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September 29, 2016

Lakota Greg Grey Cloud Free from Jail: Civil Rights Violated


Morton County violated civil rights of activist: A bogus warrant and a night in jail

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

MANDAN, North Dakota -- Greg Grey Cloud, Lakota, is free after spending a night in Morton County Jail, when a misdemeanor warrant was suddenly changed to a warrant with no bond. The State of North Dakota and Morton County violated his civil rights.
Greg was charged with criminal trespass for Sept. 3 (the day that the dogs attacked the water protectors.) The bogus warrant was not issued until Sept. 15.
Greg said he was not present on Sept. 3. He turned himself in, in order to clear the matter up with the court. When he arrived, he was told there was no bond on this warrant and he was forced to spend the night in jail.
The charge is a misdemeanor.
Then, the Morton County Jail left Greg in a small, cold interview room until 4 a.m., after an interview with an attorney.
Today, the charge was dropped against Greg, but with the threat by the court that it could be refiled.
Greg spent the night in jail, where twenty-one water protectors were jailed, after being arrested on Wednesday by police who burst on the scene with shotguns and assault rifles loaded, and armored vehicles.
Native American women, children and elderly, and allies, were in prayer for the water and protection of the burial places, at a work site of Dakota Access Pipeline.
Although the media has misled the public into believing that DAPL halted worked on the pipeline, DAPL has instead continued work at an accelerated speed, ignoring an order of the court to halt.
court order from the DC Court of Appeals issued on September 16, 2016 states that DAPL is to stop all construction in a 20 mile buffer on both sides of the Missouri River.
The State of North Dakota, and Morton County Sheriff's Office, have refused to enforce the federal court order to halt construction.
Greg is an advocate for missing and murdered women. Please share your support with him.


Anonymous said...

Decolonize your minds.
No justice, no peace.
You are Stronger now everyday. Sacred. medicines. first, elders speak. the way. U R Loved.

Anonymous said...

Do the NORTH DAKOTA jailers allow any indigenous to sing sacred songs and dances or other freedom of religion activities in jail? Like smudging or visits from spiritual helpers ?
In body there that can help the poor people? No money for ramen noodles, socks, soap, stamps,paper,envelopes,phone..
Does the prosecutor Up the charges so people have to pay more then plea bargain ?

Anonymous said...

By "refile the charges" is that a threat ? (Since the charges were false to begin with).
Is the State of North Dakota planning on harassing Native Americans in the future if a water protector? Like hidden threat,"when this is all over, we'll get you one dark night"?
Don't they see it will never be over? Because noone is going back to being a victim of abuse or police/prosecution/system violence from now on!!
No more lies.
Like Dr Martin Luther King jr said, "Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty, I'm free at last!".

Anonymous said...

Sue, sue, have the grounds to SUE.............

Anonymous said...

Fracking fluids, chemicals, Cancer. Fracking.
contamination. Poison water.
'Natural' gas operations. Mutations.
Breast Cancer. Benzene. Cancer.Napthalene. Acrylamide.
Fracking Toxic Fluid.
Sick. Air Sick Cancer Water Sick. Fracking Chemicals Poison Air. Poison, Sick people, sick. Mutations. Fracking.

Anonymous said...

Anybody got any video proof that they are still working on DAPL in defiance of the court order? If so, spit it up so the feds can go after them. Don't need to trespass to get the video, use a drone - we've got the tech, let's use it against them!

Censored News, publisher Brenda Norrell said...

Myron Dewey posted a drone video on Facebook that shows that DAPL is working within the buffer zone, 20 miles on each side of the river, where the DC court ordered work halted.

Anonymous said...

Morton county and the law there are doing a great job of looking like lackeys doing the bidding of big oil. These are public servants being paid tax-payers money while doing their best to help the DAPL schemers get everything they want even if it is illegal. If that means trampling over an individual's civil rights then that's just fine isn't it/ NO! it most definately is not.
The Sheriff's Office and the State of North Dakota need to generate a good deal more respect for sacred sites and civil rights. All the best to the folks at Standing Rock.