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September 9, 2016

Red Warrior Camp urges world to come stand with them and push back National Guard

"They are putting our lives in jeopardy." Cody Hall.

Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016

CANNON BALL, North Dakota -- Red Warrior Camp spokesman Cody Hall urged the entire world to come and stand with them and push back the show of force targeting peaceful water defenders, and burial place protectors, camped on Treaty lands of the Standing Rock Nation.
"I'm asking the whole world to hear our plight, that we are wanting you to show up in a peaceful manner and come stand with us on the front lines," Hall said today.
Hall said Governor Jack Dalrymple called in the National Guard during a press conference, but the governor did not disclose the number of soldiers that would be at the camp tomorrow.
Hall said it is a show of presence.
"Round one was when they used attack dogs on us," Hall said in a video media statement today.
Now, Round two is calling in the National Guard to make a heavy force on the peaceful water protectors and sacred site protectors.
"I'm asking the whole world to hear our plight, that we are wanting you to show up in a peaceful manner and come stand with us on the front lines."
He said it is their God-given right to be on these county roads and "protect what is ours and what has always been ours."
"Please come and support us. This is no game anymore. They are putting our lives in jeopardy."
Hall said those protecting the water of the Missouri River, and the sacred burial places, are expressing their Amendment rights, their civil rights.
"Please show up in support. Stand with us, so this pipeline is defeated."
Hall urged the people of the world to come and push back this show of force, push back the governor and the Morton County Sheriff, who are asserting their authority on peaceful protectors.
"We won't back down, and we are standing ground for what we believe in."
Standing Rock Dakota, Lakota and Nakota are joined by Native Americans and other supporters blocking the destruction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.
On Saturday, burial place protectors were attacked by vicious dogs, maced, and assaulted. Six were bitten by pipeline security attack dogs, including a pregnant woman and child.
The Morton Co. Sheriff's office released a statement of lies, accusing the protectors of being violent and armed. Those lies were repeated by the media, including The Associated Press.
Responding to questions in Laos this week, President Obama claimed he was clueless about the Standing Rock defense of the Missouri River water and burial place. Obama said he would have to ask his staff about it, after being questioned on his role in protecting the water and upholding environmental justice.
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Article copyright Brenda Norrell

Video: Cody Hall, Red Warrior Camp


Anonymous said...

Good to see all the relatives are going on a walk to town. Tell your own story! You water protectors are Great & Proud people. You are the heart, soul, spirit,love, strength. Take Courage ! I wouldn't pay any attention to those lying racist jerks that said that they have to call out the guard cuz of a blocked parking space ! People all over the world love you, support you, they may even want to be you ! You are the real American heroes, Turtle Island people heroes/ protectors! When you go on that walk will you remember me and the ones who wish we could be there too? The water protectors are Inspiring people to feel that there is Life and Hope & We will Stay Standing Strong with Respect.

Anonymous said...

Your actions will be a beacon for the world to protect our resources and turn the tide of greed that has stripped our planet and desiccrated our faith

Unknown said...

Hoka He!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

We need beacons all over the world. A world revolution

Mrs Vinegar said...

I'm an English Grandmother, I live in South Somerset, England. My daughter lives in Seattle and told me about the plight at Standing Rock and that no major news in USA or UK, was covering the injustices and rape of the American Indians land and the Environment. If I had money I would fly to USA and give these courageous people my last breath. All I can do is pray and sign my heart and soul to Unity, Solidarity and Peace with the Native Americans. May God protect and bless them and your newspaper.

Mrs Sally Hearn,
Somerset, England

Matt Lucero, Denver Colorado said...

Thank You Mrs Hearn. Got back last week and the SRS were so appreciative of every one's help. People from all walks of life were there living in perfect harmony. Drones, planes and helicopters overflew us all day and night, while daily life on the ground bustled with activity. Have never seen such peace, harmony, respect, and genuine gratitude. No one left a stranger. No one left unmoved.

Unknown said...

Directions to get to camp need

Anonymous said...

I can not be there in person but I support you guys from the UK.. Good luck I am routing for you all.. Gemma Marshall From Hyde Manchester England

John said...

What airport would I fly into? What supplies should I bring?

Anonymous said...

It is between mandan and cannonball on 1806 just a little bit out of cannonball.

Anonymous said...

I'm in support of Standing Rock! I pray for you everyday. I want to get you supplies and help. But have no way to get them to you. Peace and love.