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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Breaking Action: Standing Rock 'NO DAPL' Sept. 27, 2016


Water Protectors led by ceremony, moved in mass to halt pipeline construction

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Just added: YouTube video below

Standing Rock water protectors moved in mass today, by the hundreds, and halted construction at multiple sites of Dakota Access Pipeline, where work was supposed to be halted.

'The roads were blocked -- the eagle guided us," said one of the Lakota women, among hundreds who rushed to the sites to halt construction today.
Pipeline workers fled as water protectors arrived. Police arrived in riot gear with a sound canon, acoustic weapon, which has not been used as of now.
"We are going to come back every day until we shut this pipeline down," said one of the Lakota men protecting the land, water and air for future generations.
"As long as they're not working -- we're winning my Relatives," he said, with thanks to the Horse Nation for being here, on Treaty land.

Red Warrior Camp said, "Today, a 60+ vehicle caravan traveled to 3 Sacred Sites that are being threatened by the Dakota Access Pipeline, starting with the Sacred Ground Camp (where ancestral sites were desecrated and private security unleashed their dogs on unarmed protectors). The caravan then traveled and conducted ceremonies at 2 other DAPL construction sites. Water Protectors, Indigenous Peoples and allies united today to stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The actions today were led by ceremony."

Despite the accusations by the police that there "were shots fired" at today's ceremonies and actions, we stand united that this was a peaceful act of prayer for our Water and our Lands, Red Warrior Camp.

In the news:

Five arrested at road blockade which allowed protectors to get to site:

Police sound canon

Below: YouTube video
"As long as they're not working, we're winning my Relatives."
Thankful to the Horse Nation for being here today,
on Treaty Land.

Water Protectors Stop Construction of DAPL and Dispel Accusations of Violence

Water Protectors Across Midwest Continue to Stop Active Construction of Dakota Access Pipeline and Dispel Accusations of Violence
By Indigenous Environmental Network, Honor the Earth and Red Warrior Camp
Censored News

CANNON BALL, North Dakota -- On Monday, North Dakota news outlet WDAY-TV published a report on a #NoDAPL action in North Dakota that occurred the day prior. The report alleges a private security guard was “assaulted” and “carried by” protesters at a Dakota Access construction site. There is no proof of the incident - the hundreds of photos and live video shot of the demonstration all show an entirely peaceful day. 

As documented on Sunday, hundreds of indigenous peoples, organizations, and allies gathered in peaceful opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Native women and youth planted willow trees in the path of the pipeline. Prayers and songs by the protectors were in stark contrast to the helicopters flying overhead and police presence. Elders spoke of protecting the water, and the significance of the willow trees. 

“Despite continuing efforts of local media to paint us as aggressors and the pipeline’s construction as inactive, protectors are united in non-violent direct action to stop this destructive project. The company has sicced dogs and used mace on Native women and children to protect its fossil fuel investment, but we fight with our prayers and love for seventh generation. Dakota Access hasn't stopped construction, they've upped their efforts with a six to seven day work week, and purchase of Cannonball Ranch, land with numerous sacred sites that is right next to where they plan to drill under the river,” said Tara Houska, National Campaigns Director of Honor the Earth. 

The same day, organizers opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline project movement identified a construction site near Redfield, South Dakota. They placed one thousand traditional prayer ties at the construction site in peaceful direct action to permanently stop the construction of the pipeline. 

"In support of all the tribes who have been praying and Yankton Sioux Tribe's filing for injunction against Dakota Access pipeline we came down to lend our support in resistance to this evil monster. Do not think that this fight is done. We will be watching you and we know the grave injustices Energy Transfer has done to the people to the earth and the threat to sacred water.” explained Joye Braun, citizen of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and frontline organizer with the Indigenous Environmental Network.

The two actions in North and South Dakota were peaceful and no arrests were made. However, in Iowa 12 arrests were made on Saturday, September 24, at the Mississippi River access point for the Dakota Access Pipeline where the group Mississippi Stand has recently set up an encampment to resist the construction of the pipeline.

“Over 100 Iowans have been arrested so far in direct actions against this crude oil threat to our drinking water.  We won’t rest until the pipeline has been stopped in Standing Rock and in Iowa.  We won’t rest until all the Rivers are protected.  We won’t rest until future generations are guaranteed clean water.  We won’t rest until the Tribes have gotten justice,” said Carolyn Raffensperger, executive director of the Science and Environmental Health Network. 

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SACRAMENTO -- Native Rights Matter March Oct. 6 -- 7, 2016

Stop Tribal Genocide Coordinates March to Protect Civil Rights
Native Civil Rights March that deals with Issues that are plaguing Indian Country

The two day event will take place at the State Capitol on October 6, 2016 and The Bureau of Indian Affairs Regional Office on October 7, 2016. Members of Stop Tribal Genocide and fellow protestors will meet up at the State Capitol and speak about topics pertaining to: Tribal Disenrollment, Pipelines, Fracking, Federal Recognition and Honoring of Treaties, Police Brutality, Abolishing Columbus Day, Annexing Native American Mascots and the Identity Theft of Native American Children. The first day will culminate with a March around the Capitol building. Stop Tribal Genocide will end the protest on Friday, October 7, at the Regional Office of The Bureau of Indian Affairs, where they will protest their grievances to the Bureau and hopefully place a list of grievances in the hands of the head of the Regional Office herself.

As Founder of Stop Tribal Genocide and a Co-Coordinator for the event, Emilio Reyes, Gabrielino, says that "preserving the existence of our Tribes is our top priority and we are uniting to fight against all issues in Indian Country."

This event occurs during a time in America where Civil Rights violations have been taking place all over the country. These violations have caused quite a controversy and have started to unify the general public in their fight to preserve their rights. Standing Rock, North Dakota is a prime example of Native Americans, as well as people from all walks of life, banding together to stop a pipeline that can potentially harm a massive body of water that provides drinking water for thousands of people nationwide. The Native Rights Matter March is the West Coast version of that protest.

"We want to stand together peacefully and fight for our rights and our ways of life. We are still here and will let the world know that we speak as one voice; stand as one people; and will march as one to protect our civil liberties, our land, our water, and our livelihood," says Yulu Ewis, a member of The Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria (Coast Miwok), Co-Founder of Stop Tribal Genocide and a coordinator of this event.

Our Native American speaker list for Thursday, October 6, is as follows:

Emilio Reyes – Stop Tribal Genocide

Yulu Ewis – Stop Tribal Genocide

Michelle Hammock – Stop Tribal Genocide

Rick Cuevas – Originalpechanga,com Blog

Dayna Barrios – Anthropologist

Sandra Sigala – Former Chairwoman of Hopland Band of Pomo Indians

Lori Thomas – Speaker

Delbert Thomas – Speaker

Jacqueline Keeler – Journalist

We're also proud to announce YahNe Ndgo, surrogate for Green Party Jill Stein, will be expressing on how the Green Party supports Native civil rights.

Please join the Stop Tribal Genocide Movement on October 6-7, 2016 in Sacramento, CA and help protect Native American Civil Rights.
For more information please refer to Stop Tribal Genocide's Facebook link for the march:

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