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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Photos Families helping Families: Akwesasne to Rosebud and Pine Ridge



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Families helping Families, Akwesasne Mohawks traveled to Rosebud and Pine Ridge in South Dakota to deliver a semi-truck load of supplies to Lakotas. Shown here is a horse trailer used to deliver boxes.
Lakota elderly appreciated the carefully wrapped blankets. 
Thanks to Neddie Katsitsiaiohne and computer technician Scottie Ryan Hill for sharing the photos with Censored News! 
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Video: Decolonize Vancouver: No Mining on Native Land

Rally in Nebraska to Stop Keystone Pipeline

Tom Weis' Rocket Trike with Lakotas
Photo Lakota Media Project
Published with permission at Censored News


By Tom Weis
Censored News

LINCOLN, NE – (Nov. 12, 2011) Today, the Keystone XL “Tour of Resistance” landed at Nebraska’s capital. A diverse coalition of farmers, ranchers, indigenous leaders, environmental leaders, Occupy Lincoln activists and others biked and marched to the Capitol dome to demand state and federal action to oppose TransCanada’s Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. They formed a human wall on the Capitol steps as a symbolic “line in the sand” against Keystone XL.

The Lincoln
 march and rally come less than a week after 12,000 people surrounded
 the White House in opposition to Keystone XL, and just days after the
 Obama administration announced delaying a decision on the pipeline until after the
 2012 election. The organizers are calling on the State Legislature to pass a bill regulating pipeline routes, and for President 
Obama to reject Keystone XL without delay.
Describing Keystone XL as a “dagger into the heartland,” Tom Weis, President of Climate Crisis Solutions, said, “We don’t need more studies to know Keystone XL threatens America. Obama’s announcement to put off a decision on the pipeline until after next November is a deeply cynical political ploy. The President needs to make a decision before the election and develop a green energy plan for our nation that puts unemployed Americans back to work.”
Cindy Myers, a lifetime resident of the Sand Hills, questioned the new environmental review being called for by President Obama saying people living on the land understand their water resources better than anyone. “There’s been so much corruption at the local, state and federal level around Keystone XL, I don’t trust our government to do these studies right,” she said. “It’s like our government has been taken over by Big Oil.” Citing concern about the State Department’s delay announcement, Myers said, “It is of the utmost importance to Nebraska that we get this pipeline routing legislation in place now.”
Robert Bernt, an organic dairy farmer from Wheeler County, criticized TransCanada for their lies and manipulation of the facts. “They’re ruthless, they’re careless, they have no concern for their fellow man or the land,” he said. “They buy their way, force their way, and threaten eminent domain.” Referencing threats to the Ogallala Aquifer, which supplies drinking water to nearly two million Americans and one-third of America’s farmland irrigation water, he said, “The American people need to step up and protect one of our nation’s most precious natural resources, the Ogallala Aquifer.”
Lynda Buoy, farmer, rancher and President of the Nebraska Farmers Union, Sand Hills Region, called on President Obama to intervene. “I think it’s a disgrace that this could happen in the United States: a foreign company coming into this country and badgering people to the point that they sign easements because they’re afraid not to do it.”
“If Keystone XL goes through, we’re going to erect a monument with a big brass plaque on top of it so people in the future will know who contaminated our water,” said Todd Cone, Nebraska rancher and licensed pump installation contractor. “It will have people in the Obama administration on it and all the Nebraska State Senators and how they voted.”
As reported by CNNMoney on November 10, TransCanada's president and chief executive officer, Russ Girling, said, “We remain confident Keystone XL will ultimately be approved.” According to CNNMoney, the company confirmed it has already bought $1.7 billion worth of steel pipe.

Weis is leading a “rocket trike” tour along the 1,700-mile proposed pipeline route to focus the nation on threats posed to America’s breadbasket by Keystone XL. He has pedaled over 1,000 miles since leaving the U.S./Canada border a month ago. Weis was one of 1,253 people arrested in front of
 the White House earlier this summer protesting the tar sands pipeline, spending two nights in DC’s Central Cell Block.
For more info: and http://www.
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Op Cartel Update by Barrett Brown

Op Cartel
By Barrett Brown
Update 11/12/2011

1. I've arrived in Brooklyn thanks to individuals associated with Occupy DC, who paid for a last-minute flight I would otherwise not have been able to afford at this time. I am situated in a neighborhood whose residents are old friends and who tend to be well-armed, and at any rate I plan to be staying with assorted friends and colleagues in various other parts of NYC during my stay.

