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March 30, 2014

Albuquerque protests police killing homeless man Sunday, March 30, 2014

Albuquerque police fire tear gas, mace, late Sunday night as protesters demand an end to police brutality and killings 

Anonymous post on Twitter

Albuquerque Police Chief Gordon Eden's resume, posted on Twitter, shows how he developed a system for recruiting armed forces personnel into law enforcement. The photos from Sunday show the results of what he has done.

11 pm Albuquerque police continue firing tear gas and macing peaceful protesters

One woman told Censored News, "They threw tear gas just a few feet from where we were standing. There were kids around! Then they started macing folks who were just standing around. Incredible show of force, with all the rifles, batons, horses, truck full of guys in camo, snipers, etc,. etc. The only threat of violence was the police."

Photo Roberto E Rosales on Twitter

Twitter photo by Roberto E Rosales



Protesters lay down outside main Albuquerque police station tonight
KOB's Caleb James was tear gassed and kept reporting Sunday night.

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Another Livestream:
11 pm: More tear gas released on protesters in downtown near 4th and Marquette.
10: 45 pm: Police tear gassing peaceful protesters downtown near 4th and Roma.

Twitter reports arrests are underway. Tear gas launched at protesters at Central and Yale. "We can hardly see. Incredible." 9:45 pm Sunday

Twitter: BREAKING: reporter just maced by police

Livestream during tear gas:
7 pm livesream human roadbock on Interstate


6 pm screen capture standoff with police
Live screen capture Censored News 5:45 pm
Live screen capture Censored News 5:45 pm

KOAT Channel 7

Twitter photo
On Twitter, Anonymous reminds to video tape police abuse
Twitter photo
Twitter photos

KOAT Channel 7 photo
Police helmet cam of Albuquerque police murdering camper in March:
Albuquerque protests police killing of homeless man
Anonymous announces on Twitter that the Albuquerque police website is under cyber attack

Ustream Live!

Albuquerque police have been involved in 37 shootings, 23 of them fatal since 2010

ACLU: UN holds US accountable for human rights violations at home and abroad:
""This month in Geneva, the U.S. faced a barrage of questions from renowned human rights experts regarding its compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), one of the few international human rights treaties the U.S. has ratified.  During the extensive review, the committee raised critical points about the United States’ responses to questions on issues such as counter-terrorism operations overseas, treatment of migrants, racial disparities in the criminal justice system, and felon disenfranchisement laws. The U.N. committee’s findings and recommendations (called “Concluding Observations”) address many of the issues raised by ACLU and other groups in reports and briefings that took place prior to the US review.

VIDEO Sicangu Spiritual Camp Day 1 Rosebud Sioux

Today is 'a turning point, a new beginning, and a new life.'

Published on Mar 29, 2014
Oceti Sakowin declared WAR on the Keystone XL Pipeline Project, aka Black Snake. The first Spiritual Camp opened Saturday, 29 March 2014, with Media Day. ABC and MSNBC were in attendance.

Also see: 

Spirit Camp Hosts Opening Ceremony on Rosebud Reservation

By Vi Waln
" ... A ceremony was led by several local spiritual leaders and medicine was placed within the ground along the actual proposed KXL route. “We’re going to sit here and protect this medicine,” stated Russell Eagle Bear. He is a spokesperson for Oyate Wahacanka Woecun (Shield the People) which is an organization sponsored by the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. “Three more camps are scheduled along this [KXL] corridor,” he said. “We are doing this with prayer.” Read article:

Supai Waters message to Lakota Spirit Camp

Supai Waters message to Lakota Spirit Camp at Rosebud, protecting the people from tarsands pipeline

By Supai Waters, Havasupai
Supai Water Long Walk 4 Alcatraz
Photo by Leslie Reed

When the two helpers who always travel with the flying warriors, who keep the purpose to change the world when humans fall from their nature-centered monotheism, they pay a visit to the prophecy keepers. This morning I am sending a purifying the holy night ceremony war way. 

