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Sunday, September 4, 2016

VIDEO Tim Mentz describes destruction of sacred site by Dakota Access Pipeline

Published on Sep 4, 2016
This video was recorded September 3rd 2016. Tim Mentz speaks of the destruction of sacred site and other places by Dakota Access Pipeline. This information is very important for the world to see.. Please share with all and tell them to share Wopila Tanka. -Tony Brave


Rwshirt said...

So many sacred sites have been destroyed by the occupiers because they have a totally different world view. They do not understand the significance of place referred to in this video which has been selected because of its connection to Life- water. It seems the mind set of western thought is to use and dispose. I think about the buffalo's importance to indigenous people. Every part of the buffalo was utilized for an essential and practical application to survive. Our Mother Earth is suffering because she has been abused and scarred. If this abuse is not stopped she will perish and there will be no more Life. IS this what we are striving toward? We seem to want immediate gratification and as soon as we are temporarily satiated we go on to some other venue. We are never satisfied and continue our quest to obtain, consume and throw away. Why is it we are never happy and satisfied? Because of this mind set we continue to take and destroy. There will come a time when our land and resources are non-existent and we will look back and long for the presence of water, land and all of nature. I am so proud and thankful for the Protectors of water who have made a stand at Standing Rock! I am equally humbled and so thankful that I could be Hidatsa, Mandan and Arapaho and have what exposure I have had to know about some of our ways. I am totally awed that I belong to the Waterbuster clan who know the importance of water.

Anonymous said...

This just makes me so sad and crazy. I send my blessings smoke and prayers for all of the warriors and people of all nations colors creeds and beliefs that are standing to preserve our lives Wado.

Unknown said...

Thank you for all you are standing strong for. Blessings and gratitude from the East coast of Canada where we are also beginning to rise up.

Anonymous said...

With you in spirit and signed petition.

Anonymous said...

Question. There are resources like GOOGLE Maps that with satellite maps that resolve down to about 6 inches. You can actually tell the center line on 1806 is narrower than the fog lines.

These are all images of this area long before the pipeline work began. Rather than standing there pointing in directions.. Why not post the actual shots of these rings and stone patterns. Cause I have tried and tried to find these.. as described and can't

Anonymous said...

It would be ideal if there were pictures or video to help show where these burials was located

Anonymous said...

All it takes is caring about about having your own mothers grave dug up. If you would not want this then why would you do this to someone? It's all about treating others as you want to be treated. There is too much blindness and heartlessness going on right now. We must keep visibility to strike consciousness into the hearts of those who are hatefully acting without thoughtfulness. Your word is your word. Treaties must be honored. This govnm't must show honor and respect. So far it is missing in regards to it's treatment of my poeple.

BirdClan said...

What makes sacred sites and places hard for people outside of the tribe and state officials who make decisions based on non-expert counsel is that they are not equipped. Tribal experts are trained in many cases not to divulge specific placement, description, or even location of sacred places and objects. This is due to the possible contamination and theft by those seeking to destroy or make money off of, not interested in preserving or respecting, historically significant objects. Tribes have diligently worked to stave off intruders through policy and consummate monitoring of sacred places which is why this overt act to destroy this historical area is paramount for the federal government to step-in to protect tribal sovereignty.

Unknown said...

Here we go again!!!!!!!!

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