2. All of those media outlets and journalists who wanted the information I obtained on Asheville, NC District Attorney Ron Moore and whom I've deemed capable of pursuing the story have now received the entirety of that info. One local journalist, before having seen any of it, asked me whether a certain individual was among those named therein as having illicit connections to Moore. I confirmed that this was indeed the case; the reporter explained that this particular person, who is close to the city's criminal justice system, also has a criminal history. Note that this info, which was provided to me by an Asheville resident whose connection to the situation is significant and verifiable, also cites two other men as being involved with Moore; both are career criminals with ties to the Houstones gang. The info and many of the details involved will continue to remain non-public for the time being so that I and the half-dozen reporters looking into it may do so without tipping off the other subjects; meanwhile, the info in its raw form would expose the identity of the informant and a family member. However, the bulk of the account will be released when viable, perhaps by the end of the month.

3. Some Mexican Anons and other individuals working out of #Iberoamerica continue to scour some 25,000 e-mails for specific incidents of corruption within the Mexican government and other of the country's major institutions. Their new effort, #OpCorrupcion, has the potential to be wildly successful if it receives the attention and support that it deserves. Note that I am not involved in this operation and cannot provide any particular details on it, as I've told several journalists already.

4. I am continuing work on the creation of a private team of individuals who will be charged with pursuing an ongoing campaign against Mexican cartels. So far, participants include journalists, academics who study cartels and related topics, and hackers, although other skill sets may also be needed. Those who wish to apply should send a brief description of their skills and relevant backgrounds to Once this team is assembled, I will serve only in an advisory role as requested (if even that), as I hope to return to work on Project PM and our ongoing investigation into the intelligence contracting industry in the near future.

Note on Adrian Chen

On the whole, reporters have done a reasonably good job in covering a story that is fast-moving and often confusing. This is important for operations such as these, which are pursued largely within the realm of information and which thus depend on accurate and fair reportage to be successful; likewise, journalists who take the time to research the background and/or quote participants at length also help to ensure that those of us who are engaged in this work are not required to spend much time correcting false or misleading assertions. One ongoing incident, however, has damaged the viability of both OpCartel and OpCorrupcion, misinformed some unknown number of people, and unfairly hurt the credibility of myself and the Mexican Anons who are risking their very lives to assist the Mexican people as a whole. Adrian Chen of the online publication Gawker wrote an article several days ago entitled "It Pays to be the Face of Anonymous." (

a) Chen claims that the book on Anonymous that Gregg Housh and I are writing was "just sold" when it was in fact sold in September, as is public record, and incorrectly claims that reports of our meetings with publishers in NYC appeared "last month" when they actually appeared in the New York Observer just a few days before the sale of the book - again, in September, which Chen should know since he himself reported on it at the time. Setting aside the factual error regarding which months come when, referring to one event in late September as having occurred "last month" and another one that occurred a few days later as having "just" happened is either inexplicable or easily explained by Chen's intent to portray the book as being my motive for participation in OpCartel.

b) Chen seems to imply that I lied about the advance Housh and I received for the book by asserting that "Everything Brown says should be taken with a grain of salt." Chen promises to explain why later in the piece.

c) Chen refers to "Anonymous' bullshit anti-drug operation" before writing, "All week Brown has been spouting off to CNN, the Guardian and more about Operation Cartel, which was supposedly launched as payback for the Zetas kidnapping an Anonymous member. Even as proof that there had ever been a kidnapping continued to not exist, Brown upped the stakes, claiming that Anonymous had 25,000 stolen government emails they were going to use to expose at least 75 collaborators." I will note that I referred Chen to Bloomberg regarding evidence of the e-mails, as may be heard in the recording of that phone interview linked below. Rather than contact Bloomberg, Chen proceeded to write his article without even mentioning that I tried to provide him with evidence. Since then, Bloomberg reporter Michael Riley confirmed to The Atlantic - an actual news publication - that he'd received samples of the e-mails, which indeed involve corruption and payoffs, just as was claimed. But even when writing a follow-up piece about me yesterday (, Chen refrained from mentioning any of this. When I noted Chen's failure to admit error on Twitter, he replied, "I'll believe it when I see them." Presumably, Chen is now resorting to the implication that a veteran Bloomberg reporter has either been duped or is publicly lying.

d) At the top of the article are three screenshots taken from a video I made months ago and which appear to have been selected to make me look crazy and/or stupid, something easily accomplished by taking single shots from a video of most any person talking. The follow-up article uses another, even more ridiculous screenshot from the same video. Such things are not done by accident; they are done to make a person look bad without resorting to facts.