Stand not with vengeance,  but bringing a world repetition by making peace with the creator. The most sacred place in this world is to forgive your creator and the earth your first mother the day when all tribes of earth fell from glory. 
During the white elks appearance it too was said wait until the changing of the moon then you must sing the nine pointed star activation song. That was put there before the flood and prophecy. The white wolf and white bear nation are still coming to play a part in the triumphant holy prayer star.
These stories and songs are from us the medicine way keepers of the blue green water people and the keepers of secrets and codices of the Havasupai Colorado AIM 27th chapter securities and veterans of the occupation. Sending solidarity and message to sing the star songs.

Video and article from Sicangu Spiritual Camp Day 1:

Sicangu (Rosebud) Shielding the People Spiritual Camp, from Keystone XL tarsands pipeline

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Mohawk Nation News 'Read Deal $'


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MNN. MAR. 30, 2014. London bank is falling down! President Obama and the bankers who own the Western banking system failed to start World War III in Ukraine. Soon the worthless USDollar will not be the world currency. More US citizens will join the 44 million who are already using food stamps [vouchers].  chinese weapon
Russia and China are setting up money exchanges throughout the world to transact business and trade using the Chinese Renminbi. Chinese are setting up an exchange in the city of London and many other cities around the world. Chinese Currency Exchanges.
Admiralty law is banking law. All courts in Canada are Admiralty courts. The law of the land that the Corporations of Canada and the US reside on is Kaianerehkowa.
Time to dance.
Time to dance.
Return of our ever growing $700 trillion Indian Trust Fund will be immediately dealt with by Chinese and Russian middle men. Banker Nathan Rothschild is holding $500 trillion of our Indian Trust Fund. We want that and the other $200 trillion from the other banking families. This will cause the dissolution of both corporations when the debtors call in the loans.
Every resource extraction deal made through the Canadian government corporate Indian arm are illegal and hereby nullified. Ring of Fire Deal.
“When you chose indifference on matters of human rights, you have chosen the side of the oppressor”. [Karl Jung]. Canadians who never stood with us are corporate criminals. They and their progeny will be held accountable and pay to the fullest extent for their crimes.  
Everything on Great Turtle Island belongs to us. The Corporations of Canada and the US are the terrorists. They will go bankrupt and be dissolved. These criminals will be convicted of genocide under our law. If they leave, they will be tried under international law.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvery community on Great Turtle Island that follows the white roots to their source will establish rule of law as set out in the Kaianerekowa, the law of the land. Otherwise they must vacate. The wars are over. As Bob Marley says, “No more war! No more war!”Bob Marley. “No more war! No more war!”
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Putin’s new money system.                                                                                             Video: “Countdown to the Looking Glass”. 1984. Indian Trust US    

March 29, 2014

Rosebud Lakotas Shielding the People Spiritual Camp Protecting from Tarsands Pipeline

                      March 28, 2014 Photo by Paula Antoine posted with permission at Censored News.

Shielding the People Spiritual Camp on Rosebud, in the Ideal, South Dakota community

Video and Vi Waln's article from Sicangu Spiritual Camp Day 1:

Sicangu (Rosebud) Shielding the People Spiritual Camp, from Keystone XL tarsands pipeline

Lakota Presidents arrive at Spirit Camp:
Read previous statement:

Lakota Presidents at Rosebud Spirit Camp Resisting Tarsands Pipeline

Photo by Anthony Bordeaux Jr.

Photos by Anthony Bordeaux Jr., posted with permission at Censored News, thank you!

Now at Rosebud Spirit Camp resisting tarsands pipeline: Rosebud Sioux Tribal President Cyril Scott and Oglala Sioux Tribal President Bryan Brewer and Council Representative Gabe Medicine Eagle on Saturday, March 29, 2014.

