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September 5, 2016

Indigenous Youth 4 Cultural Survival, Flagstaff Rally for Standing Rock

Indigenous Youth for Cultural Survival
Contact: Selest Manning
Censored News
FLAGSTAFF, Arizona -- In solidarity with the ongoing fight against the Dakota Access pipeline,  Indigenous Youth 4 Cultural Survival have organized a  rally  in solidarity with the land protectors in Standing Rock, Red Warrior, and Sacred Stone Spirit Camps Tuesday September 6, at 5 pm. At 6 pm during the Council meeting public comment period and following the rally outside of City Council, Indigenous Youth 4 Cultural Survival will request City Council add a discussion about of the pipeline to a future agenda.  
The rally will feature prominent community members speaking out on the importance of protecting indigenous land, rights and safety of indigenous communities and protection of waterways.
The intention of the rally is to unite the Flagstaff indigenous and non-indigenous community  in (solidarity) with Sioux communities. After the rally, Indigenous Youth for Cultural Survival will be formally requesting City Council to add a discussion about the Dakota Access Pipeline to a future Council agenda.
The purpose of having this added to a future agenda is to provide our community with an opportunity to discuss the issue and propose a resolution in support of our sister community fighting to protect indigenous rights/lands. Council members are mandated to represent and address the interests and concerns of our community. In this case, it is clear that Flagstaff would like to participate in the national dialogue about this issue.
For the past several months, Indigenous and non-indigenous communities have been rallying against the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline (also referred to as the Bakken pipeline). If constructed, this pipeline will transport 450,000 barrels of oil per day from North Dakota to Illinois and will pose a serious threat to sacred land and ways of life. If built, the chances of the pipeline breaking are high and the resulting outcome will (shadow) the countless other pipeline spill and breaks - in addition to desecrating sacred land. Tribal Chairman David Archambault II has said, "The demolition is devastating. These grounds are the resting places of our ancestors. The ancient cairns and stone prayer rings there cannot be replaced In one day, our sacred land has been turned into hollow ground". Along with desecrating indigenous land the pipeline will ruin access to safe and clean drinking water, annihilate natural ecosystems, and ravage the local farming and food sources.
Additional information about the rally and Indigenous Youth 4 Cultural Survival can be found on facebook. The facebook event link is

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