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September 24, 2016

Mohwak Nation News 'World Prayer'



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MNN. SEPT. 19, 2016. Prayer is like a fart under the blanket. When disaster hits, people ask for prayers. Why? We acknowledge creation in our own way to ourselves. Our constitution doesn’t mention it. You can smell a fart. After a while you don’t even smell it anymore. It goes from your behind to your nose. Only the farter and their partner smell it and get the benefit, if any.americans-pray-1024x680
It’s time to get out from under the blanket where we’ve been for 500 years. Prayers never saved us. We’ve been smelling our own fart over and over again. We need to smell the fresh air as nature intended.
The ship came here and brought a load of pacification/prayers.
The ship came here and brought a load of pacification/prayers.
An old elder said that when he was a young man he was a warrior man of action. It wasn’t prayer that brought success when he needed a clear mind, clean nostrils and good reflexes.
The biggest s.b.d. [silent but deadly] farter in the world is the Pope whose fart doesn’t penetrate the atmosphere because he hides it under his heavy skirt. Don’t stand too close to him because spontaneous internal combustion might kill us all!
The trial of the Onondaga 15 in Syracuse smells like the worst silent but deadly, moldy, fart. [@ 100 South Clinton]
He wanted us to pray while he kept on farting He wanted us to pray while he kept on farting.
He wanted us to pray while he farted. 
Maybe we should have a world fart day for peace where everyone participates and feels better. Would it help? Prayers never did. We have to try something new. In the meantime we need fresh air to think and find solutions. We should be talking about world peace, not prayer. tekanaratatis
As Frank Zappa teaches about shysterism: “The mystery man came over and said, ‘I’m outta sight’. He said for a nominal service charge I could reach Nirvana tonight. Well, I was ready, willing and able to pay him his regular fee. He said he would drop all his present affairs and devote his attention to me. And he said, ‘Look here, brother, who you jiving with that cosmik debris?” 
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PERSONS CONCERNED ABOUT JUSTICE FOR THE “ONONDAGA 15” CAN HELP.Call these parties and ask them for their position: District Court Fax 315-234-8501, Angela C.; Brittany E. Aungier; Carol L. Rhinehart; Devin M. Cain; Elkan Abramowitz; Gabriel M. Nugent 315-425-2836 Fax 1-315-425-2836; Joanna Gozzi; Jodi M. Peikin; Robert J. Anello; Terrance J. Hoffman 315-471-4107; Timothy P. Mulvey 315-448-4800 Fax 1-315-448-4800; Judge Scullon’s assistant Nicole Eallonardo Fax 1-315-234-8501. Ask Syracuse Post Standard to cover this rial, New York Times 

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