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September 14, 2016

Jailed Water Protectors Denied Constitutional Rights

By Red Warrior Camp
Censored News

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MANDAN, North Dakota -- Water protectors stopped construction at two Dakota Access Pipeline sites today northwest of Mandan through nonviolent direct action.
At approximately 10:30 a.m. CST, two water protectors "locked down" to heavy equipment at the first action site.  One of the individuals was locked onto the machine for nearly 7 hours.
Trained medics, media, legal observers and police liaisons were on hand to offer support and were also arrested.
Separately, water protectors successfully and peacefully stopped construction at the second site.  A worker pepper sprayed one of the water protectors before leaving the scene.
Law enforcement began to arrive within the hour, followed by a large bus load of police dressed in full riot gear.  An initial police line was formed with officers toting pellet guns.  Filing in behind them was a second line of officers pointing large semi-automatic rifles at the water protectors.
The water protectors were immediately told that they were trespassing and subject to arrest.   Morton County Sheriff's office confirmed that there were 22 water protectors in custody by 4:00 p.m.  The majority of those arrested are charged with Criminal Trespass, a Class B Misdemeanor.
The two individuals who locked down to the equipment are charged with Criminal Trespass, Disorderly Conduct, and Obstruction of a Government Function.
The Morton County Jail booking process of the water protectors continued on into the evening hours.  Jail officials informed the Camp's legal team that the North Dakota States Attorney, Al Koppy, had ordered that only a North Dakota licensed attorney could visit the jailed water protectors, which is a violation of their constitutional right to counsel of their choosing for initial consultation.
The volunteer legal team assisting the water protectors called upon Chad Nodland, a local attorney who was also met with resistance by Morton County Jail staff.  Although some of the inmates had been processed, the jailers informed Nodland that he would have to wait until all 22 arrested were processed before he could speak to them individually.
Morton County Sheriff's Office refused to comment at press time.  The water protectors' bond hearing is scheduled for 1 p.m. CST on Wednesday, September 14th at Morton County Court House in Mandan, ND.


Anonymous said...

America, which was once a country not a private corporation, could grow enough food to feed the world! Anybody ever hear of the Breadbasket of the World?
Wake up & look, what do you see?
Protect land, Water, Protect our Lives

Unknown said...

Were these atrocities happening in another country (and they are) the United States Government would condemn the actions of said government; they would appeal to the United Nations for sanctions against said country (and they have); they would send our U.S.Soldiers to fight against these monsters of men to deny people access to clean water, the right(s) to live free and without harm or even execution by such evil dictators (and they have and our soldiers have died doing so). It's clear to me, how about YOU?

Anonymous said...

"All we are Saying is Give Peace a Chance" John lennon

Anonymous said...

Obstruction of a govt function? Since when is construction of a pipeline a govt function? Im going to send this to the UN and ACLU.

Anonymous said...

Ocean warming changes happening 1-5 times faster than on land! Oh snap!
Wake up, wake up, Wake up

Anonymous said...

Energy Transfer Partners is a PRIVATE Company. The people are being told that this is a public utility. Its NOT !! How did it get permits ?

Anonymous said...


Gregornot said...

This is an outrageous,that Native Indigenous Tribal Human Beings are Being treated this way. If not for an upcoming Left Shoulder Surgery, I would be standing with the Water Protectors.
This smacks of the early Civil Rights Movement and the treatment that a racist Sherrif and the Governor of North Dakota, would treat Native Peoples,so in humanely, as Black People were in the early days of the Civil Right Movement. That this is allowed at all is insane. Praying The Creator brings relief to The Water Protecterst and swift justice is done to those Racists, who are trying to destroy our Mother Earth. Clean Water is Life!!!