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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Long Walk '78 by Bahe Katenay, Big Mountain Dineh

Bill Wahpehpah and Max Bear, Alcatraz, Feb 11, 1978.
Photo Carol Wahpehpah

Katenay Long Walk 2 Pueblo, Co.
Photo Brenda Norrell
Brief Thoughts of Longest Walk 1978
by Bahe "Kat" Katenay Keediniihii
Censored NewsArticle copyright Bahe Katenay

The Longest Walk of 1978, for me, was a great learning experience from the very first time I met the coordinators of the LW78 while I was hitch-hiking to find the Walk. That same freezing-evening of early March I arrived at the LW78 camp and as the Walkers came into the camp after dark. The next morning was the great circle of prayer and I joined the walk near the state lines of Nevada and Utah. I really had never left Arizona, staying close to the Dineh (Navajo) Rez, and mostly helping my parents with herding sheep and farming. 

Warriors, The Longest Walk, Tom LaBlanc, John Blue Bird, and Stacey LaBlanc, In Front of the FBI Building, Washington, D.C., 1978. Photos by Dick Bancroft
My first week on the LW78 was like entering a world of the past but it was still in the present: young natives with braided hair / feathers / deerskin pouches / staff with eagle claw and feathers / ribbon shirts / drumming and singing. I came from a world of high desert country / hearing my family speak Dineh Bi'Zaad' (Navajo language) / wild juniper forests / isolated deep canyons / free open range / living off the lands.

Then I began to meet these brothers and sisters of many nations but most of the Indian walkers were from the cities. Despite that, they showed their pride and dignity everyday out on the highways, they walked with their chins held high, and carriers of the staff and the Canupa led the nations toward the east. This pride and dignity was not a display of 'coolness' but it was seriousness because it was a prayer walk! 

Walking behind the Canupa, the sacred staffs and the Nippozan Mihoji Buddhist chanting met that every walker was praying for their lands and relations back Home. 

"Every step was a Prayer!" It was a great story unfolding in my life and I prayed and dream that this story shall always live on, upon my lands, within the hearts of my peoples, in my heart so that I may share it with my children and grandchildren. 
Grandfather David Monongye, Hopi, Long Walk '78 DC. Photo copyright Daniel Luna.

Today, the memories are endless and if I were to re-tell about this experience, it would take days perhaps to tell. One very unique aspect that became so important to me and to many others also, was that several different indigenous spiritual leaders called the Longest Walk 1978, The University of the Red Nations. (We Indians were the Red Peoples.) The University not only in the terminology but within the LW78's complete essence and context this was communities united with many teachers that came for many nations. There were the ceremonials, the interactions with non-Native communities with many different backgrounds and beliefs, the students were the walkers who listened / were tested / group worked, and experienced the challenges the natural elements but that was teachings and in the end after returning, we Walkers had a degree to carry on a profession of spreading these indigenous messages and work to rebuild our sovereign existence.
Sen. Edward Kennedy reacting charges from Russell Means. Copyright Daniel Luna.

Decades from that time, our indigenous and human existence and journeys are still facing the cruelty of injustices, racism and desecration of our homelands. Things seemed more hopeless now but we still have our sacred prayer staffs, the sacred Canupa, the tobacco, the drum, and each other even though majority of us Indian peoples try to escape to the illusions of America.

This Return Walk is important because no justice courts on our Rez or in the cities we live in are going to grant us harmony and balance. Thousands of us woke up in the 1970s after we realized what Vietnam was all about and after Wounded Knee73, but our oppressors have put most of us back to sleep. This action of the Return Walk is crucial because as this Spiritual Walk moves all across the sacred Turtle Island, the University of the Red Nations needs to be revived, the sacred drum must beat in order to reunited, the prayers must be loud along the highways so the we can re-awaken, and because this is our last chance.
Mitakuye Oyasin.

Kat (Bahe) - Big Mountain Dineh Nation

Read more by Bahe at Sheep Dog Nation Rocks

Special thank to Bahe and the photographers, including Daniel Luna who shared his copyrighted photos with Censored News.

