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Monday, March 3, 2014

Code Pink Medea's Tweets from Cairo Airport Jail

Medea: "Help. They broke my arm. Egypt police."

March 3,  2014: 12:30 am Pacific time: Code Pink's Medea Benjamin, jailed in Cairo airport to prevent her from going to Gaza, just tweeted: "Help. They broke my arm. Egypt police." She was to be in Gaza for International Women's Day. She was deported to Turkey. Scroll down for today's Democracy Now!

Free, Free Medea Benjamin!

Posted by Alli -
Tue, Mar 4, 2014
Hey folks, you may have heard that Medea was detained and beaten badly by the Egyptian authorities while trying to enter Egypt to go to Gaza with a larger international delegation of women. She was violently deported to Turkey, where she’s now in the hospital until her flight back to the US on Wednesday. It’s heartbreaking to think of the wonderful peacemaker we all love being harmed in any way! It’s also scary to think about all the Egyptian activists (and journalists!!) who continue to languish in Egypt’s prisons indefinitely for speaking out against the new government. Medea being barred from going to Gaza also reminds us that the Palestinians remained trapped in Gaza as long as the Egyptian Rafah border remains closed or tightly controlled.
Show Medea some love! Take a picture of yourself with a Get Well Soon message, and email it to and/or tweet it at @codepink! Use the hashtag #FreeGaza on your message too! We’ll put all the pics we get in an album and share it with Medea when she gets home safely.
You can read more about the delegation at Although Medea didn’t make it, two of our CODEPINK DC interns are still flying over for the trip, so stay tuned for reportbacks from them!
Thanks for showing support for Medea during this difficult moment,

Medea said she was dragged by police. "They stomped on me."

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Mohawk Nation News 'Brando Rejected Oscar'



MNN. Mar. 2, 2014. In the 1960s one of the top actors in Hollywood was involved with the burgeoning American Indian Movement AIM. He was constantly seeking knowledge about our true history and rights. He invited Mohawk activist at the time, Kahentinetha Horn, to visit him at his home in Beverly Hills. A limousine  drove her to his lavish heavily guarded hilltop home. Nourishing food was served at the poolside. He was an honest man and she felt comfortable with him. He wanted to learn everything he could about how the colonizers treat the Indigenous people of Great Turtle Island. He learned about the role of the Kanionkehaka in helping to spread the Great Law of Peace to everybody in the world. 
"I got an offer I couldn't refuse" to stand up for the Indians!
“I got an offer I couldn’t refuse” to stand up for the Indians!
Later both were asked frequently by the press about their discrete relationship. He was in his forties and she was in her twenties. Neither kissed nor told.
The Indian Fish Wars were going on at the time in Puget Sound. The US government was violating the 1855 fishing rights treaty. The Indigenous People were removed from their lands but kept these rights and constantly resisted. Marlon Brando, Buffy Sainte Marie and Dick Gregory joined the resistance. In March 1964 Brando was arrested with members of the Puyallup Nation for taking two steelhead trout. That was his awakening.
Because a man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man."
In effect, Don Corleone said, “They stand up for their family because they’re real men.”
In 1973 Brando received an Oscar for his role in the Godfather”. He refused it and sent an Indigenous women to deliver a message for him. Later he told talk show host, Dick Cavett, why he did it.
“The motion picture community has been as responsible as any for degrading the Indian and making a mockery of his character, describing him as savage, hostile and evil. It’s hard enough for children to grow up in this world. When Indian children … see their race depicted as they are in films, their minds become injured in ways we can never know.”
Once again the millionaires-patting-each-other-on-the-back show [the Oscars] is on. We wonder who the next Marlon Brando will be for the American Indian!
As Jim Morrison laments: Ride the snake, ride the snake/To the lake, the ancient lake, baby/The snake is long, seven miles/Ride the snake/…he’s old, and his skin is cold.. Jim Morrison. “The End”.
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Apartheid Israeli company receives US border mega contract

US spy tower on Tohono O'odham
land near Sells, Arizona. One of the
wasted $1 billion in spy towers
that the US said didn't work.

Israeli spies will now be on Tohono O'odham land as a result of US border contract

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News exclusive
French translation Christine Prat
March 1, 2014

TUCSON -- In a shocking development, Homeland Security has given the $145 million border security contract to the Israeli Apartheid contractor Elbit Systems. The Israeli security contract is set to begin on the Arizona border and span eight years. The area includes the Tohono O'odham Nation.

Currently, over the objections of grassroots Tohono O'odham, the US is constructing more new US spy towers around the homes of O'odham on the western side of the Tohono O'odham Nation, according to O'odham who live there.

The Homeland Security contract to Israelis comes just after another Israeli contractor, BrightSource Energy, built the mega solar project in the Mojave desert. Obama touted the solar project as an American dream and proof of a recovering economy -- without revealing that it was constructed by an Israeli company.

Meanwhile in Palestine, Elbit Systems, an Israeli defense contractor, is responsible for the Apartheid security surrounding Palestine.

