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August 24, 2016

Standing Rock Resistance Radio 'A Song for Women, A Song for Water'

Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Gathered in camp, Lakota water protectors share their stories, dreams and songs.
One of the Lakota women speaks on the importance of women and mothers.
After talking with the ladies in the kitchen, she said, "They work very hard to feed people, they have to have healing hands to make our foods into healing."
Lakotas here have a saying, and it is, "Welcome home."
She sings a Lakota song of encouragement for the women, and encourages the mothers, the teachers of the children, who carry the culture.
Women carry the spirit that is in the drum, she said.
Jeff, from Ontario, speaks of being open to the universe, and the connection of the heart with the river. Jeff shares a dream, of what happened to the world. He said long ago, we trusted in the universe. People didn't take any more than they needed.
Over across the seas, somewhere, people were starving, or there was a drought, and people began taking more than they needed.
"That sickness grew. They organized it into religions and governments, that sickness."
"We are not separate from the universe."
Jeff speaks of the power here, the love in the hearts, of those who came together here to defend this water, this river.
"This is where the real power is."
He sings a water song.

Recorded live by Govinda of Earthcycles on Standing Rock Resistance Radio at 87.9 FM in camp.

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