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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weengushk Film Institute: Click to support Native filmmakers!

Weengushk Film Institute seeks votes, funding to keep inspiring Native filmmakers

Here's the link for the Aviva Fund! Your click of support will help secure a chance at funding for the future:
Voting for Round 2 ends on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 12PM ET.
Voting for the Semi-Finals begins on Monday, December 5 at 12PM ET
Weengushk Film Institute is a non-profit organization that has been created to not just make films, but to make filmmakers. This charitable organization is an artist-focused film and television training center, dedicated to unlocking the creative potential of peoples of diversity and at-risk-youth.

Shirley Cheechoo was inspired to create Weengushk Film Institute in response to the absence of training opportunities for Aboriginals and people of diversity in Northern Ontario. When shooting her first feature film “Bearwalker” on Manitoulin Island, local youth were invited to be a part of various departments in the production. The response was staggering: every department had an interested youth on hand. After the completion of the feature film many of these people have went on to create commercially viable media projects and launch a career of their own in the industry. It was then that Shirley became aware of the great opportunity that a film institute could provide for our youth in order to clear the path to learning, expression and self-esteem.

Weengushk Film Institute incorporates all subjects into the language of film. Whether you are into math, science, english…etc, all of our programs embody the fundamentals of these subjects and their applicable significance into the industry.

Within our program and through our unique instructors we not only teach our participants to make films but to help them develop sustainability through their art-form.

While we steer our at-risk-youth in the right direction and make positive life choices about themselves and their professional career, we also provide them with the necessary tools to take their artistic potential to the next level, allowing them to enter the world with a creative and viable calling card.

The web-series, “Towne House” is unique because we are searching out all of our crew through action and unemployment programs, targeting at-risk-youth and providing them with the chance to be a part of something amazing and commercially successful.

Your votes will help us take our project to the next level and provide an experience for our youth they’ll never forget!

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