Gwich'in Steering Committee 25th Anniversary Celebration Aug.24-25, 2013


Diilak Naii!  Greetings Dear Friends!
Please join us for our
25th Anniversary Celebration
August 24th & 25th
Arctic Village, Alaska

gwichin_final_V3 3We at the Gwich'in Steering Committee cordially invite you to come celebrate 25 Years of Protecting Gwich'in Way of Life.  That's 25 Years of educating the world about why protecting the Porcupine Caribou Herd's calving and nursing grounds on the Coastal Plain or The Sacred Place Where Life Begins "Iizhik Gwats'an Gwandaii Goodlit" of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a human rights issue to the Gwich'in Nation.

Many community members and many friends and supporters have continuously worked hard on this effort.  While the threat of development of the Coastal Plain of the Refuge remains real, we continue to live our Way of Life thanks to so many!  Thanks to all of you, we have much to celebrate - mahsi' choo!

For more information and to register for the event please click on the link below:
As part of our build up to the event we are launching an online fundraising drive to help support the events related to the 25th Anniversary Celebration and our overall work.  We work year round at making sure our voice is heard in the debate over the Arctic Refuge and providing outreach to our communities.  We wouldn't be able to do this without your help!
Mahsi' choo for all your support!  If you want to take immediate action to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge it is always good to write your Senators and Representatives reminding them of the value of this iconic place - you can find more info about the Refuge and our communities on our website
Gwich'in Steering Committee
122 First Avenue Fairbanks, AK  99701
office 907.458.8264

Mohawk Nation News 'Make Believe Death'



MNN. July 3, 2013.  In 1990 I was fired from Indian Affairs for being a Mohawk during the Canadian army siege of three of our communities. We had to move into a tiny apartment above a wild meat butcher shop in the middle of Kahnawake.
Soon we needed to build a house. The local bank offered mortgages. The application was turned down. “Equifax Inc.”, the credit reporting agency and personal-information clearinghouse, reported that I had died on September 10, 1991. A death certificate was on my file.  A copy could not be given to me without proof that I was alive. The bank manager could not authorize a loan to a dead person. 
Old Voo Doo Doll trick didn't work.
Corporate Voo Doo Doll trick didn’t work.
The President of the Toronto Dominion Bank, who heads Equifax in Canada, informed me they couldn’t provide the cause of death or who filed the notice. Local people had to vouch for my living breathing existence. A mortgage was issued to a dead person who never defaulted. 
american express“ChoicePoint”, spun off from Equifax, keeps over 19 billion public records in its massive database at its Alpharetta Georgia headquarters. Without our knowledge or permission information is kept on motor vehicle registration, license, deed transfers, military records, addresses, social security number, social insurance number, credit rating and who knows what else. 17,000 businesses buy the data. We can’t get a copy of our own credit report. “Creditors and thieves are given the key to the data base”, said Edmund Mierzwinski of the US Public Interest Research Group in California. 
In 2005 ChoicePoint admitted that almost 145,000 to 500,000 people may have been the victims of stolen information from the company’s data base. Thieves opened bogus ChoicePoint accounts, posing as legitimate businesses seeking data. The bandits then opened up 50 accounts, posing as check-cashing companies or debt collection firms with legitimate business licenses. They were given an access code and password into the consumer data. spying
Someone using our names can buy luxury cars with the help of an uncle with a stolen social security number and credit card. We could be arrested for theft. Between 1998 and 2003 over 17.3 million Americans had their identities stolen. The greatest sources for social security and social insurance numbers are the governments. More than 75% of documents we sign include our SSN and SIN exposing 94% of us to identity theft. 
If someone is denied an ID, then what? Some think they have no alternative but to twist information to protect themselves! Frank Zappa had it right in his song, Plastic People“: “Take a day and walk around, watch the Nazis run your town. Then go home and check yourself. You think think we’re singing about someone else? But you’re all plastic people”. 
Eugenics today…
MNN Mohawk Nation News For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to  More stories at MNN Archives.  Address:  Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0  For free download of Mohawk music

