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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

VIDEO: New Weapons used Against Occupy Protesters

Occupy Seattle, Oakland, Denver, UC-Davis and Wall Street
New York, included in news broadcast.
The use of LRAD sound cannon at Occupy Wall Street New York is
Retired Police Captain Ray Lewis is interviewed.

Anonymous Message to Occupy Police

Anonymous said this video, which shows police abusing peaceful protesters at Occupy University of California- Berkeley, UC-Davis and Occupy Wall Street New York, was deleted and uploaded five times. Watch it now!

Mohawk Nation News: We'll Let Your People Go

Mohawk Nation News

MNN Nov. 20, 2011.  Foreign occupiers [of Great Turtle Island]!  Looking for solutions?  Everything based on a lie is a lie. Like how foreign corporate entities called US and Canada and their subjects live on the graves of our murdered ancestors.  It was through Armed robbery of our land and resources! We always watched our visitors and looked beyond what everyone is meant to see. The Europeans brought their tamed.

Obedience was bred into them at a young age, generation after generation, reinforced by intimidation and punishment. They say they came here to live in paradise to have a perfect life.  They killed most of us and then destroyed it. These 1% hierarchical controllers of Western society don’t know us.  It took them 30 years to find Geronimo. [He wasn’t hiding. Just got tired of seeing how incompetent his pursuers were.]

We indigenous are hunters, guerillas and observers of everything. Controllers mercilessly frighten, horrify and instill hopelesslesss in their subjects. The cops are the enforcers for the crime bosses, the bankers and politicians. Repressive militarized force is under one command.

In today’s urban warfare, the cops need a crowd, then gang up on their own people. They beat up children, women, pregnant women, disabled, elderly and middle class softies who won’t hit back. The rest knuckle under.The revolution will be gangster style hits. Most of their subjects turn the other cheek, or brag about being beaten for no reason! Urban tactics include the two sides swarming each other and provocateurs pushing.

At the G20 in Toronto in 2010, in the “kettling” maneuver, the cops blocked off streets and the protesters marched in an orderly fashion.  The cops blocked them in, then beat and arrested them.  [See “Into the Fire”].  Cops fear people of color, lawsuits and riots. The government owns the people and the banks own their labor. Psychotic greed to own a worker’s life productivity drives them to greater crimes. They threaten and even murder those who refuse to live with less so they can have more. The fascist economic system is collapsing. Fraud and corruption are being exposed.  Fear of losing control is causing panic.

Worse is coming. What is the underlying element? The Vietnam protests got out of hand. Not this time!    We Indigenous do not let ourselves get herded for the kill. The crowd goes wild when they see blood. They don’t want to be next. They don’t have families or communities to run to who have any inherent obligations to them. The people will soon be panicking for food.

The White House is the main plantation that dispenses food. According to the Romans, whoever has the key to the grainery controls the people and the empire. As Crazy Horse told us, “Know your enemy." Stay out of sight. Our energy comes from within us, not from someone yelling at us to defend ourselves. Only we can save ourselves. We don’t grovel in pain to show how much they’re hurting us. A real revolution has to expose all the truths, how the invaders murdered over a hundred million of us to have the American Dream.

Otherwise they will remain enslaved, screaming to be saved. Colonists may return to their masters who will take them back into feudal slavery. The path is laid out, perfect and beautiful, in soft tones.

Should we ask the foreign masters to take their people home? They are lost souls. Every treaty ever made with us was violated. Under international law, if a treaty between nations is broken, everything reverts back to one day before the treaty was signed. Penn State is creating a super human killing machine. Drugs can deprive soldiers of sleep for 48 hours or more.  They will feel no scruples, no pain, no remorse.

Virtual videos show them how to kill women and children without guilt. The brain will be immersed in trans cranial magnet stimulators. High levels of analytical thinking [intuition] will be switched off.  Field helmets will run complex battle scenarios. These dream team serial killers may not be able to return to normal. The military should be careful what they wish for.  Fear is necessary to protect your life.

Our visitors think chopping off the head of the serpent will free them. Always looking for outside help!  For Indigenous our intuition will guide us to find what we need to know.

Victory comes by living the great law of peace.  When the Europeans invaded Great Turtle Island they turned their backs on it.  Big mistake!

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State of Nebraska protested for cutting deal for Keystone pipeline

Debra White Plume, Lakota, on Tour of Resistance
Photo Kent Lebsock
Landowners Criticize Nebraska’s Governor and Senators for Drinking TransCanada’s Tar Sands Kool-Aid

Citizens Call for Keystone XL to Be Blocked

Media release
LINCOLN, Neb. (Tuesday, November 22, 2011) – Today, Nebraska landowners distributed Kool-Aid* to the offices of Governor Dave Heineman and Nebraska State Senators after legislation was signed to fast-track TransCanada’s “Keystone XL” tar sands pipeline through the state. The legislation, LB 4, requires Nebraska taxpayers to foot the bill on a supplemental environmental impact statement on a pipeline route that may or may not avoid the Sand Hills and that is non-binding on TransCanada.

“Placating the public by moving the route east an insignificant number of miles is disgusting,” said Cindy Myers, a lifetime resident of the Sand Hills. “Any route crossing a majority of the Ogallala Aquifer is unacceptable. I foresee a rebellion whichever route is chosen.”

Robert Bernt, an organic dairy farmer from Wheeler County, criticized the Nebraska Unicameral for failing to account for the impact of earthquakes on the proposed tar sands oil pipeline. “We’ve had two earthquakes in Nebraska in just the past two weeks. A catastrophic oil spill would contaminate our water supply. Even the appearance of contaminated food could severely damage Nebraska’s economy.”

