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September 13, 2016

Unarmed water protectors face heavily-armed riot police as DAPL lays pipe


By Red Warrior Camp
Censored News
9/13/16 2:37 p.m. Central time

MANDAN, North Dakota -- According to reports from on-site and online media outlets, 20 people have been arrested (including medics and two journalists from Unicorn Riot) and at least two people remain locked to bulldozers as construction was stopped at two sites along the Dakota Access Pipeline Route. Approximately 100 law enforcement have arrived in riot gear and officers with semi-automatic rifles came up from behind water protectors as they pointed rifles at the heads of the unarmed persons.  One event is occurring west of Mandan at site 89, near Highway 94 south from exit 120. According to current reports, police have shut down all road access to the site.  

These non-violent direct actions are part of a long-term commitment to prevent the contested DAPL pipeline from entering into the ground, which water protectors (both indigenous and non-native allies) see as a raping of Mother Earth.

Today's construction by Energy Transfer Partners comes in defiance of an Obama administration request that the "pipeline company voluntarily pause all construction activity within 20 miles east or west of Lake Oahe" following Friday's decision by Judge Boasberg of the United States District Court denying an injunction sought by the Standing Rock Tribe to prevent pipeline construction to continue.  This ruling was followed up by a joint statement between the Obama administration, Department of Justice, Department of the Interior and the U.S. Army, who blocked portions of the construction underneath Lake Oahe for an undetermined amount of time.

Red Warrior Camp is following the story live (via Unicorn Riot livestream), but with interruptions and gaps in service (
One Red Warrior Camp Facebook post shows photographs of large pipes placed into newly dug trenches approximately : "This is how horrible the land looks when DAPL trenches deep to lay the pipeline. All the children of Mother Earth need to help Her and Protect her and take care of Her as She has taken care of us all our lives. Be strong and come to Standing Rock. Help us. Stand with us. Pray for us."

A bus load of police arrive in full riot gear at DAPL site 89 west of Mandan.

In a phone call from Peoples Media at 1:43 PM, Morton County Sheriff spokesperson Rob Keller mentioned the situation is currently unfolding and he could provide no details except that law enforcement from the Morton County Sheriff and most likely the North Dakota Highway Patrol were on the scene and assessing the situation. Keller was unable to provide arrest or location information.

Water protectors have pledged to defend the land and water for as long as it takes. The water protectors urge people to stay vigilant, informed and strong as these events unfold. They reiterate that they are non-violent and the only weapons they have are their prayers and bodies. They vow to stand in the way of the military and bulldozers and are preparing for the long haul.

Images and video are available on Facebook at Red Warrior Camp, with credit to Red Warrior Camp or other noted media outlet.  Additional information available at Unicorn Riot-


Anonymous said...

Brave !
Flint Stands with Standing Rock
8,000 children live in Flint MI,
8,000 children have lead poisoning. Where were the Flint heroes while the people's water supply was being contaminated?
What if someone would have locked down, kept the water safe, Now s/he would be a hero! And the children would have been safe.

MR YA-SO said...

NORTH DAKOTA, NORTH KOREA very similar type of governments!
About the same as how protesters in village in rural China are being 'handled' by police and corporate 'pinkerton' Gestapo!!

Anonymous said...

North Dakota leases State lands for oil & gas exploration, development,& production. So does Michigan...Do the States care about people's health and safety ? Take a look, what do you see ?