US spy cameras pointed at traditional O'odham home
on Tohono O'odham Nation
Censored News photo
On the Tohono O'odham Nation, these spy towers, and spy cameras on agents vehicles, are pointed at O'odham homes on Tohono O'odham land, (as shown in photos here.) In Arizona communities like Arivaca, the previous spy towers were also pointed at homes, not at the US border.

The elected Tohono O'odham government -- in its deals with the US government -- has granted access to the US for these spy towers, according to council resolutions.

The Tohono O'odham has also granted expanded land for US Border Patrol camps, even though it is widely known that the US Border Patrol agents are running drugs and escorting the cartel loads across the border. The Tohono O'odham government, as revealed in council resolutions, is also accepting funding from the US for controversial programs like Operation Stone Garden targeting migrants, which is protested by human rights groups.

As for the US spy towers on the border, the US already spent $1 billion on spy towers in Arizona that Homeland Security said did not work. Most ten-year-olds with a computer could have told them their wi-fi would not penetrate the fortress like mountains of the Arizona border. 

Speaking on Palestine, Russell Means, Lakota, said, “Every policy the Palestinians are now enduring was practiced on the American Indian,” Means said. “What the American Indian Movement says is that the American Indians are the Palestinians of the United States, and the Palestinians are the American Indians of the Middle East,” Means said. Further, he points out that the Zionists who control Israel now control the United States. “The power of the US in world politics diminishes every day.”

Meanwhile, why does the US need to give Israelis $145 million to build more spy towers and have access to sovereign Tohono O'odham land?

During the construction of the $1 billion boondoggle of spy towers that did not work on the US Mexico border, Boeing subcontracted Elbit Systems. In the beginning, the secrecy was exposed when Arizona residents began asking why there were Israelis riding around on off terrain vehicles along the Arizona border.

The increased US Mexico border security is even more bizarre when one considers the number of US Border Patrol agents being arrested and convicted for drug smuggling. At the Arizona border, Border Patrol agents escort the cartels through with their loads. The Border Patrol agents also serve as "spotters" for the cartels to bring the drug loads through. Hundreds of Border Patrol agents, and ICE agents, have been arrested and convicted, according to testimony before Congress.

Further, the US satellite photos are as clear as if someone was standing there with a camera. In other words, the US knows exactly who is running drugs and the location of everyone involved.

Spy tower diagram given to
Tohono O'odham disricts
Bloomberg reports that Elbit Systems Ltd. (ESLT) won the $145 million contract for border-surveillance technology. It cites the Department of Homeland Security's federal website. The program may eventually reach $1 billion if legislation to rewrite U.S. immigration laws passes Congress and helps fund the project’s expansion in the Southwest, said Brian Friel, a Bloomberg Industries analyst.
The Obama administration gave the contract to the Israeli company, allowing it to beat out some of the top U.S. government contractors, including Lockheed Martin (LMT) Corp., General Dynamics Corp. (GD) and Raytheon Co. (RTN), Friel said. The department stopped funding for the original border-surveillance system, led byBoeing Co. (BA), after delays and technical issues, Bloomberg said.

In an article in the Jerusalem Post, Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain praised the contract, as the contract was celebrated in Israel.
Elbit Systems spy camera

The Jerusalem Post reported, "The project, called Integrated Fixed Tower Project (IFT), plans to see security posts equipped with radars and cameras that can detect human movement spring up along the American state’s southern frontier." The work is to be carried out by Elbit’s US subsidiary, Elbit Systems of America, which is based at Fort Worth, Texas.

In May, the US-based Defense News website reported that on the surveillance towers, stating that the networked, integrated fixed towers will be equipped with "radar and cameras that will be able to detect a single, walking, average- sized adult at a range of 5 miles [8 km.] to 7.5 miles [12 km.] during day or night, while sending close to real-time video footage back to agents manning a command post."

Meanwhile, in December, Homeland Security awarded the Israeli defense contractor Elbit Systems with another contract. This contract was for smartphones for first responders.

Copyright Brenda Norrell, Censored News
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On March 2, 2014, in Arizona: l'Autre Mur, by Chris P
Des espions Israéliens seront maintenant présents en territoire Tohono O’odham, suite au contrat avec les Etats-Unis

Now! NO! XL Students shut down State Building in San Francisco

Students shut down the US State Dept in San Francisco today, in protest of the Kesytone XL tarsands pipeline. Arrestst underway. March 3, 2014 Twitter photos Ethan Buckner.
Students arrested, rally continues outside.

Rebeldia Zapatista: The Word of the EZLN

Editorial. Rebeldía Zapatista (Zapatista Rebellion), the Word of the EZLN

By Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés
Reposted from Enlace Zapatista at Censored News

We rebellious Zapatistas, along with our mother earth, are threatened with destruction in our Mexican homeland. Both above and below the earth’s surface, the bad governments and bad rich people, all neoliberal capitalists, want to commodify everything they see.
They want to own everything.

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