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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zapatistas: Letter from Marcos August 2011

By Subcomandante Marcos
Photo by Brenda Norrell
Censored News
August 2011

I. The Local Mirror.
The year 2011, Chiapas, Mexico, the World. And in this calendar and this geography, we continue attentive around here to what happens, what is said and, above all, to what is silenced. We continue in resistance in our lands. The attacks against us continue from across the political spectrum. We are an example that it is possible for all the political parties to have a common goal. Sponsored by federal, state and municipal governments, all political parties attack us. Prior to each attack or after it, there is a meeting between government officials and "social" or party leaders. Little is said, just enough to agree on a price and the method of payment. Those who criticize our Zapatista position that "all politicians are alike" should take a trip around Chiapas. Although it is certain that they will say this is something strictly local, that this does not happen at the national level. But the political class in Chiapas repeats, with local variations, the same ridiculous routines of pre-election times.
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