Nevada to prosecute Paiute traditional hunter Kwassuh, July 15, 2013

From Kwassuh, Wesley Dick: Nevada State Department of Wildlife plans to prosecute and challenge the Numu Nation/Treaty Indian/Federally Recognized Tribal Member. Kwassuh will stand for all Red Nations and end interference of all our hunting rights. Arraignment scheduled for July 15, 2013 at Austin Courthouse Nevada -- all Indians needed to attend.
Hello, we need your help now. The State of Nevada Department of Wildlife, which is a corporation, plans to prosecute me in the Austin Justice Court on July 15, 2013 at 1 pm. This county court is claiming to be the State of Nevada, which is also a corporation and the have absolutely no jurisdiction. I handed the Nevada State Game Warden Federal and International and National laws that are to protect me, my people and our lifeways. These laws I carry with me every day and I am learning more about these corporations that have no authority nor power over Indigenous People. Censored News has been good to us and now the Indian people will learn such as I and gain that good freedom as I plan to win and end any more interferences and uphold laws, treaties and use our federal recognition and trustee status by the united states of America. The State of Nevada Governor Sandavol has not responded to my letter as of last year and he is liable just as this county court and the judge and the prosecutor and the game warden will all be held accountable.
Kwassuh's letter to Nevada governor concerning traditional hunting rights
Governor of Nevada Brian Sandavol
June 23, 2012

Dear Sir:
My name is Kwassuh/Buckskin a.k.a. Wesley Dick Jr. and I am an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe, Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe of Nevada.  I ask for the respect and acknowledgement on behalf of myself and the traditional peoples across and over these lands that practice and live our sacred and unique traditional lifeways and the laws that protect and preserve these lifeways.
I stand as a traditional man of the Numa/Northern Paiute Nation of Nevada and as a father to provide for my family and my people of our ceremonial and traditional lifeways of the Numa/Northern Paiutes of Nevada that are known throughout these lands including several other related nations of tribal people along with the 564 federally recognized tribes, the unrecognized and also the terminated tribal people that live amongst the lands of the United States of America today.
This request is of good relations towards the indigenous people and the people of the state of Nevada as well as the United States of America concerning these multiple violations of State Wildlife Officer Buckland Tingle and the State of Nevada Wildlife Department concerning disrespect, disregard of treaties, laws recognized nationally and internationally protecting my inherent rights as a descendant of the original peoples of this land to continue our sacred and unique lifeways and traditions of the Numa/Northern Paiutes of Nevada.
As I first met with Officer Buckland Tingle, I shook his hand and told him I come in a good way and expect him to do the same.  I then introduced myself, my tribe, where I am from, my federally recognized I.D.; the same as my people did in the past.  I then described what I was doing and what I still needed to do in regards to my prayers, the ceremony, and the preparations to the Tunna/Antelope.  I then told him of the rights I carry with me, and handed him from my hand to his, to read.  After an hour of his investigation, I was placed under arrest while I told/advised him of the disrespect towards the laws.  I provided these laws and my rights to provide for my family, my people, and my ceremonial tasks of hunting, and the process I learned from my elders of the spiritual recognition of the Tunna/Antelope and the area I stood that is always done in ceremony which provided my people the Numa/Northern Paiute with the plants and animals of these lands for thousands of years with no interference.
I openly advised the State Wildlife Officer of my status, identification, my laws and rights; he decided on his own to disregard.  These laws I provided to him, is the same I am including with this letter.  I also can provide more information.  As my related tribal relative nations of people are winning court challenges throughout and across these lands, these laws of our inherent rights protect us and preserve our lifeways and we should not be punished, prevented, or prosecuted for being what and who we are as the Native Americans of these lands.
Indigenous peoples worldwide are still in existence, as I have been a known teacher, demonstrator, instructor, mentor, and ceremonial provider/supporter for many years.  It is also world known of the importance of continuing our lifeways to pass this to our children and future generations, this knowledge to live the good life and stand as our ancestors have from thousands of years past to today is shared with all indigenous peoples of the world.
I request a dismissal and disclosure of these State Wildlife Charges and also that all my belongings be returned to me immediately as I have been tremendously delayed culturally, financially, and spiritually.  And an end to these distractions and interferences amongst my peoples of the Numa/Northern Paiute Nation, Newa/Shoshone Nation, and the Washoe Nations of Nevada and the recognition and respect that is due these laws and treaties.
This spiritual disrespect not only interferes with my prayers for my family, Earth, and all my surroundings including the Tunna/Antelope’s ceremonial circle of life, it has clearly affected our connection towards this animal as I, Kwassuh, have visions and dreams of these Tunna/Antelope that stand and watch me as I cannot connect their spirit towards their ending so they are like lost and blood from the liver is to be taken and gifted to the Earth, along with tobacco, to ensure that three more Tuna/Antelope will take it’s place.  There are several more ways I learned and keep to myself and I now sense the sadness of the Earth and Creator from whom I asked for the blessings to take part in our sacred ways that were of goodness, honor, and gratitude.  There are unfinished prayers and the ending methods that I was taught by my own people; they need to be completed.  I also advised these officers that this interruption/interference towards my traditional ways and the importance of my request, may bring some honor towards my traditional relationship I described when these request have been returned to me and I will complete/fulfill my ceremony as it should be.
Immediate attention to these matters is of great importance for this good relationship between said Indian nations and all governmental agencies to understand and honor.  These laws are easy to acknowledge, understand and are recognized daily throughout this nation; it is the law. 
Wesley Dick Jr. (Kwassuh)
Enrolled member of the Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe.
A federally recognized tribe of the United States of America