As it is, I am having to contend with several projects even in addition to the attempts that have been made to provide my location to the Zeta cartel and other parties. I have no choice but to ignore the majority of negative things that are said about me. But in this case, Chen and his editor have concocted a storyline that has since been picked up by The Daily Mail and other outlets of similar quality-to-reach ratios, thereby doing some unknown degree of damage to an effort for which I and others have risked our lives. And they have done so not just with irresponsible inattention to those facts, such as the confirmation of the e-mails, that would prove their stated position false; they have gone so far as to actively and shamelessly disregard that particular fact even as it confirmed by a respected journalist for a respected publication. This tells me that I am up against yet another party for whom truth and fair play are secondary to mediocre, "biting" rhetoric and the victory that presumably comes from poorly-composed libel.

This is the audio conversation I had with Adrian Chen before the first article in question. Although I record most of the interviews I do with journalists - and have had occasion to speak to plenty of them over the last year in particular - this is the first time that I can recall having felt the need to post the recording.

School of Americas Watch Stand for Justice: Nov. 18-20, 2011

Converge on Ft Benning, Nov 18-20School of Americas Watch November 18-20, 2011: Fort Benning, Ga.


Join thousands of solidarity activists, torture survivors, union workers, people of faith, students, immigrants, veterans and others from November 18-20, 2011 at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia to take a stand for justice, to close the School of the Americas (SOA/ WHINSEC)
and to resist U.S. militarization.
Resistance is Fun!This December will mark the 30th anniversary of the massacre of close to 800 indigenous villagers in the El Mozote region of El Salvador. Still, graduates of the SOA are leading the repression, killing hundreds and displacing thousands of Hondurans. Mexicans and immigrants passing through Mexico are the target of drug cartels and death squads like the "Zetas" - another product of SOA training. In the midst of the continuing war in Colombia, fueled by SOA violence, killings of trade union activists touched 51 in 2010.
In Guatemala, General Mario Fuentes Lopez was arrested for genocide against that country's indigenous people in the 1980s; General Fuentes Lopez was a graduate of the SOA. Pedro Pimentel Rios, a member of the notorious Kaibiles (Guatemalan Special Forces), who was became an instructor one month after his participation in the Dos Erres massacre in 1982, was arrested and extradited to Guatemala. A member of the Zetas and former Mexican Special Forces member, Jesus Enrique Rejón Aguilar, was arrested and confessed that he helped to recruit Mexican Special Forces members trained at Ft. Benning.
NOW IS THE TIME to push Congress and the White House to cut spending in the right places. The U.S. Army School of the Americas (renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation), the Pentagon's flagship training school for Latin American militaries on the grounds of Fort Benning, Georgia, continues to train the military muscle to protect the status quo for the elites. Over the past several years, the Pentagon has all but taken over U.S. foreign policy towards Latin America and the Caribbean. The U.S. military is building new military bases throughout Latin America, and "military solutions" are being propagated for everything from gang violence and the drug trade to "radical populism," the term used by the U.S. Southern Command to describe democratically elected left-leaning political leaders in the Americas. The U.S. Southern Command (SouthCom), which is responsible for all U.S. military activities in Latin America and the Caribbean has more people working on Latin America than the State Department, the Department of Commerce and the Treasury combined.

As Frederick Douglas pointed out, "Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will." The Pentagon and the U.S. Southern Command are going to fight hard to keep all the power that they have amassed. It is up to us to build counter-power from below to challenge U.S. militarization and to ensure that our resources are invested in human needs and environmental protection instead of the training of repressive foreign militaries, war and exploitation.
Enough is enough. WE MUST CLOSE THE SOA AND END OPPRESSIVE U.S. FOREIGN POLICY. From across the hemisphere, activists will once again stand at the gates of Ft. Benning and demand a closure of the SOA/WHINSEC - under any name. We reject racist notions of "benevolent intervention" - military or otherwise - and celebrate the self-determination of the peoples of the Americas. Justice will be ours.
We are building new connections in struggle, and we invite you and your networks to accompany us again this year. Mass mobilizations of people who organize themselves to struggle collectively for a better world, are a key element for our success as a movement. The convergence at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia from November 18-20, 2011 and the march on SouthCom in October in the lead-up to the November Vigil represent the culmination of movement building that is taking place in local communities throughout the country.
This year, with anti-immigration laws like HB87 in Georgia increasing state terror in immigrant communities, the SOA Watch Vigil at Ft. Benning will make the connections between the struggle against racist immigration laws and oppressive US foreign policy in Latin America. Together, we are stronger and will create a new world.

