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August 25, 2016

Red Warrior Camp 'Resilient like our ancestors'


Organization:  Red Warrior Camp
August 25, 2016

Cannon Ball River, 1851 Ft Laramie Treaty Territory -- A day after the federal judge declared that he will wait up to two weeks to issue his ruling to temporarily halt construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, the Red Warrior Camp continues to grow and thrive.

The camp has established a recycling program; a food distribution program to support camp kitchens; nonviolent direct action training and culture-based activities.

North Dakota Homeland Security Division’s decision to abruptly remove their trailers and drinking water tanks have not affected the people in camp.

Much like our ancestors before us, we are resilient and will persevere. These delays will not deter, but in fact will motivate, the people to focus on what they came here for -- to protect the water.

More than 50 native nations and allies from around the world have converged here on the banks of the Cannon Ball River to be a voice for the sacred water and Mother Earth. The population is expected to increase in the coming week with the influx of additional tribal nations arriving.

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Unknown said...

Osiyo! This Cherokee woman is wondering if there is a difference in the two camps that can be discussed.

Praying for and feeling much gratitude for the stand that has been taken.

Stay safe and stay strong. The eyes of the world are on you and the ancestors are with you!

Vicki Creel