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September 24, 2016

Lockdown in Iowa at Mississippi River Access Point 'NO DAPL'

Censored News

A total of 12 people were arrested today at the Mississippi River access point for the Dakota Access Pipeline. Josh Bagelman, Jessica Reznicek, and Rachel "Rae" Machado locked themselves to a backhoe today at approximately 6am before workers arrived on site. They have been charged with trespassing and will be released on their own recognizance. The 5 who were part of the scheduled protest later in the afternoon were charged with trespassing after entering the pipeline work site and released within hours of their arrest. The Mississipppi Stand encampment offers non violent direct action training each Saturday at 10am at 3333 Mississippi River Road near Keokuk Iowa. #mississippistand #waterislife #nodapl


Anonymous said...

Peoples homes have been taken by the pipeline companies by having the homes CONDEMNED. People said the more they objected to pipeline companies bullying them, the more threatening the companies act.
"Think of it like having an invading army come in and occupy your home. They have complete control." said B.Duman.**************
get a right of way, pipeline companies come back and take more land,
get ADDITIONAL Right of Ways,
use them how they want;
dig up yards, trees, gardens, farms, wetlands, houses,sheds, pools, decks, sanctuaries, and even cemeteries or burial grounds. Lay pipelines 7 feet from your homes!

Unknown said...

This is what we can't understand!!! People are fed up and protesting US govt anyway they can, whether it be by blockades, riots, peaceful prayer vigil, it is getting to a point where as non natives are feeling what we have felt our existence since white people first came here(uninvited). We agree it is WRONG, always was wrong!. US govt is supposed to stand for the people but it is not. Even the president isn't for the people! They are all bought and paid for.