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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

VIDEO: Native Women Block Bulldozer at Dakota Access Pipeline Defense



arnold Max said...

This is awesome love this praying for all the brave warriors coming together in support for all our brothers and sisters in they're fight against the injustice may the Creator protect yu all

Little Horse said...

Our prayers & hearts are with you as you stand as protectors of the land.

Debra said...


Tammy said...

I love this! All my thoughts for everyone there. Stand strong, stand united.

Unknown said...

We, Peoples of the World WILL NOT BE SILENT NO MORE!!! Wado, SOULFUL WARRIOR Sisters and Brothers. Prayers and Smoke going up from All Soulful Warriors round World. We Stand with you in Spirit. Tsalagi Inada

Anonymous said...

Mni Wiconi Water is Life;
Esteemed women of true courage,
Opening the eyes and hearts of people. What better company could anyone hope to keep,what truer friend could anyone wish to have?
You remind me of the prayer that says:I UNDOUBTEDLY exist in beauty. As I take a drink of water today I think of you and thank you & say:All is beauty.

Anonymous said...

Why the face mask . Be proud and show who you are. Shouldn't be hiding behind a rag, scarf if you are proud and standing for the next generation then remove your name shift mask

Unknown said...

Same goes for you...Anonymous

Unknown said...

Anonymous obviously doesn't realize how dusty it is out there or how to focus on the big picture without making an anal comment about a mask. For centuries cloth was worn over the faces of people on the deserts and areas of dry dusty land. Anonymous didn't mention his own mask, hmmmmm.

Moving on.... prayers up to all my relatives on the front lines standing up for clean water and against the DAPL.
Great job to everyone standing strong. Riders, love the modern day counting coup, a'ho!!
ashoge' to each of you...

Unknown said...

our Creator, Yahweh stands with you against this injustice of GREED !!!

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