Kwassuh – means Buckskin in the Numa/Northern Paiute language.
Numa – means Northern Paiute in the Northern Paiute language.
Toi-Ticutta – means the Cattail Eaters in the Northern Paiute language.

Norman Patrick Brown rating for Lone Ranger: 'Seven Burnt Frybreads'

About Depp feeding that crow on his head: 'Only a Native can do Native humor'

By Norman Patrick Brown
Dine' filmmaker
Censored News
Copyright Norman Patrick Brown

Ok you all, had to walk a dozen miles off the Chuska mountains, walk through Bear Canyon, saw huge  mountain lion tracks, heard Bigfoot yelling his hello to the holy beings, ran a few kilometers after my rez mountain bike blew a tire, then carry my 50 pound back pack and walk the rest of the way with my chizzy underwear and socks needing a wash after a couple of weeks playing mountain man Jeremiah Yazzie, just to see the movie The Lone Ranger, all the while to give you all my review of the movie.

I give it SEVEN BURNT FRYBREADS out of 8 frybreads. This almost a quarter of a billion dollar slapstick "native" pirate of my beloved Canyon De Chelly and Monument Valley made me kinda sad. It was not funny, what I disliked about the movie was everything, its premise and its fantasy script of non-native writers who romanticized what probably they always wanted to write .,, "a western", all with spiritual Indian speak with spirituality, and made up history to make up for the use of native imagery and profit.

What saddened me the most was how Jay Silverheels tried his best to work as the first real native actor in a television series to promote his people. I admired and know he gave his greatest dedication in paving the way for future native screenwriters, actors, and producers, only to see his character Tonto reduced to a unfunny native redface character. What I hated the most was this incessant need to feed crushed corn to the dead bird on his head, only a native can do native humor. As I saw the credits roll I was amazed that Johnny Depp was first listed above everyone else as an executive producer, and how much incredible power he possessed in creating this movie's creative structure, it failed. As a native filmmaker it was obvious to me that Hollywood once again failed. Yes, yes, it is just a movie, but the ramifications of symbolism and interpretation will be recorded as true among America's non-native uneducated native history buffs, which is very dangerous for our future and perception of who we truly are today.

I'm glad our Dine didn't adopt Johnny Depp, whew. I know, I know, but you all know me by now, I say what I believe are my truths, it may not be real to others, but for myself I believe it to be. I could have made almost 225 million "The Rainbow Boy" movies and used real native actors and real native speakers. Anyways, I am still plugging away in completing my film.

LONG LIVE JAY SILVERHEELS!!! Thank you uncle/grandpa for your sincere sacrifice and dedication in being the first native actor in a television series, it must have been tough for you with the scriptwriters and directors who didn't understand what beautiful people we were then and now.

Now gotta wash my chizzies and head back to the forest and sit among the plants and animals and maybe make me a dead crow headdress to keep me company as KTNN was getting boring.

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