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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fundraising: Here at the Agua Caliente Native American Film Festival

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
The Greyound bus stop is five miles from Palm Springs.
Without warning was dropped off in the desert
in a dust storm, which is in the foreground in the photo.

I've made an extreme effort to get to the Palm Springs, to the Agua Caliente Native American Film Festival, where Tantoo Cardinal is being honored. 
There was a train to bus, then walk to one town and sleep on a couch, then another bus. 
Without warning, the Greyhound bus dropped me off five miles from Palm Springs in a dust storm in the desert. 
So now I'm fundraising on Censored News to be able to stay over tonight and cover this film festival. No media would agree to purchase any articles to support the trip. 
Tantoo is doing vital work globally and has just returned from the Rights of Mother Earth Tribunal in Ecuador.
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John Kane, Mohawk: 'Economy? We don't need no stinking economy'

Economy? We Don't Need No Stinking Economy!

By John Karhiio Kane, Mohawk

John Kane
I haven't weighed in much on Canada's Bill C-10 issues but in the overall scheme of things it is no different than any of the others on the long list of anti-Native laws, regulations and policies that Canada and the U.S. have attempted to impose on our people and lands for centuries and, of course, this includes their provinces and states, as well. It all boils down to an attempt to control, marginalize and criminalize our people.
It is particularly ironic that participation in a trade industry that has been ours for thousands of years — actually introduced to their ancestors by our ancestors — has been under attack since the moment we began realizing any significant economic gain from it. But the attempt by the U.S. and Canada to deny this inherent right is not the only egregious act by two of the world's biggest hypocrite nations.
Kidnapper, hostage holder and pedophile John Rolfe (d. 1622) of Pocahontas fame took the first steps to bastardize our tobacco by commercializing the product for the European market.

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