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September 20, 2016

Standing Rock Sioux Chairman urges United Nations, 'Stop the Pipeline'

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Stop the pipeline for the benefit of the children not yet born

Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Sept. 20, 2016

GENEVA -- Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Dave Archambault II addressed the United Nations Human Rights Council today and urged the U.N. to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Chairman Archambault told the U.N. Human Rights Council that the Standing Rock Sioux Nation is a sovereign nation, located in the United States, whose sovereignty is recognized by the legally-binding treaties of 1851 and 1868, and signed by the traditional government Oceti Sakowin.
Oil companies are causing the deliberate destruction of their sacred places and burials, he told the U.N.
"Dakota Access Pipeline wants to build an oil pipeline under the river that is the source of our nation's drinking water."
"This pipeline threatens our communities, the river, and the earth."
Oil companies and the U.S. Government have failed to respect their rights, he said, describing the struggle for the "benefit of our children not yet born."
Chairman Archambault said that today the pipeline construction continues, although it is temporarily stopped near the Standing Rock Sioux Nation.
Chairman Archambault said Dakota Access Pipeline has knowingly destroyed graves and sacred sites with bulldozers, and used attack dogs against the people who protect the people's water and sacred sites.
"I condemn all violence, including the use of guard dogs."
"Our courts have failed to protect our sovereign rights, our sacred places and our water."
Chairman Archambault called on the U.N. Human Rights Council and all member states, to condemn the destruction of their sacred places, and to stop the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline, in order to "protect the environment, our nation's future, our culture and our way of life."
Earlier, on Sept. 3, Dakota Access Pipeline security guards attacked women and children with attack dogs and mace, as they defended the burial grounds of ancestors. Dakota Access Pipeline knowingly sent bulldozers to destroy the ancestral burial place, after it was identified the day before, on Sept. 2.
The State of North Dakota targeted the media with arrest, issuing arrest warrants for Amy Goodman, producer of Democracy Now, and Cody Hall, Lakota spokesperson for Red Warrior Camp. Hall spent four days in jail on misdemeanor criminal trespass charges. Then, last week, the live streamers, Unicorn Riot, were pointed out by police, arrested and jailed.
While arresting those defending the Missouri River from the pipeline, and defending the burial places, the State of North Dakota has refused to arrest the security guards who attacked the defenders. The online community found it easy to identify Frost Kennels of Ohio, from its license plate at the scene of the attack, and four former Bismarck police officers acting as private security.
The State of North Dakota filed felony charges against young people who locked down to heavy machinery to stop the pipeline last week.

Although there were misleading news reports that the pipeline had been stopped, the pipeline continued tearing through the earth near Bismarck.
Today, Native Americans are protesting at the Morton County Jail, as one of the water defenders, Lakota grandmother Olowan  Sara Martinez, continues to be incarcerated.
Following a flow of steady lies from Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, incorrectly stating that the water defenders were armed and violent, the Governor of North Dakota called out the National Guard. The National Guard has been monitoring a checkpoint near the Standing Rock Camp, where thousands are camped. The ACLU said this checkpoint is a violation of Constitutional Rights to assemble and voice free speech.
The majority of stocks in the Dakota Access Pipeline are owned by Energy Transfer Partners of Dallas, Texas, whose CEO is Kelcy Warren, and Enbridge Energy Partners in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Alberta is the home region of tar sands mining that has already poisoned the land and water of the Cree and surrounding communities.
After the Keystone XL pipeline was halted, this new pipeline was permitted in segments, to avoid detection, and includes pipeline segments with transfer points all the way from the Alberta tar sands to the Gulf of Mexico.
Currently, protesters in Iowa are being jailed as they defend their small farms from seizure by eminent domain, and the threat of poisoning the waterways of Iowa.

While incarcerated in Morton Country Jail, Olowan Sara Martinez wrote this message yesterday. Sara Long, who was jailed with her while live videotaping, shared it.

"Anpetu waste' beautiful resistors, Olowan Miye.. I would like to share with you my Innerstanding of what is happening around me..
"I must start by acknowledging my love for my ancestors, my children, and of course for Mni Sose. I also pray my words reach you in good strong health and spirits..
"As I sit here in Morton County Jail I can see clearly that us sacred water protectors are the least of their problems..
"thru the tears stories and friendship shared with me by the beautiful women of the surrounding communities I know I was meant to be here and for that I have no regrets..
"the heartache of a life tormented by abuse of mind body & spirit, the grief of love lost, death and abuse, and the anger of feeling helpless and hopeless is limitless to creed or color..
"I have also come to Innerstand that the threat to poison the Mni Sose aka the Missouri River is felt by all..
"Altho the sacredness of our first medicine must always be stressed it is always Innerstood by those who choose to listen, and many are listening to Mitakuyapi, my relatives..
"I encourage all to keep up the battle to save sacred water thru all tactics being used.. DO NOT GIVE UP!
"To the surrounding communities of Morton County, open your eyes, us sacred water protectors are thinking of your grandchildren's grandchildren whether you want to believe it or not..
"We are not getting paid to be here! Everything for everyone, nothing for ourselves.
"Olowan Sara
"Liilii Red"
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Unknown said...

UN peace keepers please.

Anonymous said...

Energy Partners says oil& gas pipelines don't leak.(google search): The COLONIAL pipeline, owned by Koch Industries, S.Korea's National Pension Service, Kohlberg Travis Roberts, Caisse De depot et placement du Quebec; Royal Dutch Shell; IFM-US
Just SPILLED in Shelby County ALABAMA estimated 252,000-335,000 gallons of gas.
1970 Maryland 30,186 gallons of gas & kerosene.
1991 S. Carolina 500,000 diesel.
26 miles of waterways including Enoree river, Sumter National Forest.
1993 Virginia, a pressurized pipeline ruptured & sprayed diesel fuel 75 feet into the air!
1994 Houston TX area San Jacinto River. 2 pipeline failures. Explosions & fires erupted on the river.
1996 S. Carolina 957,600 gallons of fuel oil polluted 34 miles of the Reedy river. Floating oil extended 23 miles down river.35,000 fish killed & other..
1997 Athens,GA 18,900 gallons of gas into Bear Creek watershed.
2012 Tennessee 500 gallons gas spill
7 Spills/4 years/2003 fined$34mil

Unknown said...

we cannot allow this pipeline to go through native lands water is life
medicine turtle Cherokee

Anonymous said...

OMG! Did Alabama,Sex Scandal, Governor Bentley really say that he was impressed with Colonial Pipeline response to massive gas spill? Who discovered the spill, some guy who smelled gas & saw a it on the water; 300,000 gallons later ? How long was it leaking, days? Sept 9th, Sept 16th ?
How many pipelines leaked?
What about their alarm system and turning off the pumps? Where's the Media coverage ?

Anonymous said...

*worst environmental disaster in USA history, Gulf Coast,
* 3.19 million barrels of oil destroying the Gulf of Mexico for 3 months.
*Alabama governor earmarked money from
*BP settlement for recovery from the damage to instead
*money to finance a second governors Mansion
*on the gulf coast to the tune of
*$1.8 million dollars
*$1.8 million of oil damage settlement money for a governors mansion not damaged by the 2010 BP OIL DEVASTATION SPILL

Waterfallsfromeyes said...

UN hear us, please.