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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dine' Bidziil 'Idle No More' Window Rock, Arizona

Dine' Bidziil support for 'Idle No More' on Jan. 19, 2013 in Window Rock, Arizona. Photo Dine' Bidziil.

Whapmagoostui Youth Trekkers 'We are true Warriors'

By Matthew Mukash
Censored News
A special thank you to Matthew and 
the walkers from Censored News!
January 20, 2013
Went to the land today on ski-doo to see how our walkers are doing. They're doing very well and highly pumped up by the news of support coming from the four directions of Earth. They say the harshest of winter conditions will not stop them! On their second day on the land they walked under a relentless -38 temperature. Simply incredible! They're determined  to succeed irregardless of the challenges they could face each day!

Our young walkers do not want us to worry about them. "We are true Warriors!" - they say. The first five days have taught them a lot and from that they know they will survive and successfully carry the message of unity, harmony and balance to Ottawa for all of us!

Their message to all, is this: This Sacred Journey is ultimately about HUMAN SURVIVAL. As such, it is the responsibility of every human being to reflect upon what this means for each one of us, our families, our communities, our nation and ultimately the whole of humanity. Unity of peoples is what it will take to restore societal balance and harmony; thus, the main purpose of their Journey. They want to see peoples coming together and start planning and building a better future for generations to come. They also say that this Journey will help them in their own personal development. They know this Journey will condition them to be able to deal current life challenges that each one faces.

Our walkers express sincere gratitude for the support of all, your prayers and good thoughts.

On my way back, I broke into tears a few times just thinking about them -- these young warriors -- their determination and the meaning of what they have chosen to do for humanity, the sacrifices they're making. And I thought about what this sacred Journey means to me, my family, my community and my nation.

I remembered what our Elders often tell us: Each one of us human beings has a gift and a sacred duty that we're born with. It always had to do with influencing universal harmony and balance. So many of us don't make the effort to find out what our purpose in life is. As a result, our lives are often in shambles. In the days of our Ancestors, the role of Elders was to give guidance to parents and show them to recognize the child's gift and the role he or she will play as an adult for the tribe's survival and well being. The Elders teachings were heeded with no question and, in our society, every individual was considered equal and as important to each and every member of the tribe.

As I drove on the land today, I reflected upon what our Elders have been saying in the past, and more strongly, today; The Eeyouch or Aboriginal peoples of this continent were given a sacred duty by the Great Creator as caretakers of Mother Earth. We must unite and reclaim and continue to carry out this sacred duty, for without this happening, the Earth will die ... and along with her all her children - us!

Doesn't it make sense then why these seven young men have chosen to embark upon this Sacred Journey, to wake up humanity?

So my good friends, what does the Journey of Nishiyuu mean to you?

"In the North will rise a People, they will bear the sign of the goose......."

(January 20th):

Zapatistas Marcos 'Ellos y Nosotros' Them and Us

Them and Us, Part 1: The (Lack of) Reason from Above by Subcomandante Marcos


I.- The (lack of) reason from above.

January 2013

Those from above say:

"We're the ones who make the rules.  We're more powerful, although there are fewer of us.  We don't care what you say-hear-think-do, as long as you are mute, deaf, immobile.

"We can impose halfway intelligent people in the government (although they're already getting to be difficult to find within the political class), but we chose one who can't even pretend to know what he's talking about.[1]

"Why? Because we can.

"We could use the police and military apparatus to persecute and jail real criminals, but those criminals are a vital part of us.  Instead, we choose to persecute you, beat you, detain you, torture you, jail you, kill you.

"Why?  Because we can.

"Guilty or innocent?  Who cares if you are one or the other?  Justice is just another whore in our little black book, and believe us, it's not the most expensive one.

"And even if you follow the rules that we impose to the letter, even if you don't do anything, even though you might be innocent, we will squash you.

"And if you insist on asking why we do it, we'll respond: because we can.