Alameda Sheriff's officers beat women, deny ACLU records

Alameda Sheriff's officers beat women at Berkeley in stomachs with nightsticks and were present when two veterans were critically injured in Oakland. Alameda Sheriff's Department is denying records requests to the ACLU.By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

BERKELEY, Calif. -- Alameda Sheriff’s officers, which coordinated police the night Marine Scott Olsen was shot in the head, were caught on video on Wednesday beating students at the University of California at Berkeley, including young women, in the stomachs with their nightsticks.
Officers from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department who beat Berkeley students have already been identified by way of photos and videos. The students were engaged in a peaceful protest and stood before officers with arms linked when officers began beating them in the stomachs with their nightsticks, as shows in videos of Occupy Cal, part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. (See video link below.)
The Alameda Sheriff’s Department officers were also present the night Scott Olsen, Marine and member of Iraq Veterans against the War, was shot in the head by a police projectile at Occupy Oakland. Videos reveal unidentified police officers firing riot shotguns at head level into the crowd in the area where Olsen was standing. A second projectile, a flash grenade, was thrown at Olsen after he was hit and was being carried away by bystanders.
Alameda Sheriff’s officers were also present on Nov. 2, when a second war veteran was critically injured. A police officer from Union City said on his blog that Alameda Sheriff’s officers and Oakland police did the “dirty work” that night.
The night Scott Olsen was shot
On the night Scott Olsen was shot, the Alameda Sheriff’s Department brought in officers from San Francisco and Santa Clara counties. However, Alameda was the department supplying the tear gas.
“We brought plenty of CS (tear gas) canisters,” Alameda County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson J. D. Nelson told Fog City Journal. “But they didn’t have a flash bang.”
Now, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, headquartered in Oakland, is refusing to turn over records of what happened that night.
The ACLU said Oakland refused to turn over documents concerning the use of excessive force on the night Olsen was shot. Oakland was prohibited from the use of projectiles on crowds, following an earlier court case of excessive force.
ACLU’s Linda Lye in Northern California wrote, “Police officers actually do not have ‘unfettered’ discretion in using force against political protesters. It's constrained by, among other things, the constitutional prohibition against excessive force and OPD's own Crowd Control Policy , which as we've previously noted , was repeatedly breached that night,” Lye wrote in the ACLU Blog.
Police officer blogs about the night second veteran was beaten
Union City Police Officer Freddy Camacho blogged about who was responsible on the night a second war veteran was critically injured on Nov. 2 in Oakland.
Officer Camacho, blogging at the One World Self Defense and Fitness website in Union City, describes being on duty at Occupy Oakland on the night of November 2.
“I give kudos to Oakland PD and the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. Their officers and deputies had to do all the dirty work. All of us neighboring agencies were just moved around like pawns and formed protective lines to watch their back and flanks while they took care of business," Camacho wrote.
That was the night that a second war veteran, Kayvan Sabehgi, 32, was critically injured by police. Sabehgi is a local business owner who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.S. Army Ranger was brutally beaten by police officers, denied medical treatment in jail and suffered a ruptured spleen and internal bleeding.
The ACLU sent a letter to the Alameda Sheriff Department on Nov. 3, requesting the names of all officers present, their training, weapons used and all notes and correspondences. It also asked for a report of injuries.
In his blog, Officer Camacho points out that the Oakland Police Department and Alameda County Sheriff officers did “all the dirty work” and "took care of business" at Occupy Oakland the night of Nov. 2, the day of the Oakland Strike.
Officer Camacho said in his blog post at the fitness website, “I apologize for not getting WORKOUT 11/3/2011 up yesterday. I had no plans of spending the entire night in Oakland standing around in riot gear getting lectured, heckled, and entertained by the people of Occupy Oakland,” he wrote.
“I give kudos to Oakland PD and the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. Their officers and deputies had to do all the dirty work. All of us neighboring agencies were just moved around like pawns and formed protective lines to watch their back and flanks while they took care of business.”
Officer Camacho, in his blog entry, doesn’t identify which police department he works for. A Crossfit news article in 2010, states that he runs CrossFit One World and works as traffic officer and SWAT operator for the Union City Police Department.
Officer Camacho’s blog post about Occupy Oakland is dated Nov. 3, 2011. Union City is located between Oakland and San Jose.
Police Officer Freddy Camacho’s blog entry:
Alameda Sheriff Dept. refuses to turn over records the night Olsen was shot:
ACLU letter to Alameda Sheriff Department on Nov. 3, 2011, concerning records when second veteran, Sabehgi, was brutally beaten by police:
Fog City Journal: Alameda Sheriff concerning tear gas when Olsen was injured:
Photos and videos of Alameda Sheriff Department officers beating Berkeley students, including young women, in the stomachs:
Photos of officers standing in front of Scott Olsen when he was shot in the head and flash grenade was thrown at him:
Photos and videos of officers shooting riot shotguns into the crowd, at head level, where Olsen was standing, minutes after Olsen was shot:
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Daily blog of police misconduct in US:
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