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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Women's Boat to Gaza -- Enroute to France from Spain

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Zaytouna-Oliva approaches Ajaccio, France 

There has been a lot that has happened with the Zaytouna-Oliva and Amal-Hope (see below) since their departure from Barcelona, Spain on September 15.

After a delayed start, Zaytouna-Oliva is now approaching its next European port of call, Ajaccio France.

Watch her progress here.

Participants on board include a Swedish parliamentarian, a Spanish parliamentarian (who was a former actress), a political advisor to Israel's Knesset and our very own Ann Wright. Ann is a former diplomat with the US State Department. 

You can read more about the women participants here.  Zaytouna-Oliva's next European port of call is Messina, Italy. She will have new particpants on board so stay tuned. 

Campaign to Fund Replacement for Amal-Hope

Amal-Hope had to return to Barcelona, Spain following mechanical difficulties. She will be unable to continue her journey so a crowdsource campaign has been launched to fund a replacement. 

The site also includes a short video from women in Gaza welcoming the WBG to their shores. 

55 EU Parliamentarians request safe passage for the Women's Boat to Gaza. 

The letter to the High Minister for Foreign Affairs also asks the EU to pressure Israel to end its blockade on Gaza. 

In solidarity!

 PLEASE Donate to Women's Boat to Gaza through the US campaign fiscal sponsor Nonviolence International.

 Hit the Donate button and, on the second screen, click Add special instructions to the seller, to designate "Women's Boat to Gaza" . 
US to Gaza, Women's Boat to Gaza, c/o Nonviolence International, 4000 Albemarle Street, NW Suite 401  , Washington, DC 20016

Ho-Chunk Nation Council Approves Rights of Nature Constitutional Amendment

UNICORN RIOT VIDEO: Water Protectors Arrested by Militarized Police

Unicorn Riot Media Pointed Out For Arrest
Riot Police Mass Arrest Water Protectors
Never Surrender!
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This is what happens with the U.S. government, courts, law enforcement and mainstream media go to bed with Big Oil.

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The arrest of the 23 water defenders on Tuesday was obviously a hit job by militarized police. The strong voices in the water protection movement, and livestream media, had been identified ahead of time and were pointed out at the scene for arrest.
Once in jail, they were initially denied their right to an attorney of their choice.
The following day, Wednesday, the three warriors who locked down were charged with felonies. A second mass arrest took place at this construction site.
Last Friday, President Obama released a carefully worded statement that fooled many people into believing the pipeline construction had been stopped.
However, Obama's statement only applied to 20 miles on each side of the river, and the President made stopping work voluntary for the pipeline.
Water protectors locked down two days in a row at construction sites this week where DAPL has already completed destruction, moving at excessive speed to lay pipe.
In violation of federal law, DAPL bulldozed Native American graves on Sept. 3, 2016 near Standing Rock Camp.
The State of North Dakota issued arrest warrants for the media. Amy Goodman, executive producer of Democracy Now! was charged with criminal trespass for being present when the graves were bulldozed.
Cody Hall, spokesman for Red Warrior Camp, was charged for criminal trespass, for being present on Sept. 3 and 6. Hall spent four days in jail. During that time, Hall said police attempted to break him down.
As Native Americans and supporters ran to defend the ancestral graves on Sept. 3, women and children were attacked by vicious attack dogs and pepper sprayed. The attack dogs were brought to the scene by Frost Kennels of Ohio. This was exposed by the vehicle license plate, and confirmed by Frost Kennels in posts on Facebook.
However, the State of North Dakota has refused to prosecute the attackers who sicced dogs on the water defenders defending the burial place.
A federal judge in Washington, U.S. District Judge James Boasberg, has consistently ruled in favor of Dakota Access Pipeline, and ignored federal laws protecting Native American burial places.
Thousands are camped at Standing Rock Camp to protect the Missouri River, drinking water source of millions, from an underground pipeline of DAPL.
They will not back down.

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