"That is having Power. A lot is said about money, riches, and those things.  But believe us when we say that what excites us is that feeling of being able to make decisions about anyone's life, liberty, and assets.  No, power is not money, it's what you can have with it.  Power is not just exercising it with impunity, it is also and above all, to do it irrationally.  Because having Power is to do and undo without having any other reason than the possession of Power.

"And it doesn't matter who stands out in front, hiding us.  Right and left are only references so that the chauffeur can park the car.  The machinery runs itself.  We don't even have to order them to punish the insolence of defying us.  Large, medium, and small governments all over the political spectrum, as well as intellectuals, artists, journalists, politicians, and religious leaders fight over the privilege to please us.

"So fuck you, screw you, rot in hell, die, get discouraged, give up.

"To the rest of the world you don't exist, you are no one.

"Yes, we've sowed hate, cynicism, rancor, desperation, theoretical and practical don't-give-a-fuck, conformity with the 'lesser evil,' fear turned into resignation.

"And, nonetheless, we fear that which has transformed itself into organized rebellious rage, without a price tag.  

"Because we control, manage, ration, and feed the chaos that we impose.  Our 'law enforcement' forces impose our chaos.

"But the chaos[2] that comes from below…

"Ah, that… we don't even understand what they say, who they are, how much they cost.

"And they're so rude that they don't beg, await, request, plead--instead, they exercise their freedom.  Have you ever seen such obscenity!

"That is the real danger.  People who look on the other side, who leave the mold, or break it, or ignore it.

"You know what's really worked for us? That myth about unity at all cost.  To only understand oneself with a boss, leader, ruler, or whatever they call themselves.  Controlling, managing, containing, buying one is much easier than many.  Yes, and cheaper.  That and individual rebelliousness.  It's so wonderfully useless.

"Rather, what's really dangerous in a true chaos is when every one becomes a collective, group, crew, raza, organization, and they learn to say 'no' and 'yes,' and they reach agreements amongst themselves.  Because the 'no' is directed towards those of us who give the orders.  And the 'yes,'… geez… that really is a disaster.  Imagine if everyone built their own destinies, and they decided who to be and what to do.  It would be like pointing out that we're expendable, excessive, that we get in the way, that we're not necessary, that we should be in jail, that we should disappear.

"Yes, a nightmare.  Yes, of course, for us.  Can you imagine how bad that world would be?  Full of indians, blacks, browns, yellows, reds, dreadlocks, tattoos, piercings, studs, punks, goths, cholos, skaters, that 'A' flag without a nation to buy it, youth, women, whores, children, the elderly, zoot suiters, drivers, peasants, workers, tacky people, proles, poor people, anonymous people… others.  Without a privileged space for us, the 'beautiful people'[3]… or, so you understand us, the 'good people'… because we can tell by the way you talk that you didn't study at Harvard.

"Yes, that day would be night for us… Yes, everything would be ruined.  What would we do?

"Hmm… we hadn't thought about that.  We think, we plan, and we execute what to do so that it doesn't happen, but… no, that hadn't occurred to us.

"Well, in any case, well….hmm… I don't know… perhaps we would look for who to blame, and then, well, we'd look for, I don't know, a Plan B.  Of course by then it would be useless.  I think that then we would remember what that damn red Jew said…no, not Marx… Einstein, Albert Einstein.  I think it was him who said: 'Theory is when you know everything and nothing works.  Practice is when everything works and no one knows why.  In this case we have combined theory and practice: nothing works… and no one knows why.'

"No, you're right, we wouldn't even be able to smile.  A sense of humor has always been an non-expropriable patrimony.  Isn't that a shame?

"Yes, without a doubt, these are times of crisis.

"Hey, aren't you going to take pictures?  I mean, so we can fix our hair and put on something a little more presentable.  Nah, we already tried that in 'Hola'[4]… oh, but what are we saying, it's obvious that you haven't gotten past [the comic book] 'El Libro Vaquero.'

