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September 27, 2016

Breaking Action: Standing Rock 'NO DAPL' Sept. 27, 2016


Water Protectors led by ceremony, moved in mass to halt pipeline construction

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Just added: YouTube video below

Standing Rock water protectors moved in mass today, by the hundreds, and halted construction at multiple sites of Dakota Access Pipeline, where work was supposed to be halted.

'The roads were blocked -- the eagle guided us," said one of the Lakota women, among hundreds who rushed to the sites to halt construction today.
Pipeline workers fled as water protectors arrived. Police arrived in riot gear with a sound canon, acoustic weapon, which has not been used as of now.
"We are going to come back every day until we shut this pipeline down," said one of the Lakota men protecting the land, water and air for future generations.
"As long as they're not working -- we're winning my Relatives," he said, with thanks to the Horse Nation for being here, on Treaty land.

Red Warrior Camp said, "Today, a 60+ vehicle caravan traveled to 3 Sacred Sites that are being threatened by the Dakota Access Pipeline, starting with the Sacred Ground Camp (where ancestral sites were desecrated and private security unleashed their dogs on unarmed protectors). The caravan then traveled and conducted ceremonies at 2 other DAPL construction sites. Water Protectors, Indigenous Peoples and allies united today to stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The actions today were led by ceremony."

Despite the accusations by the police that there "were shots fired" at today's ceremonies and actions, we stand united that this was a peaceful act of prayer for our Water and our Lands, Red Warrior Camp.

In the news:

Five arrested at road blockade which allowed protectors to get to site:

Police sound canon

Below: YouTube video
"As long as they're not working, we're winning my Relatives."
Thankful to the Horse Nation for being here today,
on Treaty Land.


Unknown said...

Not a SINGLE news media outlet van ANYWHERE in site!!! WHY??????

Anonymous said...

Trust me the media would have loved to have been there to document it however we unfortunately dont have the resources to keep staff at the camp 24/7. If we had been alerted to direct action we would have been there.

Anonymous said...

How can the people there make a relationship with the press - so the press can be notified in time to get there? I think the People are being very careful about reveling their plans - but it might be backfiring a bit...This story needs to get out there big-time.

Anonymous said...

Then why did you post "Anonymously"?

Anonymous said...

If you are indeed a member of the media... could you Please send a private messagev with your contact info to the admins of the Standing Rock Sioux Facebook page... so that someone could contact you???

Unknown said...

This Awareness that these independent journalists and filmmakers are bringing are wonderful. They are needed. It's the only way that this cause is being voiced at all. However, it needs to be reported accurately. For example, the president never halted anything. It was merely a request that Dakota Access stop working. It was a request for them to volunteer to stop working. He did not hault anything. There was no declaration ever to stop the construction. They stopped for maybe 2 or 3 days. And then they went about their business to show that they did comply even if just for a tiny bit. That needs to be reported. And needs to be laid out. And it needs to be realized that nothing was ever stopped nothing was ever ordered to be stopped and they have never stopped building.

Anonymous said...

I have on many accations sent links to oir local newsmchannels and I get nothing innreturn,even when it first started. Maybe its a good thing,knowing how things get turned around to make it look bad on them. This is so wrong! But the bom gts coberage all the time,so tired of heqring about it and nothing is being don to stop it.

fluffy sweetie said...

The news media --TV radio-newspapers-magazines etc are owned by 6 corporations and they pretty much control the news creating fertile soil for propaganda. The "big" boys and their plutocrat club stick together in their mania for money and power. What little that has hit media has had significant errors or bias. For example: Time magazine reporting that the permission was granted legally; the recent WDAT TV report from the Morton County sheriff's office reporting that a security officer was assaulted conveniently leaving out that there was no proof of the assault and that he was a part of the company using attack dogs and mace. The media silence gives Energy Transfer Partners
a public compliance built from created ignorance.

Anonymous said...

I posted anonymously because there is understandably a lot of hate against "the media" and I don't want to be lumped in on that while trying to help. I have already reached out to the facebook page admins before but have not received a reply, I assume they have hundreds of messages. please email me at and I will reply to prove credentials.

Bearspirit said...

Why can't mainstream media folks, who are saying they don't have the budget to be there 24/7, make an arrangement with some of the independent indigenous media like we're seeing here on Censored News, and pay proper reciprocity for any footage/coverage those on the frontlines get?? No reason why these great frontline videos I'm watching can't be purchased and broadcast immediately, in whole or in part, by msm? Seems pretty simple.....
Prayers continuing

daywomansjourney said...

Media is not always welcome at these activities...we do not want prayers and ceremonies recorded by mainstream media that may distort and malign the truth of our spiritual ceremonies and our pure intentions to safeguard the earth, the water and future generations. They can report about the camp, and about our activities, but they may not participate or be at close range anyway. And besides, we are not going to call the media and say, 'hey, come meet us at such and such a place for this action' We might as well call the police directly...

Anonymous said...

I was there for a week including Friday the 13th and was in the vicinity of the ceremonies that occurred at the sacred burial sites however it was made clear to media that we can't record it and as far as I know no one did. We are mostly all respectful of traditions and cultures and are not there to upset anyone. Media in attendance on the 13th made images of the March and quiet moments outside the ceremonies and there was a lot of coverage of the day. Alerting us to future activities doesn't mean telling us exactly where or even exactly when so there is no way for police to be more prepared than they already are. A simple note stating "we are have actions planned over X weekend, meet Y person at camp on Z day to confirm credentials and discuss the actions planned" sent directly to the correct people in the media would result in much more coverage and would t alert the police to anything.

* sure there are some bad apples but most of us are out to tell the true story and not warp anything. Blocking media entirely isn't helpful to anyone.

peoples media project said...

It's good to see these comments about the media. Censored News is always right on. The mainstream media has been biased and one-sided in North Dakota. They are shifting their mentality with all the truth blasting out, slowly they are reporting more than supporting the oil industry and sheriff. That doesn't mean they will be invited to events, but press releases do go out to alert about actions. Until the mainstream media catches on, rest assured brenda norrell will be on it!

Anonymous said...

Of course local mainstream media is going to be biased. I'm not talking local media in talking national and international media who understand the importance and historical significance of the story. I work with several major national media outlets and we haven't received a single press release about any upcoming actions. I am off to Iowa very soon to cover the situation at a camp there for a while because they were able to give me a rough indication of their plans for the next few days.

This is the most important story in the country right now and we want to cover it but are having a very hard time knowing when to send crews.

Robin Mahonen, Dancing Skygazer said...

Wheeling Water Warriors SALUTE YOU!
Reinforcements are on their way.
May you never thirst!

Harry Peltier said...

The media are a bunch of damn LIARS! We are the wrong color and therefor insignificant. Obama and crew have made it very clear that WE the original people do not matter.

Unknown said...

The media keeps getting arrested.

Unknown said...

They keep getting arrested

cory said...

Harry peltier, when it comes to "uncle sam" why would you continue to be surprised? Since the creation of white america. The goverment has since then and will continue to decieve everyone including anybody and everyone of ALL races. Its been the enemy leading the USA the whole time along and that will never change. I wouldnt expect different from a nation based on lies and sold dreams.