposed crude oil pipeline route would have followed routes crossing Federal lands, the Navajo Nation, State of New Mexico lands, and fee lands from Lybrook, New Mexico, to a proposed rail terminal located near Thoreau, New Mexico.
For further information, please contact Project Lead Scott Hall at (505) 564-7721.  

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