"Oh, we can't wait to tell our friends that someone so… so… so… other came to interview us.  They're going to love it.  And, well, it's going to make us seem so cosmopolitan…

"No, of course we're not afraid of you.  Regarding that prophecy… bah, it's superstition… so… so… native… yes, so Region 4 [5]… hahahaha…what a good joke, let's write that down for when we see the kids…

"What?… It isn't a prophecy?…

"Oh, it's a promise…"

(…) (the tee-tu-ta-ta-tatatata sound, from the smartphone)

"Hello, police? Yes, I'd like to report that someone came to see us.  Yes, we think he was a journalist or something.  He looked so… so… so other, yes.  No, no, he didn't do anything to us.  No, he didn't take anything.  It's just that, as we were leaving to go to the club to see our friends, and we see that someone has painted something on the entrance to the garden.  No, the guards didn't see who it was.  Of course not!  Ghosts don't exist.  Well, it's painted with a lot of colors… No, we didn't see any paint cans nearby… Well, as we were saying, it is painted with a lot of colors, so colorful, very tacky, very other, not anything like the galleries where… what?  No, we don't want you to send a squad car.  Yes, we know.  But we're calling to see if you can investigate what the painting means.  We don't know if it's a code, or one of those strange tongues that the proles speak.  Yes, it's just one word, but we don't know why it makes us shudder.  It says:


(to be continued…)

From any corner of any world.

Planet Earth
January 2013

Listen to and watch the videos that accompany this text:

a.- Pacheco
"Pachuco," by La Maldita Vecindad y los Hijos del 5to Patio.  Video is from the perspective of "from below," that is, in the middle of the mosh pit.  The moral of the story: don't record while you're on the trampoline.  And what the heck, Maldita?  Don't be so idem and get it together.  Or what, you're just going to leave the raza to the mercy of the Justin Beibers of the world?  Fine, greetings from Solin, because you guys really did understand that the communities are pure Kalimán.[7]
b.-"More for your money."

"More for your money."  Written and directed by Yordi Capó.  Guadalajara, Mexico, August 2003.

c.- "Of rats and cats."
Cartoons based on the words of Thomas C. Douglas (1904-1986).

Translator's notes:
  1. Referring to President Enrique Peña Nieto, who is turning out to be at least as inarticulate and factually challenged as George W. Bush.
  2. Marcos wrote "chaos" with the letter "k" in Spanish: "kaos."  Like anglophone anarcho-punks and other rebellious youth, Mexico's young rebels often replace the "c"s in certain works with "k"s in the written language.
  3. "The beautiful people" is written in English in the original.  Bourgeois Mexicans like to sprinkle English words and phrases into their vocabulary.
  4. Hola! is a Mexican magazine for women.  It featured exclusive photos and interviews regarding current president Enrique Peña Nieto's fairytale wedding to soap opera star Angelica Rivera.
  5. Region 4 is the DVD region code for Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and much of Oceania.  Mexico also uses Region 1, the region code for the US and Canada.
  6. A Mapuche phrase that means "we will win one hundred times over."
  7. "Pachuco" means "zoot suiter" in Mexico.  Marcos uses a lot of Mexico City slang here and is making reference to another Maldita Vecindad song called "Solín," which is about a poor man who reads about Mexican comic book hero Kalimán and decides to change his name and make a living as a carnival psychic.  Maldita Vecindad is a classic Mexican ska/punk band that has supported many Left causes since the band's inception in the 1980s.  The band is still popular and active, but they haven't put out an album in years--much to Marcos' chagrin, apparently.
Translation from the original Spanish: Kristin Brickier ================================================================
 ELLOS Y NOSOTROS I.- Las (sin) razones de arriba.

