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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Update: Who Shot Scott Olsen in Oakland?

The video below shows this officer moving down the police line where Marine Scott Olsen was shot. The unidentified officer is holding a riot shotgun that could shoot rubber bullets or bean bags. In the video below, Veterans for Peace Navy seaman Joshua Shepherd stands before police with Veterans for Peace flag and Constitution. Video shows numerous officers on the far end firing projectiles from riot shotguns in area where Olsen was just shot with a projectile.
The majority of the officers in that area were from San Francisco Sheriff ESU.

UPDATE FEB 24, 2012:
Police video reveals Oakland police officer R. Roche firing shot at Scott Olsen:

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

OAKLAND -- As Sheriff's Departments continue to deny their involvement in the wounding of Scott Olsen in Oakland, more photos and videos show the San Francisco Sheriff's ESU officers, San Francisco Sheriff SWAT and Santa Clara Sheriff's officers in the area where Olsen suffered a skull fracture.
In the above video, officers can be seen firing riot shotguns, near Navy seaman Joshua Shepherd, who is holding the Veterans for Peace flag and Constitution. In this video, Olsen has already been carried away.
In the photo below, both Santa Clara Sheriff officers and San Francisco Sheriff officers are shown in the police line near where Olsen was hit. The majority of the officers standing in front of Scott Olsen at the time he was hit were from the San Francisco Sheriff ESU, Emergency Services Unit.
So far, the San Francisco Sheriff's Dept. has denied using non-lethal force when Olsen was shot. Alameda Sheriff's Dept has said their officers brought lots of tear gas that night.
The Oakland Tribune asks all police departments present whether they used non-lethal force. All responding denied it. Solano County and Santa Clara County have not yet responded.

Moments before Olsen was shot with a projectile, officers in green uniforms appeared, as shown below.

Officer in center, above, has pepperball gun. Officers on left are from Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept
and are standing near where Olsen was hit.
San Francisco Sheriff's SWAT on left, with San Francisco Sheriff's ESU officer Scott Bergstresser on right, shortly before Olsen was shot with projectile in this area. Either Bergstresser, or an officer standing near him, has been
identified, by way of videos, throwing a flash grenade at Olsen after he was hit and being rescued.

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