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September 19, 2016

Free Lakota Grandmother Olowan 'War Cry Noise Demo' NO DAPL!

Update: Photos of Rally outside Morton County Jail

Olowan is currently incarcerated at Morton County jail for her defense of the Water at a : #NoDAPL action to stop the continued construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The state is pushing for her extradition on charges connected with her resistance at Whiteclay, Nebraska (to stop alcohol sales from destroying her community) and is attempting to hold her for weeks without proper representation and process.

We are asking everyone to bring their drums, their megaphones, their war cries and their strong voices, to bring their noisemakers and to let the state know now that we will not stop until Olowan is free and the Black Snake is dead.

Come and let Olowan know you stand with her and with us in our demand that all charges not only against her but all our water protectors be dropped.


Olowan is an Oglala Lakota Mother and Grandmother. She is a long-time Indigenous Land Defender, Water Protector, a born and raised Warrior. Her roots in resistance run deep and strong, far and wide, from Liberation Days to the Sounds of Resistance, she has worked to bring together the Women’s Peace March, organized with Mothers Against Meth, to protect Indigenous women from industrial man camps and to stand in the way of resource extractive industry time and time again. Olowan is not only an Indigenous Land Defender and Water Protector, she is also working to actively protect her community from the oppressions tied to drugs and alcohol.

Olowan is a Sundancer, a Pipe Carrier, she is a spiritual woman, a mother to the movement, a teacher, a matriarch and a mentor to the youth. Her war cry has brought so many to these frontlines and many others. We don’t leave our Warriors behind and we will not let Olowan become another missing and murdered Indigenous woman, kidnapped by the state, we will not let her become another statistic, Indigenous women are the largest and fastest growing prison population.

#FreeOlowan #NoDAPL #RedWarriorCamp #EarthsArmy #MniWiconi #WaterIsSacred #BlackSnakeKilla

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OFFICIAL: Free Olowan Fund - Red Warrior Matriarch


Husker 6.5 said...

This is my friend, Olowan Sara Martinez! I blockaded Whiteclay with her! The Government is using any excuse to round up and illegally incarcerate any "trouble-maker injuns" they can to try and break the leadership of this movement and thus end any resistance. They are too stupid to realize, lock up one leader and five will step forward to take their place! said...

Stay strong Kunshi. Stay strong Kodas. Stay singing sisters. Stay solidarity all Wias.