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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Obama Approved Pipeline now Destroying Indian Burial Place in Texas

Archeologist David Keller witnesses the destruction of ancient indian site Trap Springs in the Big Bend region of Texas. Photo by Jessica Lutz

Obama approved pipelines to Mexico by the same company that destroyed the burial place at Standing Rock. That company is now destroying an Indian burial place in Big Bend, Texas, and the black snake corporation --  Energy Transfer Partners of Dallas -- has stolen the names of 'Dakota,' and 'Comanche,' for its pipelines.

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
While the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline was escalating, President Obama approved two pipelines to cross the border into Mexico by the same owners, Energy Transfer Partners of Dallas. Now, this black snake pipeline company is ripping into an ancient Indian site in the conservation area of Big Bend in Texas.
"In May, the federal government quietly approved permits for two Texas pipelines — the Trans-Pecos and Comanche Trail Pipelines — also owned by Energy Transfer Partners. This action and related moves will ensure that U.S. fracked gas will be flooding the energy grid in Mexico," Desmogblog reports.
Just as it did in the north, with the the theft of the word 'Dakota,' for its black snake pipeline, in the south, this black snake corporation Energy Transfer Partners stole the name of 'Comanche' for its pipeline.
The pipelines were dependent on presidential approval because they will cross the international border of the U.S. and Mexico.
The Big Bend Conservation Alliance said, "Today was a sad day as we witnessed the destruction of part of an ancient Indian site along the eastern front of the Davis Mountains by Energy Transfer Partners—the same company that destroyed the sacred burial grounds of the Standing Rock Sioux a few weeks ago. Giant mulching machines chewed through creosote bush and pulverized rock as it ground a pathway across the Trap Spring site for the bulldozers in the days to come.
"This is the first of three stages of construction—the initial clearing. During this phase, brush clearing machines blazed a 125 foot swath through the southern third of the site, a massive tractor with a rotating drum armed with carbide teeth mulching everything in its path. On the backsweep, it scrapes the ground clean, leaving only powdery dust behind.
"Next will come the bulldozers, which will excavate a 125 foot wide trench two feet deep. Any subsurface features and artifacts will be destroyed.
"Last will come the deep trenching for the pipeline. This will obliterate any deeply, potentially VERY old materials."

"Within a two-week span in May 2016, as the Sacred Stone Camp was getting off the ground as the center of protests, the U.S.Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued presidential permits for the Trans-Pecos and Comanche Trail Pipelines. Together, the pipelines will take natural gas obtained from fracking in Texas' Permian Basin and ship it in different directions across the U.S.-Mexico border, with both starting at the Waha Oil Field," Desmogblog reports.
Big Bend Conservation Alliance, "As we stood adjacent to the easement, this machine operator turned, and charged into an area known as a "temporary additional workspace," which is a "bump out" on the main construction easement. This additional workspace overlaps a portion of the southern 1/3 of the Trap Springs archeological site. It was as if the equipment operator was hiking his leg on us."

Lakota Grandmother Water Protector Olowan Martinez Released from Jail after Extradition


Lakota Grandmother Olowan Martinez, who earlier protested White Clay liquor stores and abuses, was extradited to Nebraska on 'terrorist threat' charges after taking a stand against Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock!

By Natalie Hand

Lakota Media Project
Censored News
French translation by Christine Prat at:

