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August 10, 2016

Photos: Tipis going up at Dakota Access pipeline defense

Breaking News
Eleven Sacred Stones Camp defenders arrested
 Thursday at blockade. See photos at:

Update Friday, Aug. 12, 2016: Standing Rock Chairman and Councilman arrested at blockade. Pipeline crew digs into cultural site where there is potential of human remains. Oglala sending 300 Lakotas from Pine Ridge to join blockade and stop pipeline.

Update Wed., Aug. 10, 2016
Spirit Camp Warriors stand in path of Dakota Access Pipeline at:

Censored News

CANNONBALL, North Dakota -- Tipis are going up at the peaceful protest of the Sacred Stones camp to halt the Dakota Access pipeline from drilling under the Missouri River and endangering the river water with a crude oil pipeline. Standing Rock Nation in North Dakota has filed a preliminary injunction to halt the Dakota Access pipeline, view it here . Photos by Jon Eagle, Sr., thank you for sharing with Censored News.


Anonymous said...

We need clean water as much as we need air to breathe. Please stop this desecration of our water given to us by the Creator. Halt the pipelines! Why are they doing this? Out of GREED! Solar and Wind Energies need to be utilized and stop this before it's too late.Oil contamination of our Mother Earth is all to common!

Unknown said...

We are farmers, not oilmen !! Keep it in the ground!!!!

Anonymous said...

If your reading this please do what you can to come support these folks. What if it was your land? What if you stood your ground yet needed help. I for one know what it feels like to need help. Do you? Come support these good people. Haven't they been through enough? I am only one man asking for your help. Join us

Unknown said...

Just did a write on top 10 oil and gas Drillers. Salaries, revenue, accidents.
I will put link N. Dakota is facing a boom and it is already starting to pay.
Production has brought a flood of toxic waste, energy Companies reported 1000 tons of oil and waste water dumped in the last year alone. Also the pipelines are the easiest permits to get. This is a disaster for all. big oil
I am very Concerned for mother Earth.