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August 14, 2011

VIDEO Taos NM: Celebrating our Young

Celebrating our Young: The path to drugs and alcohol for Indian youths in Taos, N.M., and the way back. "Tell our youths we are in love with them," is the message after three youths in Taos commit suicide. The first annual "Celebration of our Young," in Taos and all over the world is being planned. "This is big medicine and long overdue medicine."
Celebration of our Young
Taos, NM, Labor Day Weekend 2011
DAY 1: Friday, September 2, 2011
-Opening Prayer at Dawn
-Fasting for the Young Begins (Either Full Fast or Restricted Diet)
-Hearing the Young
Open invitation for young people to express their ideas and
concerns. Dialogue with elder generations. Things expressed
will be taken into account for prayer sessions for the rest
of the celebration
-Loving Hands Concert and Mural Project
Benefit concert at theSpot (900 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte)
Donations go to Essay Contest Winners answering the
following question: "What advice would you give older generations to make Taos a better place for it's young people?"
Submit essay with age and contact info to:
-Sweat for the Young
Sweat Lodge Ceremony offered near Steakout

[DAY 2] Saturday, September 3:
-Running for the Young
Running as prayer for the young
(from Taos Pueblo to Town)
-Wiping of the Tears Ceremony
(For families who have suffered the loss of their young)
-Dancing Out Grief, Dancing In Joy
-Sweat for the Young (7PM)
Sweat Lodge Ceremony offered off Middle Road

[DAY 3] Sunday, September 4:
-University for the Young
We are learning and teaching each other across generations
So far we have a deer-hide tanning class, spoken word
workshops, mural painting workshop, a soccer clinic, DJ
lessons, yoga classes all day, silversmithing, flint
fire-making, theatre, manifestation lessons, peer counseling,
reiki lessons and modern dance classes What will you learn,
what will you teach?
-Kirtan Chant for the Young
-Pipe Ceremony for the Young
-Sweat for the Young
Sweat Lodge Ceremony offered off Cruz Alta

[DAY 4] Monday September 5:
-CELEBRATION of the Young
Final Bash at Kit Carson Park with exhibition of young artistic
talent, facepainting, graffiti contest, spoken word, and more.
-Breaking of the Fast
Local and Organic Foods provided at Kit Carson Park
-Sweat for the Young
Sweat Lodge Ceremony in Los Cordovas for the Young
In light of past and recent suicides and a blatant issue of misunderstanding of our youth in Taos, we are instigating the greatest party our young people will ever know to show them how much we love them/us. All events will be drug and alcohol free, we will be high on love.
On Facebook at:
We need your input! If you see a way that you can contribute to the schedule of event below, or if there is another event you'd like to add to the schedule please contact

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