RUSHVILLE, Sheridan County, Nebraska -- Water Protector Olowan Martinez made her initial court appearance today in Sheridan County Court.
Judge Russell Harford granted Martinez a $10,000 bond for the following charges:
*1 count Terroristic Threat - Class 4 Felony (Verbal threat)
* 1 count Theft - Class 2 Misdemeanor (Took over movable property to take alcohol)
* 1 count Aiding & Abetting in Criminal Mischief - Class 2 Misdemeanor (Recklessly damaging property, namely alcohol)
* 1 count Aiding & Abetting in Criminal Mischief - Class 1 Misdemeanor (Damaged tires on movable property, namely beer distribution truck)
These charges stem from a 2013 Women's Day of Peace rally that was held in White Clay, Nebraska, the infamous tiny border town, population 13, near the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. White Clay liquor stores peddle alcohol to the neighboring "dry" reservation, where alcohol is banned. Four liquor stores in White Clay sell over 4 million cans of beer annually and make a considerable profit. Martinez has been a longtime opponent of alcohol sales in the border town.
The Women's Day of Peace rally consisted of mothers and grandmothers exercising their constitutional right to peacefully assemble to raise awareness of the lawlessness in White Clay, which includes sex trafficking, alcohol sales to minors, illicit drug dealing, sexual assaults and unsolved murders.
"It is unfortunate that Nebraska law enforcement ignores the illicit and illegal activities that take place in Whiteclay that are associated with the liquor stores. Instead, they criminalize and arrest activists like Olowan Martinez. She needs to be commended not incarcerated. Let us be honest, the true criminals are the alcohol corporations like Budweiser and the liquor store owners who exploit legal loopholes to make profits and ignore the devastating effects that alcohol has brought upon Oglala Lakota children and families," stated Jorge Castillo, Advocacy Director at Alcohol Justice, an alcohol industry watchdog organization.
Martinez, an Oglala Lakota grandmother from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, was arrested on September 13th in Morton County, North Dakota, on a criminal trespass charge for her alleged participation in a nonviolent direct action to stop the Dakota Access pipeline construction.
Upon her arrest, she was informed of an outstanding warrant against her in Nebraska. Martinez waived an extradition hearing in Morton County court on September 14th, thus allowing the Sheridan County Sheriff 10 days to take her into their custody.
Sheridan County Sheriff Terry Robbins confirmed that his office took Martinez into their custody on September 21st.
Martinez's preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 29th at 1:00 p.m. MST in Sheridan County Court.

For more information

Cody Hall
Red Warrior Camp

Support Standing Rock Defenders and Palestinian Prisoners 'NO G4S'

23 September, NYC: Support Standing Rock Defenders and Palestinian Prisoners

by samidoun
Friday, 23 September
4:00 pm
G4S NY Office - 19 W. 44th St, NYC
On September 6, Latin American news channel teleSUR confirmed that British-Danish security company G4S has deployed personnel to guard construction sites for the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline (
Only three days earlier, private security forces working for the project attacked Native land and water defenders, using dogs and pepper against protests that have united thousands from over 200 indigenous tribes against the pipeline (
G4S admitted on September 9 that it had dispatched a "unarmed security personnel" for "patrol and response" duties, but refused to say what responsibilities were (
G4S, the world's largest security firm and second-biggest private employer, also services Israel's checkpoints, its occupation and security forces, and the prisons and detention centers where 7,000 Palestinian political prisoners are held and tortured.
They include 750 "administrative detainees" interned without in Israeli prisons charge or trial.
Demand that G4S end its participation in settler-colonial violence against Native and Palestinian people, and that it cut its ties to the Dakota Access Pipeline and Israel's occupation regime immediately.
Join us to answer a united appeal by Palestinian prisoners for escalated boycotts of G4S ( and calls from Standing Rock for solidarity.
From Standing Rock to Palestine, support indigenous resistance, self-determination and liberation, and fight settler-colonialism, racism and repression!

'Water is Life' CD for Standing Rock Featured at Native American Music Awards

Living Legend Saginaw Grant
Flutist of the Year Rona YellowRobe

Family of Jim Boyd: Record of the Year by Jim Boyd


Nominees of the Native American Music Awards contributed their songs to a free CD entitled, Water Is Life to support the Standing Rock Sioux Community.