Video and article from Sicangu Spiritual Camp Day 1:

Sicangu (Rosebud) Shielding the People Spiritual Camp, from Keystone XL tarsands pipeline

March 28, 2014

Mohawk Nation News 'Truth and Reconciliation'


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MNN. Mar. 28, 2014. Hearings into sexual abuse and killings of our children in government death camps called residential schools are ending. The Ongwehonwe need the international community of sovereign nations to assist us in bringing to justice the ‘crown’ criminals exposed by the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” TRC. They and their progeny will never profit from the genocide of our people. The corporate crown will be held accountable for their crimes. 
We are rebuilding our "Otsira", our family, clans, nations, peoples.
We are rebuilding our “Otsira”, the fire of our family, clan, nation, people.
The crown is the international bankers coming from the 13 monarchial bloodlines headquartered in the Vatican. The crown sent their Jesuit murderers to commit the worse crime of genocide against our children. 
"Crown" watering hole at the Vatican.
“Crown” watering hole at the Vatican.
How can this be reconciled? By charging these criminals under the law of the land, Onowaregeh, for murder of our children and theft of our land and possessions. 
Everything these crown bloodline criminals stole from us will be returned. All land listed as “crown land” reverts to the real Ongwehonwe right now! All resource extractions stop right now! All corporate Indians shall stand down now or you will get the black beads! Natural law will balance out everything on Onowaregeh.  
Reconciliation will happen when we take our proper seat at the table of nations. They will not get away with genocide by saying they’re “sorry” or giving us a few dollars from our own ever growing $700 trillion Indian Trust Fund. We are part of every inch of this land.   
The TRC exposed the most heinous crime of the 20th century, the crown murdering our children and our culture. They tried to force their dollar culture on our spiritual culture. They failed. Under our law they and all of their progeny are guilty and will run the gauntlet. Those who leave will be tried under international law. 
is this harperThe crown will not get away with genocide. All agencies, division and corporate structures of the crown will answer to us. Canada failed to make TRC a “whitewash”.  
As Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young sing: “Don’t ever ask them why, if they told you, you would cry”. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. “Teach Your Children Well”.
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Spring Statement from Leonard Peltier 2014

By Leonard Peltier
Censored News

Spring Statement from Leonard Peltier:

