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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

With Thanks to Censored News 10 Million Readers of Standing Rock Water Protectors!

Standing Rock Water Protectors, Censored News 2016
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Today we begin our countdown into the New Year, with a look back, and thank you, to all of you who made Censored News a reality for the past decade. We did it together, with no advertising, grants, revenues or salaries!
We begin our celebration with the news that Censored News jumped from 5 million page views this year, to 15 million!
There were 10 million people reading about the water protectors of Standing Rock Camp on Censored News. Around the world -- thanks to our translators and co-publishers Alice Holemans in Belgium, and Christine Prat in France, translating into Dutch and French -- Censored News took the message of "Water is Life," and "No Surrender" around the world.
This would not have happened without the direct action of Red Warrior Camp, the Warriors who raced into battle in the Spirit of Crazy Horse, and it would not have happened without the prayers of tens of thousands of Water Protectors, Chiefs and Headsmen, and it would not have happened without the first call of LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard, and Joye Braun, Lakota, who shared the urgent call.
It would not have happened without the Native youths, the youths who ran to Washington DC last summer, and the Crow Creek youth riders, who became an image of hope, the next generation for Horse Nation.
A special thank you to our team who went to Standing Rock in August and September, Govinda Dalton of Earthcycles and Michelle Cook, Dine', who set up Standing Rock Spirit Resistance Radio. Michelle is also founding member of the legal collective. Thank you to Rob Wilson Photography and all the photographers; Atsa E'sha Hoferer, Unicorn Riot and all the live streamers on the frontlines; and Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Brian M Frisina, Alvon Griffin and all the radio hosts around the world who shared the work of Standing Rock Spirit Resistance Radio!
Thanks to each of you who worked behind the scenes to share the news and fine tune the radio audios for listeners around the world.
Thank you for reading and supporting Censored News, now in its 11th year!
Best to each of you in the coming year!
Brenda Norrell, Censored News publisher

Standing Rock -- DAPL Threatens Lives of Water Protectors in Prayer by Olivia Bias

Article and Photos by Olivia Bias
Censored News

Olivia Bias reports on the militarized police and Dakota Access Pipeline security attack on water protectors on Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2016.
The report said there were 15-20 with shields, 6-8 armored vehicles, a bunch of vans, a sound cannon and water cannons that rolled out again, this time around Turtle Island sacred site and Heyoka Camp.
"Nothing has changed. We are still here protecting ourselves against imperialism and ecocide," Olivia said.
"Earlier we went to the bridge and prayed, took a few pictures. Concrete barriers and razor wire are still up, vehicles were moved days ago, bridge inspection will take 'thirty days.' A gun was pulled on us by DAPL mercenaries."
DAPL mercenaries "stated that if we touched the barbed wire we would be shot. People tried speaking to them reasonably. When I told them the pollution from these oil spills invades my womb and breast milk for the next seven thousand generations they walked back to their cars."
"We will post video later. We went up on the bridge again later praying with the drum, got on our knees and prayed. Some people, unarmed as always, walked off into the field not far from the bridge and were shot with rubber bullets by cops."
"Unfortunately 4 scouting from Sacred Stone were arrested, but this was unrelated to our group."
"I didn't go on Turtle Island. Prayers have been laid there. I told the feds to get off the gravesites and sacred site."

Video posted by Last Real Indians

Thank you to Olivia Bias for allowing us to share your words and photos.

Water Protectors Arrested, Shot At, During Prayer Dec. 27, 2016

Click arrow below to watch video.

Censored News
CANNON BALL RIVER, North Dakota -- Water Protectors gathered for prayer, and climbed to the top of Turtle Island, yesterday, Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2016. There were at least four arrests reported, with projectiles fired at water protectors by police.
Johnny Dangers reports as the struggle to protect the Missouri and Cannon Ball Rivers, and Treaty Land, continues. "Water Protectors peacefully gathered on the Barricaded Bridge. Humvees and many police vehicles waiting closely behind. Five, less than lethal rounds fired.
Water Protectors have now left the bridge.
"Earlier today: Water Protectors are in a Prayer Circle at the top of Turtle Island and are at the Constantina wire with massive police mobilization close behind! Water Cannons drove out but turned around. Police armed with less than lethal weapons.

"2 pm today: Police Arrest and Violate the Religious Freedoms of 4 Peaceful Water Protectors Praying by the Mni Wiconi on a Peaceful Prayer Walk! Share Everywhere!
Praying peacefully is a right all people have!
Police mobilizing 5+ Humvees and massive presence!

"Confirmed Arrested are Tawasi, Liotta, Likely Justin in a Santa Suit and one Peaceful Warrior. Call the Jail at 701-667-3318 and demand they release Peaceful Protectors who were praying. Let us know what they say! Share to spread the word and help to get them released!"
More than 1,000 people have survived in the big camp, Oceti Sakowin, through the blizzards, with more at Sacred Stones Camp and other camps near Standing Rock Indian Nation.
Follow Johnny Dangers and Johnny K. Dangers for continued updates on the situation and more on defeating the Black Snake!

Also see at Censored News:
On Tuesday, Dakota Access Pipeline mercenaries threatened to shoot water protectors. Others were arrested, including a Native youth dressed as Santa Claus, while police protecting the private pipeline fired rubber bullets at those in prayer, water protectors protecting the Missouri and Cannon Ball Rivers.
Scenes from Camp 

Screen captures above from video by Censored News
Watch video, a drive around camp:

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