By Native American Music Awards
Censored News
On Saturday September 17th, the 16th Annual Native American Music Awards was an evening filled with beauty, love, laughter and tears from actors, comedians and musicians in Native American entertainment.
Interspersed with moving musical tributes and highly dynamic performances, it was an emotionally and spiritually charged event with special award recipients ranging from from elder and Living Legend Award recipient, Saginaw Grant, Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Joseph FireCrow, Entertainers of the Year Williams and Ree, and Hall of Fame inductee Taboo, who leaked to the audience that a new Black Eyed Peas recording is in the near future.
A special appearance was made by the family of nominee Joseph Flying Bye, whose recording, Putting The Moccasins Back On, was post humously nominated in two categories. His son, Allen Flying Bye and ten other family members, drove all the way from Standing Rock, North Dakota to the show. In a showing of unity and solidarity, they received an overwhelming response from the attendees supporting their opposition of the Dakota Access pipeline. Several weeks prior, Seneca President John had visited with Standing Rock Tribal Chairman David Archambault II. Recently, nominees of the Native American Music Awards contributed their songs to a free Cd entitled, Water Is Life to support the Standing Rock Sioux Community.
Awarded Entertainers of the Year, the comedy duo Williams and Ree who were at the inaugural awards show back in 1998, had the entire audience laughing with both their spoken skits and their songs.
Traditional performances were held by the Awards' youngest nominee and rising star, 12 year-old hand drummer, Nizhoo Sullivan, as well as Theresa Bear Fox and the Akwesasne Women Singers, and Joseph Fire Crow who also picked up the tempo with a contemporary song performed with the Ed Koban house band.
Shelley Morningsong took the coveted Artist of the Year award, and commanded the stage with a stellar performance of singing and playing flute as her husband and musical partner, Fabian Fontenelle performed in his stunning regalia.
Best Pop Recording winner, Spencer Battiest, and his brother Doc, gave an impressive performance with a moving ballad and a hip hop song.
John Trudell’s tribute was held in two parts; a song entitled DNA, by Annie Humphrey who has previously collaborated with Trudell, and Ancestors Song, by Thana Redhawk featuring the intertwined words of both Trudell and Redhawk.
The evening closed with a bittersweet moment when the award for Record of the Year went to the late Jim Boyd for his last recording, Bridge Creek Road. His wife Shelly, was on hand to accept the award accompanied by 15 members of Jim’s family including Jim’s eldest son, daughter, his sister, nieces and nephews. Their somber acceptance was followed by a tribute performance held by Keith Secola and Jim’s long time drummer Alfonso Kolb along with special guests Annie Humphrey and Sage Bond.
Other award winners in attendance include; Logan Staats for Debut Artist of the Year, David Rose and Pete Barnhart for Debut Duo of the Year, Rona Yellow Robe for Flutist of the Year, 7 Trees for Best Historical Recording, Connor Chee for Best Instrumental Recording, Conrad Benally for Best Inspirational Recording, Blue Flamez for Best Music Video, B of Dakota South Records for Song of the Year, Sue Straw for Best Spoken Word Recording, Women of Heart for Best Traditional Recording, and Michael Longrider for Native Heart.
The Native American Music Awards extends their sincerest congratulations to all the Award winners.
Shelley Morningsong
Love Medicine
All Our Relations
Blue Mountain Tribe
Reservation Girl
Desert West
Logan Staats
Goodbye Goldia
David Rose & Pete Barnhart
Falling To Grace
Fawn Wood
Native American Songs and Stories For Children
Sue Straw
Rona Yellow Robe
Shoot For The Moon
Rain Dance The Album
Lil Mike and FunnyBone
Heart and Soul
Conrad Benally
Mackenzie’s Raid
7 Trees
The Navajo Piano
Connor Chee
Roman Orona
Circling Spirits Contemporary Apache Songs
Stupid In Love
Spencer Battiest
Born To Sing
Young Bear
The Addiction
Night Shield
Bridge Creek Road
Jim Boyd
Spirit Cry
Spirit Cry
Come And Get Your Love
B. of Dakota South Records
Sisters In Spirit
Women of Heart
Rez Life
Blue Flamez

In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Father & Uncle
Family Pride
Michael Longrider
In Through The Mist
Williams and Ree

Joseph FireCrow

Saginaw Grant



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