“Keystone XL should not be built at all,” said Jim Knopik, a lifelong farmer and Nance County Supervisor. “The message this legislation is sending to Washington, DC is Nebraskans now support TransCanada’s project, when in fact we don’t.“

The Kool-Aid* was delivered to the statehouse by renewable energy advocate Tom Weis, who has pedaled more than 1,000 miles of the proposed pipeline route in his “rocket trike” to build resistance to Keystone XL. Noting that Kool-Aid was invented in Nebraska, Weis said, “Nebraska’s Governor and Senators drank the TransCanada tar sands Kool-Aid. By supporting TransCanada and Keystone XL, Nebraska’s political leaders are failing to protect the Ogallala Aquifer and the agricultural economy it supports,” he concluded.

*The metaphor “drinking the Kool-Aid” is commonly used to refer to a person or group blindly following an ideology, argument, or philosophy without critical examination.

For more information on the “Tour of Resistance,” visit:
Principal Sponsors: AllEarth Renewables, Inc. and EcoWatch

About the photo
By Kent Lebsock, Owe Aku, Bring Back the WayThe “Tour of Resistance and Solidarity Gathering" events occurred from Pine Ridge to Washington to Chicago to New Jersey and finally New York, threaded together not by us, but rather, by a desire to bring our many allies and families together to speak about the paradigm shift that must be urgently addressed by human beings if we are to survive the destruction we have caused our Mother, the Earth.
The bottom line is we wanted to share what we have been taught by the Earth, listening to her rhythms, seeing her changes: the time is now to change our behavior, to change the way we think. Not to occupy or regulate or redistribute the excesses of a system that will never work, but to decolonize, liberate, and rediscover our connection to the Earth through the ancient memories contained within each of us. Humanity has come so far from being a part of the Earth upon which we depend, the sky, the winds, the four-legged, the winged. Humanity has made itself into the proverbial square peg trying to fit into a round hole and we no longer know how to be where we belong.
We talked about the XL Pipeline, and tarsands, and uranium mining, and the devastating effects on Sacred Water. We talked about occupation and democracy and solidarity and resistance. We educated ourselves through film and spoken word. We heard the music of many nations with the heart beat of the drum, flowing water of the flute and rustling leaves of stringed instruments. We tried to gently curve the sharp edges of our square peg so that we could make the ancestors proud and fulfill our responsibilities to the future generations. Human is just a species; one of millions, neither less nor more important. But our humanity is found when we recognize our place on this Earth, our obligation to protect and preserve the environments in which our peoples have been placed, and the resulting compassion and generosity to all of our relatives, animate and inanimate.
Amongst the many participants in the Tour of Resistance were Prairie Dust Films, Lakota Media Project, the Wicker Park Arts Center in Chicago, Indigenous Environmental Network, Fairleight Dickinson University in
Hackensack, NJ, the Epifaneo Collective at Tribeca Stage in New York City, Owe Aku (Bring Back the Way), Owe Aku International Justice Project, the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee, Matou, Tama Waipara and Occupy Wall Street. Special recognition goes to Suree Towfighnia, Tiokasin Ghost Horse, and Jo Anne Murphy. And finally, of course, we are always grateful to hear the soft spoken wisdom of Debra White Plume.

Documentary in progress 'Hakela: The Last One'

By Calvin Spotted Eagle
Censored News

It isn't often any of us have an opportunity to steer history back on course once it has been driven in circles. Since we began this journey two years ago, meticulous research has been done concerning the claims. As a result, important discoveries were made and one of those discoveries is that there were two "Bigfoots" whose legacies have been merged. One was my grandfather, another was an Oglala man who died AFTER Wounded Knee and is buried in Allen, South Dakota, yet museums, educational institutions and even a memorial to my grandfather, portray the wrong man.
Please support this film and help me bring the truth out. This trip will allow the filmmakers to interview other descendants of survivors of the massacre and key people whose voices have not been heard. It will also allow them to film key events such as the "Bigfoot" Memorial Ride.  Thank you for your support.
Calvin Spotted Elk

By James Fortier
Hello friends, colleagues, and family,
Just a quick note to let you know that we have 15 days to go to reach our fundraising goal on for an essential production trip in late January and editing of a new work in progress sample for my current documentary  Hakela – The last One. We have a long way to go to reach our goal, so please visit our sites, do what you can to support this project and then spread the word with your Facebook friends and email lists. Every little bit helps. Please keep in mind that the way Kickstarter works is that if we do not reach out goal your pledge is not billed and we do not receive any funding. So its all or nothing. Read more about the film below.
James M. Fortier
Turtle Island Productions
1148 Dulles Ct
Pacifica, CA 94044
650-738-1834 (WK)
650-219-5668 (Cell)
About the film.
“Hakela: The Last One” chronicles the story of Lakota tribal member Calvin Spotted Elk, the great-great-grandson of the famed Lakota Chief Spotted Elk, erroneously know as “Big Foot,” who, along with over 300members of  his Minneconjou band were massacred at a place calledWounded Knee Creek in December, 1890.
This is the story of Calvin Spotted Elk’s struggle to restore his family name, correct the historical record, fulfill his promise to his dying father, honor the memory of his brother, and take his rightful place as the last direct male blood descendant of the famed Lakota ChiefSpotted Elk, aka, “Big Foot.”
The film follows Calvin Spotted Elk in his quest to legally regain hisfamily name and then use Federal Law, the Native American GravesProtection and Repatriation Act, NAGPRA, to demand the return of Chief Spotted Elk's sacred ceremonial pipe which was stolen from his frozenbody, and today sits in a museum in Barre, MA
Support a great project and every pledge gets a reward. Pledges at the$25 level and higher get a great T-Shirt designed by Calvin Spotted Elk.
Pass it on!
Miigwetch and Pilamaya (Thank You)
Kickstarter project link:

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