Enero del 2013.
Hablan los de arriba:
“Nosotros somos los que mandamos. Somos más poderosos, aunque seamos menos. No nos importa lo que digas-escuches-pienses-hagas, siempre y cuando estés mudo, sordo, inmóvil.
Podemos imponer como gobierno a gente medianamente inteligente (aunque ya es muy difícil de encontrar en la clase política), pero elegimos a uno que ni siquiera puede simular que sabe de qué va el asunto.
¿Por qué? Porque podemos hacerlo.
Podemos usar al aparato policíaco y militar para perseguir y encarcelar a verdaderos delincuentes, pero esos criminales son parte vital nuestra. En cambio elegimos perseguirte, golpearte, detenerte, torturarte, encarcelarte, asesinarte.
¿Por qué? Porque podemos hacerlo.
¿Inocente o culpable? ¿Y a quién le importa si eres uno o lo otro? La justicia es una puta más en nuestra libreta de direcciones y, créenos, no es la más cara.
Y aunque cumplas al pie de la letra con el molde que imponemos, aunque no hagas nada, aunque seas inocente, te aplastaremos.
Y si insistes en preguntar por qué lo hacemos, te respondemos: porque podemos hacerlo.
Eso es tener el Poder. Se habla mucho de dinero, riquezas, y esas cosas. Pero créenos que lo que excita es este sentimiento de poder decidir sobre la vida, la libertad y los bienes de cualquiera. No, el poder no es el dinero, es lo que puedes tener con él. El Poder no es sólo ejercerlo impunemente, también y sobre todo, hacerlo irracionalmente. Porque tener el Poder es hacer y deshacer sin tener más razón que la posesión del Poder.
Y no importa quién aparezca al frente, ocultándonos. Eso de derecha e izquierda, son sólo referentes para que el chofer estacione el auto. La máquina funciona por sí sola. Ni siquiera tenemos que ordenar que castiguen la insolencia de desafiarnos. Gobiernos grandes, medianos y pequeños, de todo el espectro político, además de intelectuales, artistas, periodistas, políticos, jerarcas religiosos, se disputan el privilegio de agradarnos.
Así que jódete, chíngate, púdrete, muérete, desilusiónate, ríndete.
Para el resto del mundo no existes, eres nadie.
Sí, hemos sembrado el odio, el cinismo, el rencor, la desesperanza, el valemadrismo teórico y práctico, el conformismo del “mal menor”, el miedo hecho resignación.
Y, sin embargo, tememos que eso se transforme en rabia organizada, rebelde, sin precio.
Porque el caos que imponemos lo controlamos, lo administramos, lo dosificamos, lo alimentamos. Nuestras “fuerzas del orden” son nuestras fuerzas para imponer nuestro caos.
Pero el kaos que viene de abajo…
Ah, ése… ni siquiera entendemos qué dicen, quiénes son, cuánto cuestan.
Y luego son tan groseros de ya no mendigar, esperar, pedir, suplicar, sino ejercer su libertad. ¡Habrase visto tamaña obscenidad!
Eso es el verdadero peligro. Gente que mira para otro lado, que se sale del molde, o lo rompe, o lo ignora.
¿Sabes que nos ha dado muy buen resultado? Ese mito de la unidad a toda costa. Entenderse sólo con el jefe, dirigente, líder, caudillo, o como se llame. Controlar, administrar, contener, comprar a un@ es más fácil que a muchos. Sí, y más barato. Eso y las rebeldías individuales. Son tan conmovedoramente inútiles.
En cambio, lo que sí es un peligro, un caos verdadero, es que cada quien se haga colectivo, grupo, banda, raza, organización, y en su lado aprenda a decir “no” y a decir “sí”, y que se pongan de acuerdo entre ellos. Porque el “no” apunta a quienes mandamos. Y el “sí”… uf… eso sí es una calamidad, imagínate que cada quién construya su propio destino, y decidan qué ser y hacer. Sería tanto como señalar que nosotros somos los prescindibles, los que sobramos, los que estorbamos, los que no somos necesarios, los que debemos ser encarcelados, los que debemos desaparecer.