Greetings my friends, relatives, supporters, and all those who support the cause of freedom, not only for Native Americans, but for all people.
I know it’s sometimes not easy being involved and staying involved, so for all of you that have done just that, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart to the top of my soul. We need more people all over the world who not only care about the freedom of others, but who care about our future generations and what kind of Earth we leave behind.
I know there are prophecies and predictions and beliefs that predict the end times of life as we know it, and I want to say to you that all of these things that have been said are said for our benefit so that we may choose a different path. All over the world there are people who seek to serve God or the Creator or the Great Spirit or whatever name you call that greater power that gives us life, and I want to say to you at this point in time, that our greatest enemy isn't some supernatural being with horns and a long tail or some other goolish spirit; our greatest enemy throughout the world is gluttony, people wanting and taking more than they need. That, is the cause of all the wars, the invasions and the dictatorships and the pollutions that face mankind.
It is the way of our Native people that we should not take more than we need. It is in the teachings of the Christians, it is in the teaching of the Muslims, and of the Buddhists. It is a basic, fundamental teaching of all the major approaches to spirituality throughout the world that we do not take more than we need. It is also a teaching of my people that when you take from the Earth you must give back something back in return. Mankind has built up a great debt to the Earth, and a great debt to Nature and whether we like it or not or recognize it or not, that debt will be repaid one way or another.
When people set off explosions underneath the Earth, this Earth we call our Mother, when they make poisons and radiation and other deadly things and put them within our mother, then they cause birth defects for all of nature, including man. This may not sound very scientific and quite simplistic, but it is a truth and that truth is being born out in obvious ways throughout all mankind. We see it in birth defects in animals and fish of the ocean, birds of the sky and the reptile. We see it in our waters and in our air. We must find a way to stop these corporations whose CEOs live in air-conditioned penthouses and chalets inside an artificial environment that only they can afford.
We must convince them, in whatever way we can, to respect our Earth and to respect us, and not allow them to destroy our Mother the Earth with fracking and oil-filled pipelines crossing the land, and steel platforms in the ocean that spill oil, or pesticides that kill the bees and destroy the food chain of the birds. Our Mother the Earth is a living creation, and we are all part of that life cycle, all dependent on one another. Every time I turn on the television in the day room or pick up an international magazine of some sort, I read about and see the evidence of this destruction.
I know sometimes we feel that there is nothing we can do; but there is, if each one of us does something then together we can and will make a change. It might be doing a demonstration and carrying a sign or it may be writing your Senator or Congressmen or it may be voting for a person who supports natural, renewable energy from the wind and the sun or other sources.
Whatever it is you choose to do, choose something, make a difference, make your life count for something. Right now in various part of the United States and Canada there are people of all ages and all races trying to stop these oil pipelines that will carry sludge, and this fracking that sets off explosions under the Earth which also causes earth tremors and quakes. This is an immediate danger; it is very real, and you can do something about it.
I want to remind you that if it wasn't for people like yourselves that have taken a stand for something, we wouldn’t have the national forests, the redwoods, there wouldn't be animals and various other forms of life, there would be no Yellowstone Park, and there would be a lot more species totally extinct than there are now.
So taking a stand DOES make a difference. How we pray to the Creator for help and how we thank the Creator for what we have is important, but what is truly more important, is that you demonstrate your faith and your belief. You demonstrate it by protecting and respecting this very nature and Earth that we have been given to live upon. Who you are is not defined by what you do when everything is in balance, who you are is defined by what you do when you are faced with imbalance when you are faced with a challenge that requires a sacrifice or some sort of intestinal fortitude, which we call courage. THAT defines you.
I am not in this prison for anything that I did wrong. I am in this prison because I was a part of a people that tried to right a wrong. I am in this prison as a statement by the corporation controlled government forces that want to say, “Give up your resources, give up your freedom, don’t stand against us” That, is their message in keeping me in here.
I want to tell you sincerely, this is not an easy place to be. It is a terrible place to be, but when I chose to answer the call along with other Native people, many of us took a vow to stand up even unto death if necessary. Some were shot and killed and their lives were taken immediately. My life has been taken one day at a time. But if I had it all to do over again I would still choose to stand up for my people and your people and our future generations to protect our freedoms and our Mother Earth, and in doing that I am honored that you remember me. I want to thank you for that remembrance and of all those before me, and the ones now that do the same and know that there will be others in the future.
I can’t tell you that these choices will always make you feel good, I can’t tell you that these choices won’t hurt or cause moments of depression or sorrow, but I can tell you that there is a closeness with the Creator that is unlike any good feeling you could ever know anywhere else, a closeness with the Creator that no one can take away, and makes it all worth it. I am saying these things at this time because I get a lot of letters and communications now, from groups around the country that are facing crisis within their organizations in trying to stop these pollutions and destructions. As I have in the past, I want to encourage you to do your best to do what is right and right what is wrong and protect what we have and regain what we have lost.
I want to thank you for your support and I want you to know that as long as I walk this earth and have some say, myself and this committee will do the best we possibly can to always do what is right.
In the Spirit of Crazy Horse
Most sincerely,
Leonard Peltier
Mitakuye Oyasin

French translation by Christine Prat, thank you!


