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Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Cochabamba Declaration by UNASUR (on the assault on President Morales)

The Cochabamba Declaration by UNASUR (on the assault on President Morales)

Fri Jul 5, 2013
Democratic Underground

Cochabamba Declaration

Cochabamba, Plurinational State of Bolivia

On this Thursday night Presidents of South American Nations, gathered in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and issued a joint statement in which they affirmed their rejection of recent actions against President Evo Morales and required the governments of Portugal, France, Italy and Spain to explain the situation and asked for public apologies.

Photos Defending Havasupai sacred land from uranium mining in Grand Canyon

Thank you Dawn Dyer for sharing your photos with Censored News. Thank you Supai Waters, supporters and defenders of sacred lands against uranium mining at the camp on Havasupai land in the Grand Canyon.

Article by Mama Bears Brigade
Censored News

RED BUTTE, Havasupai -- Energy Fuels Inc., the Toronto-based company digging the mine, have already dug 120 feet down what they hope will be a 1600 foot shaft. If the mine starts extracting uranium, it will expose residents and visitors to "low-level" radiation along Hwy 64. So called “low-level” radiation poisons air, waters, and soils for billions of years, causing cancers, birth defects, and other health problems. Even worse, Arizona's environmental and haulage regulations fail to protect the public from these dangers.

In addition to these health impacts and contamination of the Grand Canyon ecosystem and aquifer, the mine will directly harm the integrity of nearby Red Butte, sacred to the Havasupai and other indigenous people.

For the past thirty years indigenous people of northern Arizona and their allies have been resisting uranium mining at the Grand Canyon. This struggle continues as protesters gather to express their opposition to the Canyon Uranium Mine 15 miles south of the south rim.

The mine, owned by Canada-based Energy Fuels Inc., is located in the Kaibab National Forest –15 miles south of the Grand Canyon. Before approving the mine, both the company and the US Forest Service failed to consult with local tribes as required by law. Instead, the USFS rushed approval by using an outdated Environmental Impact Statement, silencing community input and recent scientific research.
--Mama Bears Brigade
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Get Ready! Long Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz!

Craig Luther, Navajo, will walk across America again. Photo Brita Brooks
Lisa Peake Anishinabe/Pomo will walk across America again. Photo Brenda Norrell

Michael Lane and Sharon Heta, Maori, will walk across America again. Photo Brita Brooks

Long Walk 4 Update Return to Alcatraz!  

By Brenda Norrell  Censored News

The Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz begins in less than two weeks, on July 15, 2013, in DC.
"The main things we need are liaisons for parks on the route, and Indigenous Walkers. People with vehicles would be good, too, and bulk food," said Michael Lane, logistics coordinator. 
Camping is needed, and food, in Pennsylvania for the last two weeks of July, as walkers begin the five month trek across America. The walk begins with a Sunrise Ceremony in DC.
Earthcycles and Censored News do not yet have a sponsor, or a vehicle, to broadcast the 5-month Long Talk Radio show again, but we would like to. We plan on Native youths serving as radio hosts and interviewers. We could use a donated van for the radio show, as gas is expensive for the big Earthcycles  bus. It would be a great opportunity to work with Native American radio shows to provide news on current issues, and Native music programming, that can be shared.
Contact Longest Walk 4 organizers, to help arrange camping or overnight sleeping places, beginning with Pennsylvania. Vehicles are used to transport camping gear, food and kitchen equipment: 
Michael Lane, LW4 logistics:
Contact Long Talk Radio is: or

Southern Chiefs' Anishinabe Treaty Dakota Ride

Photo by Ozaway Pinesse. Thank you for sharing with Censored News!
Southern Grand Chief Murray Clearsky on his sacred horseback ride to create awareness on the treaties with non-Indigenous Canadians. Grand Chief Clearsky and currently 12 riders are riding to Onion Lake, Saskatchewan for the National Treaty Gathering which starts on July 14, 2013 which will decide a new direction, new future and new hope for our Indigenous people who hold international Treaties with the British Crown and now Canada!

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