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Monday, December 5, 2016

Water Protectors attorneys urge state to drop charges against 550 protectors

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Statement from the Water Protector Legal Collective:

Censored News, December 4, 2016
Today, the United States Army Corps of Engineers announced that it is denying an easement to Dakota Access, LLC (Dakota Access) to drill under Lake Oahe and the Missouri River for the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) until an Environmental Impact Statement is completed and alternative routes are explored. “The Water Protector Legal Collective applauds the Obama Administration’s decision to deny the easement, but calls for a permanent stop to DAPL. We also recognize that this decision came about because of courageous actions of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and thousands of Water Protectors and their determination to stand up and peacefully demand that our government honor Indian Treaties and respect the sovereignty of Indian nations,” said Brandy Toelupe (Native Hawaiian), Water Protector Legal Collective (WPLC) lawyer.
“In light of today’s decision by the Obama Administration, the Water Protector Legal Collective calls on the State of North Dakota to immediately drop criminal charges against the more than 550 Water Protectors who have been arrested related to their peaceful and prayerful protest against DAPL these past nine months. The WPLC also calls on local law enforcement agencies to pull back from the Water Protectors’ camps and dismantle the road blockades and checkpoints they have instituted, and further demands that federal and state agencies conduct a full investigation into law enforcement abuses against Water Protectors which have included violations of their First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights,” said Angela Bibens (Santee Dakota), WPLC lawyer.
The proposed pipeline route was controversial because, in addition to threatening the Missouri River ecosystem, it crosses ancestral lands of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and other members of the Oceti Sakowin or Great Sioux Nation. The Missouri River is a major source of water for the members of the Oceti Sakowin, and the ancestral lands and water are sacred to the Oceti Sakowin.
The 1,172-mile DAPL would connect the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota to refineries in Illinois, shipping as much as 570,000 barrels of crude oil per day. The Bakken Shale holds an estimated 5 billion barrels of oil, and is producing approximately 900,000 barrels per day. In April of this year, researchers at the University of Michigan found that the Bakken field is emitting approximately 2 percent of the world’s ethane, about 250,000 tons per year into the air, directly affecting air quality across North America. These emissions, combined with combustion of Bakken oil, are major contributors to the global climate crisis that threatens the well-being of our environment, future generations, and the Earth.
Energy Transfer Partners, the Texas company behind Dakota Access, and its affiliated entities including Sunoco Logistics, have a long history of violations of environmental laws including pending lawsuits by the states of New Jersey, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the City of Breau Bridge in Louisiana over MTBE contamination of groundwater, as well as citations for releases of hazardous materials from its pipelines and facilities in Ohio, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii. Pipelines leak and spill. In one year alone, there were over 300 pipeline breaks in North Dakota. Numerous pipeline spills of millions of gallons of oil and contaminants into the Missouri River and its tributaries have already occurred. In January, over 50,000 gallons of Bakken crude oil spilled into the Yellowstone River in Montana.
Those concerned are urged to call local and federal agencies below to demand (1) an immediate end to construction of the $3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline, (2) the immediate cessation and a full investigation into law enforcement abuses, and (3) that all criminal charges against Water Protectors be dismissed. The WPLC also encourages calling the White House to share your support for today’s decision.
White House: 202-456-1414 or sign the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s White House petition
White House Situation Room, 202-456-9431
North Dakota Governor’s Office: 701-328-2200
Morton County Sheriff’s Office: 701-667-3330
Morton County State’s Attorney’s Office: 701-667-3330
Army Corps of Engineers-Bismarck 701-255-0015
The Water Protector Legal Collective is the National Lawyers Guild legal support team for those engaged in resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline. It maintains a 24/7 presence on-site at the Oceti Sakowin camp near Cannon Ball, North Dakota.

Marchers in blizzard -- DAPL says it will drill without a permit Dec. 5, 2016

Photo Lakota People's Law Project

Photo Lakota People's Law Project

Photo Lakota People's Law Project

Photo Lakota People's Law Project

Photo by Matt Remley

 Police and military building barracks today to protect DAPL.
Police and military building barracks today to protect DAPL.

Police and military building barracks today to protect DAPL.
Police and military are mobilizing additional forces about a mile north of the bridge barricade, which has just been cleared of all personnel and vehicles. Don't believe the mainstream media!
Video screen capture by Censored News
Dakota Access Pipeline said in a written statement on Sunday night that is proceeding without a permit. DAPL is ignoring the fact that the Army Corps denied the DAPL permit this weekend. A call out for support!
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Video 2:
Watch Veterans March on Hwy 1806 in Blizzard on Unicorn Riot
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Live! Standing Rock Elders and Veterans Dec. 5, 2016

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Live Monday, Dec. 5, 2016 Standing Rock Elders and Veterans

Also see: Dakota Access Pipeline said late Sunday night it would proceed with the pipeline as planned and nothing has changed. This was in response to an announcement by the Army Corps of Engineers that it had denied the permit to drill. Oceti Sakowin Camp urged people not to leave, in the live broadcast on Standing Rock Spirit Resistance Radio on Sunday, Dec. 4, 2016.

DAPL Permit Denied by Army Corps, DAPL says it will proceed anyway

Army Corps denied DAPL permit on Sunday, but DAPL owners said that nothing has changed and it will proceed as planned.