On March 28, 2014, in Leonard Peltier, by Chris P
LPeltierCNDéclaration de printemps de Leonard Peltier
Publiée le 27 mars sur Facebook
par Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee
Also on Censored News
Traduction Christine Prat

Salutations, mes amis, parents, soutiens et tous ceux qui soutiennent la cause de la liberté, non seulement pour les Autochtones d’Amérique, mais pour tout le monde.
Je sais que quelquefois ce n’est pas facile de s’impliquer et de rester impliqué, alors je veux remercier du fond de mon cœur et de toute mon âme ceux d’entre vous qui l’ont fait. Nous avons besoin de plus de gens encore partout dans le monde, qui se préoccupent non seulement de la liberté des autres, mais aussi de nos futures générations et de la sorte de Terre que nous laissons derrière nous.
Je sais qu’il y a des prophéties, des prédictions et des croyances qui prédisent la fin des temps, de la vie telle que nous la connaissons, et je veux vous dire que toutes ces choses ont été dites pour notre bien, afin que nous puissions choisir une voie différente. Partout dans le monde il y a des gens qui cherchent à servir Dieu ou le Créateur ou le Grand Esprit ou tout autre nom par lequel vous nommez le pouvoir supérieur qui nous donne la vie, et je veux vous dire qu’à ce point des temps, notre plus grand ennemi n’est pas un être surnaturel avec des cornes et une longue queue ni un quelconque esprit malfaisant; notre plus grand ennemi partout dans le monde c’est la gloutonnerie, le fait que les gens veuillent et prennent plus que ce dont ils ont besoin. C’est la cause de toutes les guerres, des invasions, des dictatures et des pollutions auxquelles l’humanité est confrontée.
C’est la voie de nos Peuples Autochtones de ne pas prendre plus que ce dont nous avons besoin. C’est dans l’enseignement des Chrétiens, c’est dans l’enseignement des Musulmans, et dans celui des Bouddhistes. C’est un enseignement de base, fondamental, de toutes les grandes spiritualités dans le monde, que nous ne prenions pas plus que ce dont nous avons besoin. C’est aussi un enseignement de mon peuple, que lorsque vous prenez quelque chose à la Terre, vous devez donner quelque chose en retour. L’humanité a contracté une lourde dette envers la Terre, et une lourde dette envers la Nature, et que çà nous plaise ou non, que nous le reconnaissions ou pas, cette dette sera remboursée d’une manière ou d’une autre.
Quand des gens provoquent des explosions sous la Terre, cette Terre que nous appelons notre Mère, quand ils fabriquent des poisons et des radiations et autres choses mortelles et les mettent dans notre mère, ils causent des malformations congénitales à toute la nature, y compris l’être humain. Ceci peut ne pas paraître très scientifique et un peu simpliste, mais c’est une vérité et cette vérité est en train d’émerger de façon évidente dans toute l’humanité. Nous voyons ces malformations congénitales dans les animaux et les poissons de l’océan, les oiseaux dans le ciel et les reptiles. Nous la voyons dans nos eaux et dans notre air. Nous devons trouver un moyen de bloquer ces grandes entreprises dont les PDG vivent dans des villas et des chalets climatisés dans un environnement artificiel qu’ils sont les seuls à pouvoir se payer.
Nous devons les convaincre, de toutes les façons que nous pouvons, de respecter notre Terre et de nous respecter, et ne pas les autoriser à détruire notre Mère la Terre par la fracturation hydraulique et les oléoducs pleins de pétrole qui traversent les terres, et les plateformes dans l’océan d’où le pétrole fuit, ou les pesticides qui tuent les abeilles et détruisent la chaine alimentaire des oiseaux. Notre Mère la Terre est une création vivante, et nous faisons tous partie de ce cycle de vie, nous sommes tous dépendants les uns des autres. Chaque fois que j’allume la télévision dans la salle commune ou que j’ouvre un magazine international, je lis et vois l’évidence de cette destruction.
