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August 30, 2016

Lummi, Yakama and Salish arrive with Totem Pole in Standing Rock Camp



Photos copyright Michelle Cook, Dine' (Navajo)

Northwest Delegation, Navajo President, NCAI Chairman arrive at Standing Rock Camp

Photos by Michelle Cook
Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

CANNON BALL, North Dakota -- The President of the National Congress of American Indians, Brian Cladoosby, Swinomish, arrived with a large delegation from the Northwest today. Cladoosby told the camp that NCAI just wrote letters to President Obama and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in support of Standing Rock Sioux Nation and the struggle here to halt Dakota Access Pipeline from poisoning the water source, the Missouri River.
"I went to a roadblock today, a stupid roadblock, just to irritate us," Cladoosby said. Cladoosby said it was good then to drive along the sacred river.
Yakama said they brought a semi of fresh food, watermelons and foods from the fields. "Food is our medicine."
Today, the Seneca Nation, Sac and Fox from Oklahoma, Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, were all present in camp.
Yakama Chairman JoDe Goudy said the pipeline is a black snake. This black snake's head is in Texas, but his heart is in DC and belongs to the Congressmen and politicians who make these decisions.
"President Obama where are you?"
Goudy reminded President Obama that Obama came here to Standing Rock, and held these children, and made promises to them, he said,
"You had their babies in their arms, where are you?"

Navajo President Russell Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez arrived at the Standing Rock Camp today, and greeted a large delegation from the Northwest who arrived with a Totem Pole.
President Begaye said like the struggle here, the Navajo Nation is fighting the Gold King uranium spill, and the transportation of uranium waste.
"That is what is killing our people," Begaye said.
"We stand with you. We are proud of you."
Praising the Standing Rock Sioux Nation, Begaye said, "Thank you for standing up and saying, 'Enough is Enough!'"
President Begaye said the people all the way through the country, from South Dakota and Illinois, all the way to Louisiana, should be here fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline, that is threatening the water source of the Missouri River.
"They should be standing here also."
"They should be saying, 'Way to go, you stand for us!'" Begaye told the delegations gathered, which included Sac and Fox from Oklahoma, and Lummi, Yakama, Swinomish, Salish, Nisqually, Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Oregon, and more from the Northwest.
President Begaye said the fight is not just Native, but it is for all people.
"This is the stand you guys are making, We support you."
Begaye thanked the Dine' who have been there, camping and cooking, and supporting the camp.
"We stand up and fight for what we believe."
Begaye said they will continue to fight with the people here.
"When we come together, we are strong."
"We will make our stand when we have to make our stand."
Begaye said this is being broadcast to other parts of the world.
Navajo Vice President Jonathan Nez said, "Our Indigenous language is very important."
Vice President Nez thanked the people here for "really standing up for what you believe."
"No more. Enough is enough!" Nez said.
"We need to stand together, shoulder to shoulder."
Nez said it is time to stand up to the U.S. government.
Nez thanked the young people here at Standing Rock Camp.
"They are leading us here today."
"We are standing with you in solidarity."
Nez closed with a 'thank you' in Dine'.

Nisqually Chairman Farron McCloud said, "That world out there, lots of violence, but we are coming together as one. We believe in coming together."
"This means a lot to the Native people. We are all together."
"It is a great honor to be here in your beautiful sacred land."


A Sac and Fox tribal official from Oklahoma said, "I'm honored to see you fight the good fight."

Flags have now been placed on flag poles at Standing Rock Camp.

Photo by Navajo Vice President Jonathan Nez.

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Unknown said...

I love seeing our Native people coming together as one to fight to save our water. Aho! Northern Nevada Paiute stands with you!

Unknown said...

Wado aniyvwiya. Didadoligi ale nvwatohiyadv.

Anonymous said...

Aho,save our zah-nah-voint so-go-pe, hoo-wee-oo

Anonymous said...

feeling privelged and welcome......grateful to all who are standing shoulder to shoulder, near and far in support of our people in a good way

Laurie Germain said...

I agree that the pipe line needs to be stopped. Too much of our land and water has been destroyed because of oil companies saying that putting these pipes in will make the economy better. I haven't to disagree with them.

I. T. M. said...

Thank you to all who support and join the cause. I wish I have the time and ability to go! I'd there's any way I can lend my name, and maybe a few dollars, let me know!

Unknown said...

Glad all standing together!

Anonymous said...

If the people can hold the line it will set a precedent

wntrgrrl said...

Making History! Making Powerful Memories for the young people of all tribes and nations! We, who cannot come out to Standing Rock in our bodies, send Prayers and Energy and Healing to everyone on the Land. We pass the Word along. WE are the media!

Unknown said...

Thank you for ALL That you are doing and thank you for setting a great example of what standing UNITED means and looks like. The world could learn a lot from this, I hope they are paying attention. Sending you loads of Prayers and Positive Energy! Can't say Thank you enough!