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
French translation by Christine Prat at:
Dutch translation by Alice Holemans

The Army Corps of Engineers denied the Dakota Access Permit on Sunday. Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Dave Archambault made the announcement at Oceti Sakowin Camp, which was broadcast live on Standing Rock Spirit Resistance Radio.
DAPL owners responded late Sunday night and said nothing has changed.
"As stated all along, ETP and SXL are fully committed to ensuring that this vital project is brought to completion and fully expect to complete construction of the pipeline without any additional rerouting in and around Lake Oahe. Nothing this Administration has done today changes that in any way," Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco said in a statement late Sunday night. Read DAPL owners statement:
When the announcement was made in the live broadcast water protectors were urged by speakers at Oceti Sakowin Camp not to leave. They expected DAPL to ignore the Army Corps decision and proceed as DAPL has done before.
The question now is whether President Obama will send in law enforcement or the military to halt DAPL from drilling without a permit. Otherwise, today's announcement will have no enforcement. It will be seen as another US and corporate ploy to send home water protectors, and thousands of veterans, now at Standing Rock Camp, where more than 10,000 are camped.
Army Corps announcement
Army POC: Moira Kelley said today, "The Department of the Army will not approve an easement that would allow the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline to cross under Lake Oahe in North Dakota, the Army's Assistant Secretary for Civil Works announced today.
Jo-Ellen Darcy said she based her decision on a need to explore alternate routes for the Dakota Access Pipeline crossing. Her office had announced on November 14, 2016 that it was delaying the decision on the easement to allow for discussions with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, whose reservation lies 0.5 miles south of the proposed crossing. Tribal officials have expressed repeated concerns over the risk that a pipeline rupture or spill could pose to its water supply and treaty rights.
"Although we have had continuing discussion and exchanges of new information with the Standing Rock Sioux and Dakota Access, it's clear that there's more work to do," Darcy said. "The best way to complete that work responsibly and expeditiously is to explore alternate routes for the pipeline crossing."
Darcy said that the consideration of alternative routes would be best accomplished through an Environmental Impact Statement with full public input and analysis.
The Dakota Access Pipeline is an approximately 1,172 mile pipeline that would connect the Bakken and Three Forks oil production areas in North Dakota to an existing crude oil terminal near Pakota, Illinois. The pipeline is 30 inches in diameter and is projected to transport approximately 470,000 barrels of oil per day, with a capacity as high as 570,000 barrels. The current proposed pipeline route would cross Lake Oahe, an Army Corps of Engineers project on the Missouri River."

Govinda was streaming from the Oceti Sakowin Camp now, Sunday afternoon.

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Debra White Plume 'As Long as the Water Flows, As Long as the Sweet Grass Grows'

As Long As the Water Flows, As Long As the Sweet Grass Grows

by Wioweya Najin Win, Debra White Plume

Censored News

It is a good moment in time for Mother Earth and SacredWater. The United States Army Corp of Engineers denied the permit that would have allowed Dakota Access Pipeline of Energy Transfer Partners to drill under the Mni Sose (Missouri River) in our Lakota Territory.
Since August of this year, many people put their lives aside and gave all to fight the Black Snake. Many people from all four directions prayed for our water to be protected from the Black Snake DAPL. Many water warriors stood the frontline and were chewed up by the meat grinder of North Dakota, surrounding states, the National Guard, and DAPL hired security firms. Arms were shot off. Eyes were blown out. Skulls were broken. Bones were broken. Frontline water warriors never surrendered, never backed down from the FAT TAKER. Politicians worked hard to lobby for support. Attorneys worked hard. Everyone did the best we could. As I mentioned in the battle to shut down the KXL of TransCanada, we are all threads in the fabric of resistance.
We must not rest easy. We must not trust this enemy of Mother Earth to go away. DAPL may decide to drill on, and simply pay the fine for drilling without a permit. DAPL may trick the decision makers to accept the Black Snake inside perimeters, but it will still be inside the perimeter.
Hundreds of people went to jail, some are facing serious charges that can land them locked in jail for decades, for simply doing their jobs as media and medics. Some for being grabbed up in police sweeps long after an action was completed. Some for being set up by DAPL and police informers, infiltrators and provocateurs. Many lives have been changed forever by being engaged in this battle for the past 5 months.
Individuals have formed bonds with others, creating new family. The bonds of frontline battle never go away. No one can understand this, if one has not gone through this experience. The PTSD never goes away either. The sound of airplanes flying low overhead, of helicopters chop chop chopping 24 hours a day. One does not forget that sound. For many, this has been the experience of a lifetime and they will go away with fond remembrances, never to be in such a camp again. For a lot of us, we will carry on with our work, make our prayers, put our lives back together the best way we can once we get home, if we still have a home to go back to. Rest awhile, refresh, eat and sleep-and prepare for the next battle. Thats what water warriors do. Thats what Black Snake Killas do.
America is a huge beast, FAT TAKER is a huge beast. European banks are a huge beast. FAT TAKER is never satisfied. FAT TAKER always wants more. It took the generosity of millions of people to donate and keep donating, to the people in all the camps. We could not have done it without that generosity. All the attorneys, politicians, organizers who worked non-stop, all that work was necessary. But we cannot rest now. The Black Snake may be hibernating, resting to come at us again. Stay vigilant. Our SacredWater needs us. All of us. The many generations, the many races of humans, the many religions of people.
As long as there is one Indian left, there will be a fight for the land and the water. As long as the water flows, as long as the sweet grass grows, we must keep our eyes open and watch for FAT TAKER.

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