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September 7, 2016

Federal Judge Violates Federal Law Protecting Native American Burial Places

Federal Judge James Boasberg gives go ahead for bulldozing of chiefs' graves
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

This is a sad day for humanity.
Federal judges usually cut their deals and do their scheming in the back rooms. However, U.S. District Judge James Boasberg in Washington has violated all federal laws protecting burial places of Native Americans.
Judge Boasberg ruled pipeline bulldozers can continue digging into the graves of important chiefs, and sites of cultural items.
At the same time, Boasberg and corporate media released a misinformation campaign, leading people to believe the temporary restraining order of Standing Rock had been granted.
However, the TRO was only grated on the east side, not on the wide side of the lake, where the burial place is located. It was identified on Friday, before Dakota Access pipeline bulldozed it on Saturday.
Judge Boasberg prefers to allow Dakota Access pipeline to seize farmers land with eminent domain, and destroy everything in its path, in total disregard for federal laws protecting Native American burial places.
It turns out Judge Boasberg is also on the Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Court. Locally, the Morton Co. Sheriff continues to incite local racists with lies and misinformation.
More on the judge's ruling on Tuesday:

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Unknown said...

The judge's decision to disregard the rights and feelings of the Indigenous Peoples is simply an affirmation that US powers wish to continue an imperious and and abusive attitude towards the original inhabitants.
Just as the British violently and immorally pressed their imprimatur on much of the Old World and in Canada and the US, US powers are willing to be anti-Christian in their relationship with Native Americans.
As Baha'u'llah asserted, and I paraphrase:"---power has been seized from 2 classes: The Kings and Rulers, and the Ecclesiastics".
The latter class refers to religious leaders and their inability to exert an edifying influence on the likes of this judge, on politicians,and on the lay population.
Jesus had alluded to the same phenomenon occurring when He talked about not pouring "New Wine" into an "Old Wineskin".