Je sais que parfois nous avons le sentiment que nous ne pouvons rien faire ; mais nous le pouvons, si chacun de nous fait quelque chose, ensemble nous pouvons accomplir un changement et nous le ferons. Ce peut être manifester avec une pancarte ou peut-être écrire au Sénateur ou aux membres du Congrès ou peut-être voter pour quelqu’un qui défend l’énergie naturelle et renouvelable, comme le vent, le soleil et autres.
Quoique vous choisissiez, choisissez quelque chose, faites une différence, faites que votre vie compte pour quelque chose. En ce moment même, dans différentes régions des Etats-Unis et du Canada, il y a des gens de tous âges et de toutes origines qui essaient de bloquer ces oléoducs qui transporteront de la boue et cette fracturation qui déclenche des explosions sous la Terre et cause aussi des tremblements de terre. C’est un danger immédiat ; il est très réel et vous pouvez y faire quelque chose.
Je veux vous rappeler que sans des gens comme vous qui ont pris position pour certaines choses, nous n’aurions pas de forêts nationales, de séquoias, il n’y aurait pas d’animaux et autres diverses formes de vie, il n’y aurait pas le Parc de Yellowstone et beaucoup plus d’espèces auraient totalement disparu.
Donc, prendre position FAIT la différence. Prier le Créateur pour demander de l’aide et remercier le Créateur pour ce que nous avons est important, mais ce qui est vraiment plus important, c’est de démontrer cette foi et cette croyance. Vous la démontrez en protégeant et respectant cette nature et cette Terre qui nous a été donnée pour y vivre. Ce que vous êtes n’est pas défini par ce que vous faites quand tout est en équilibre, ce que vous êtes est défini par ce que vous faites quand vous faites face au déséquilibre, quand vous faites face à un défi qui exige un sacrifice ou quelque force intrinsèque, qu’on appelle le courage. C’EST ce qui vous définit.
Je ne suis pas dans cette prison pour avoir fait quoique ce soit de mal. Je suis dans cette prison parce que j’appartenais à un peuple qui a essayé de réparer un tort. Je suis dans cette prison comme affirmation des forces gouvernementales contrôlées par les grandes entreprises qui veulent nous signifier : « Abandonnez vos ressources, abandonnez votre liberté, ne nous résistez pas ». C’est le message qu’ils diffusent en me gardant ici.
Je veux vous le dire sincèrement, ce n’est pas facile d’être ici. C’est un endroit épouvantable, mais quand j’ai choisi de répondre à l’appel avec d’autres Autochtones, beaucoup d’entre nous ont fait le serment de résister jusqu’à la mort si nécessaire. Certains se sont fait tirer dessus et ont été tués, leurs vies ont été ravies immédiatement. Ma vie m’est ravie jour par jour. Mais si je devais le refaire, je choisirais encore de résister pour mon peuple et votre peuple et nos générations futures, pour protéger nos libertés et notre Mère la Terre, et en faisant cela, je suis honoré de ce que vous vous souveniez de moi. Je veux vous remercier de vous souvenir, de moi et de tous les autres avant moi, et de ceux qui maintenant font la même chose et savent qu’il y en aura d’autres dans l’avenir.
Je ne peux pas vous dire que ces choix vous ferons toujours vous sentir bien, je ne peux pas vous dire que ces choix ne feront pas souffrir ou ne causeront pas des moment de dépression ou de chagrin, mais je peux vous dire qu’il y a une proximité avec le Créateur qui ne ressemble à aucun des sentiments agréables que vous pourriez connaître où que ce soit ailleurs, une proximité avec le Créateur que personne ne peut vous retirer et qui fait que tout vaut la peine. Je dis ces choses en ce moment parce que je reçois beaucoup de lettres et de communications maintenant, de groupes dans tout le pays qui sont confrontés à des crises dans leurs organisations en essayant de mettre un terme à ces pollutions et destructions. Comme par le passé, je veux vous encourager à faire de votre mieux, à réparer ce qui est mal et à protéger ce que nous avons et regagner ce que nous avons perdu.
Je veux vous remercier pour votre soutien et je veux que vous sachiez que tant que je serai sur cette terre et aurai la possibilité de dire quelque chose, moi-même et ce comité ferons du mieux possible pour toujours faire ce qui est juste.
Dans l’Esprit de Crazy Horse
Leonard Peltier
Mitakuye Oyasin