Sí, una pesadilla. Sí, claro, sólo que ahora para nosotros. ¿Te imaginas de qué mal gusto sería ese mundo? Lleno de indios, de negros, de cafés, de amarillos, de rojos, de rastas, de tatuajes, de piercings, de estoperoles, de punks, de darket@s, de chol@s, de skater@s, de esa bandera de la “A” tan sin nación para comprarla, de jóvenes, de mujeres, de put@s, de niñ@s, de ancianos, de pachucos, de choferes, de campesinos, de obreros, de nacos, de proles, de pobres, de anónimos, de… de otr@s. Sin un espacio privilegiado para nosotros, “the beautiful people“… la “gente bien” para que nos entiendas…. porque se ve a la legua que tú no estudiaste en Harvard.
Sí, ese día sería noche para nosotros… Sí, todo reventaría. ¿Que qué haríamos?
Mmh… no habíamos pensado en eso. Pensamos, planeamos y ejecutamos qué hacer para impedir que ocurra, pero… no, no se nos había ocurrido.
Bueno, en el dado caso, pues… mmh… no sé… puede ser que buscaríamos culpables y luego, pues buscar, no sé, un plan “B”. Claro que para entonces todo sería inútil. Creo que entonces recordaríamos la frase de ese maldito judío rojo… no, Marx no… Einstein, Albert Einstein. Me parece que fue él quien dijo: “La teoría es cuando se sabe todo y nada funciona. La práctica es cuando todo funciona y nadie sabe por qué. En este caso hemos combinado la teoría y la práctica: nada funciona… y nadie sabe por qué.”
No, tienes razón, ni siquiera alcanzaríamos a sonreír. El sentido del humor siempre ha sido un patrimonio no expropiable. ¿No es una pena?
Sí, a no dudarlo: son tiempos de crisis.
Oye, ¿y no vas a tomar fotos? Digo, para arreglarnos un poco y ponernos algo más decente. Nah, ese modelito ya lo usamos en “Hola”… ah, pero qué te contamos, se ve claro que tú no has pasado del “libro vaquero”.
Ah, no podemos esperar a contarle a nuestr@s amig@s que nos vino a entrevistar uno tan… tan… tan… otro. Les va a encantar. Y, bueno, a nosotr@s nos va a dar un aire tan cosmopolita…
No, claro que no te tememos. En cuanto a esa profecía… bah, se trata sólo de supersticiones, tan… tan… tan autóctonas… Sí, tan de región 4… jajajaja… qué buen chiste, deja lo apuntamos para cuando veamos a l@s chic@s…
¿Qué?… ¿no es una profecía?…
Oh, es una promesa…
(…) (sonido de titutata-tatatatá, del esmartfon)
Bueno, ¿policía? Sí, para reportar que vino alguien a vernos. Sí, pensamos que era un periodista o algo así. Se veía tan… tan… tan otro, sí. No, no nos hizo nada. No, tampoco se llevó nada. Es que, ahora que salíamos al club para ver a nuestr@s amig@s, estamos viendo que han pintado algo en el portón de entrada al jardín. No, los guardias no se dieron cuenta de quién. ¡Claro que no!, los fantasmas no existen. Bueno, está pintado así con muchos colores… No, no vimos ningún bote de pintura cerca… Bueno, le decíamos que está pintado con muchos colores, así, muy colorido, muy naco, muy otro, nada qué ver con las galerías donde… ¿qué? No, no queremos que mande ninguna patrulla. Sí, ya sabemos. Pero hablamos para ver si pueden investigar qué quiere decir lo que está pintado. No sabemos si es una clave, o una lengua de ésas raras que hablan los proles. Sí, es una sola palabra, pero no sabemos por qué nos produce escalofríos. Dice:

Desde cualquier rincón, en cualquiera de los mundos.
Planeta Tierra.
Enero del 2013.
Escucha y ve los videos que acompañan este texto:
a.- Pachuco
Pachuco“, con La Maldita Vecindad y los Hijos del 5to Patio. Video ora sí que como quien dice una perspectiva “desde abajo”, en medio del slam, pues. Moraleja; no grabes mientras estés en el brincolín. ¿Y qué pex, Maldita?, no sean ídem y hagan acuerdo, o qué, ¿van a dejar a la raza a la merced de yustinbibereadas y demás? Sale pues, un abrazo desde acá del Solin, porque ustedes sí entendieron que las comunidades son el mero mero Kalimán.

b.- “Más por tu dinero”.

Más por tu dinero“. Guión y dirección de Yordi Capó. Guadalajara, México, Agosto del 2003.
c.- “De ratones y gatos”.

Dibujos animados en base a unas palabras de Thomas C. Douglas (1904-1986).

'Red Cry' Lakota Grandmothers Rise to Challenge of 'Diabolical' Genocide

Lakota Grandmothers Rise to Challenge Genocide

Silenced No More: Trailer Released for Explosive Lakota Documentary "Red Cry"
Lakota Grandmothers Rise to Challenge “Diabolical” Genocide

Watch the “Red Cry” Trailer at: or
To arrange interviews with Lakota elders, contact Canupa Gluha Mani at 605-517-1547.

Press statement
Posted at Censored News

Turtle Island - The Lakota Solidarity Project (LSP) in association with the Strong Heart Warrior Society and traditional Lakota elders on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation have released the first trailer for the explosive new documentary film, “Red Cry”.

Shot in high-definition over the summer of 2011 by the Lakota Solidarity Project, the incendiary documentary chronicles the lives of Lakota elders and oyate (people) in the face of ongoing genocide against the Lakota by the United States Government and corporate interests.

The Lakota, sometimes known as Sioux, are a migratory band of Indigenous people who once traveled with the great buffalo herds across the Great Plains region of North America until broken treaties forced many onto reservations in South and North Dakota.

The documentary film is part of a historic collaboration between traditional Tetuwan Lakota elders from Pine Ridge Reservation and a growing group of native and non-native solidarity activists to bring Lakota elders – particularly grandmothers - to the world stage to speak with their own voices to international governing bodies like the United Nations as well as the highest levels of the United States Government.

During the late 1800s, the United States Government intentionally subverted the Lakota’s matriarchal system of leadership by excluding the grandmothers during treaty negotiations, appointing men as puppet chiefs, and only designating Lakota men to vote on treaty issues.

“This will be the first time in history that our elders will be put forth to make the white man accountable for the atrocities committed against our grandmothers and people,” said Canupa Gluha Mani, headman for the traditional Lakota warrior society known as Cante Tenza (Strong Heart) that protects the elders. “We are representing all of these elders who have been neglected.”

Beginning March 1, 2013, the documentary will be added to a grassroots campaign for mobilizing international support to end genocide and return the Lakota matriarchal system of government and customary law.

“The elders know this is a project that needs to fulfill itself, and it will,” added Canupa Gluha Mani.

Members of the all-volunteer LSP have committed thousands of hours to the project and anticipate the rapid growth of the group as more people gain awareness to the Lakota’s resistance struggles.

LSP member Susan Carrara (Ojibwe, Mandan, European), whose grandfather lived on the Ojibwe White Earth Reservation in Minnesota, explained, “With the explosion of people’s movements like Idle No More in North America, Occupy Wall Street, the Idignados movement in Europe, and the Arab Spring, the time is ripe for the Lakota grandmothers to finally be heard on the world stage and we are honored to help make that happen.”

The Lakota Solidarity Project (LSP) is a truly historic social justice collaboration between traditional Tetuwan Lakota elders from Pine Ridge Reservation and a growing group of native and non-native solidarity activists directed by the Lakota Strong Heart Warrior Society. We are growing an international movement to end the genocide of the Lakota people and support the renewal of matriarchal leadership from Lakota grandmothers on Pine Ridge and across the Lakota Nation.

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