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August 31, 2011

CENSORED: Media abysmal in August 2011

Arrested today at the White House tar sands protest, 111 people, adding to 595 already arrested. Photo Josh Lopez.
Censored news articles on Indigenous Peoples and human rights, August 2011
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
There's been an explosion of news during August, but if you're relying on the mainstream media, or a few online news sources, you're probably unaware of it.
At the White House, Indigenous Peoples are being arrested to halt the tar sands and its proposed pipeline, which would cut through Indian country and the enormous Ogalalla aquifer in the heartland. The Alberta tar sands are already destroying First Nations homelands. The news censored by some online media includes the arrest of Cree actress Tantoo Cardinal.
On Friday, the day before the conclusion of two weeks of arrests, Indigenous Peoples join the sit in at the Indigenous Day of Action at the White House.
CENSORED NEWS: Daily portraits of arrests at the White House:
Protests were held at US Forest Service offices in Albuquerque, Vallejo, Calif., and Golden, Colo., to halt the destruction of sacred San Francisco Peaks, by the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort, in northern Arizona. In Albuquerque, the frightened Forest Service shut its doors, taped off the corridor with police tape and posted police on the roof. Later during the daylong protest, Louise Benally, Navajo from Big Mountain, Ariz., delivered a letter to the Forest Service inside.
CENSORED NEWS: Albuquerque Forest Service Shuts Down, Frightened by Peaceful Peaks Protest
Whistleblowers, the hacked Arizona police files, and Wikileaks have exposed the ATF's Project Gunrunner and "Fast and Furious," which provided Mexico's drug cartels with thousands of assault weapons to carry out mass murder and the executions of two US federal agents.
The top ATF official and the US Attorney in Arizona announced they were leaving their posts yesterday, Tuesday.
NARCOSPHERE: Project Gunrunner explodes: Lies from Arizona
Wikileaks also exposes the cables of the US Embassy at the Vatican, exposing the rape of nuns by priests; the downplaying of the sexual abuse of minors by the Pope; the Vatican's support for the war in Iraq; and the labeling of Venezuela President Hugo Chavez as a "dangerous" leftist. The US diplomatic cables are accentuated by the fact that the Vatican did not want its agenda known.
NARCONEWS: Wikileaks: Pope and the heart of darkness:
With the release of thousands of new Wikileaks cables, there's a new series on Native Americans, with a focus on the media, at Censored News. While the US was censoring the voices of Native Americans opposed to the war in Iraq, and censoring global criticisms of the United States human rights record, the facts were being documented and published around the world.
CENSORED NEWS: China scolded US for treatment of Native Americans
CENSORED NEWS: New Wikileaks: Exiles of Native Americans and Palestinians
CENSORED NEWS: Wikileaks: Torture in Iraq invokes atrocities against Native Americans
Listen to First Nations and Native American Interviews, on Tar Sands White House, on Native America Calling
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Wikileaks cable reveals US summary execution of family of Iraq:

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