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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Morton Co. Sheriff's office making false statements about peaceful water protectors

Northwest Native American leaders arrived at
Standing Rock Camp this week, where peaceful
water protectors are camped.

Photo: The blood of Native American water protectors is on this dog's teeth.

The photo below was taken on Saturday when the vicious attack dogs of the pipeline private security were out of control. The photo shows one of these vicious dogs attacking one of its own handlers. This photo is one of many photos that refutes the false statements made by the Morton County Sheriff on Saturday.

Morton County Sheriff's office making false allegations about Native water protectors
By Brenda Norrell
CANNON BALL, North Dakota -- Native Americans protecting their burial places from bulldozers were attached by vicious dogs, pepper sprayed and assaulted by Dakota Access pipeline private security today at about 3 p.m., on Saturday, Sept. 3, 2016.
The Morton County Sheriff's office is currently making false statements to the public. The Morton County Sheriff has made false claims that the Native American water protectors were violent. However, the photos and videos reveal the truth. Peaceful protesters were attacked by pipeline private security.
The false statements of the Morton County Sheriff's office made to media in the Bismarck area could be used to justify force against the peaceful Native American water protectors.
The Native American water defenders were attacked and six were bitten by vicious attack dogs, as documented in videos. (

Standing Rock: Pipeline turns dogs loose on water protectors, maces them

Today private security contractors hired by the oil companies attacked the water defenders with strike dogs and pepper spray. 

Water protectors bitten by dogs, maced, assaulted by pipeline private security officers

Sept. 3, Saturday
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

CANNON BALL, North Dakota -- Standing Rock Camp water protectors were attacked my vicious dogs, maced and some punched by the Dakota Access Pipeline crew, around 3 p.m., today, Saturday.
Dakota Access Pipeline provoked a confrontation by taking heavy machinery into an area that had been identified as a site of Native American burial grounds, located about one mile north of the camp.
The non-violent water protectors were first maced, then guard dogs were brought in. One of guard dogs attacked a horse and people present.
However, the water protectors stood their ground and by moving forward together were able to make the equipment turn around.
Tonight, a scout camp is being established there.
One of the dogs brought in
by Dakota Access Pipeline
it to attack water defenders
About 4,000 to 5,000 people are gathered today at the camp/
One Lakota woman on the frontline said, "Warriors on the front lines! Dakota Access is on the run! All we are armed with is prayer and songs. We hug each other and wrap each other with love."
"Dakota Access let attack dogs loose on us. They were attacking blindly, even attacking their own workers."
Lakota woman said, "Pipeline crew were scrambling to reach Highway 1806. They were using their machines to rape our Mother Earth. All the women were crying. My auntie and I held each other and cried. But we prayed and walked together and Dakota Access ran scared, scared of our songs and prayers. "We stood strong in the face of their pepper spray, barking dogs, and huge men who were throwing our people to the ground."
One man at the scene said, "They maced us."
"We got bit by dogs. But we didn't stop."
"They turned around and started leaving."
He said water protectors were maced and bitten by canines, including German Shepherds. But they chased the pipeline construction crew back.
"They had dogs with them, they had sticks with them."
"The pipeline workers threw punches at some of the people. But we didn't throw back. We are not dumb, we know what we are doing."
Red Warrior Camp said, "DAPL private security force unloaded vicious dogs to push the water protectors off the land. The dogs were blindly lunging at everyone, even DAPL construction workers! Tear gas has been deployed by DAPL security force (while the North Dakota State Patrol helicopter hovers overhead) to end the non-violent direct action at the construction site, just off Hwy 1806, just 1 mile north of Red Warrior Camp."
Standing Rock Camp announced late on Saturday that there will be a smaller camp, as a scout camp, to monitor the area of burial grounds where the pipeline attempted to dig into the ground today.
The camp asked that no families or children be at the scout camp.
For those going to the scout camp, there was a mandatory security briefing so that everyone is safe and knows the protocol.
Police did arrive today, but there were no arrests.
Some women were bitten by the attack dogs. Please check back later for an update on their condition.

Watch Facebook videos of today, Sat.  Nataani Means said, "Before they released the dogs, you can see them mace
Article copyright Brenda Norrell

Private security firms attacking burial ground defenders
Readers who are investigating the private security firm and dog handlers who attacked the defenders of the burial place on Saturday, have reported to us three firms that were likely responsible. We are still confirming the details.
The license plate on one vehicle show that the attack dogs came from an Ohio attack dog corporation owned by Edward William Frost, Frost Kennel Ohio. The owner has a criminal record so it was easy to track the plates. The firm has also been reported for fraud and abuse of dogs.
Also, it is reported that 10-Code in Bismark was involved, operated by former (or current) Bismarck police officer, see below.
Further there are reports that G4S was involved. G4S is based in London and is the global private security firm abusing human rights and prisoners around the world.
G4S is present on the Arizona border transporting migrants to detention.
Black Hawk, heavily armed security, has also been employed in the Bakken.
The Private Security firm owner 10-Code: The only employee for the drilling company in the Baaken is Steven Kilde. He is a recent (or current) Bismark police officer.
"10-Code LLC has been retained by Energy Transfer to provide the physical means to attempt forcing through this construction project; 10-Code LLC is registered with the North Dakota Private Investigation and Security Board. Steven Kilde is former military. All employees other than himself are temporary employees. He is a licensed private investigator in ND, PI#547 Agency #830."
Steven Kilde appears to be on the Bismarks Police Department, or was until recently, and he also retired as a 1st Sgt out of the National Guard, which means he's drawing a State pension."

Ashley Nicole Welch has been reported as one of the dog handlers siccing dogs on protectors on Saturday. Shown here she was previously arrested for battery and parole violation.

Those named here can deny or confirm the reports of their involvement by e-mailing


Listen: Colorado River Indian Tribes arrive in Standing Rock Camp

Bird Dancers at Standing Rock Camp Sept. 3, 2016
Photo Teko Alejo

Photo 2: Colorado River Indian Tribes in Moab, Utah, speaking out against the proposed Green River nuclear power plant and other forms of extreme extraction threatening the river and their lives and cultures.

Listen to the arrival just now of Colorado River Indian Tribes, from Parker, along the Arizona and California border, in Standing Rock Camp in Cannon Ball, North Dakota. (Saturday morning, Sept. 3, 2016)

Broadcast live in camp at Standing Rock Radio by Govinda, Standing Rock Resistance Radio. Recorded by Censored News.

Zapatistas and National Indigenous Congress announce Fifth National Indigenous Congress


Oct. 9 -- 14, 2016 San Cristobal, Chiapas
Given that:

This October marks 20 years of uninterrupted work by the National Indigenous Congress [CNI], a space of unity, reflection, and organization for the indigenous peoples of Mexico. The National Indigenous Congress has worked for the full reconstitution of our peoples and the construction of a society where all cultures, all colors, and all of the peoples of Mexico fit.
Throughout these years, and with increased strength since the release of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandón Jungle by the Zapatista Army for National Liberation, we have forged in word and action our contributions to the struggles of resistance and rebellion throughout the national geography. We not only sustain our decision to continue our existence, but we honor this decision with all our strength and with our fists in the air. We honor it by weaving together profound and collective agreements that can be seen in our care of the earth, in our languages, in our traditions, and in our collective governments in their many different names and forms. The flame of our autonomy lives inside these things, and it illuminates the collective heart of our peoples, barrios, nations, and tribes. These are deep agreements that we work on every day so that each one gives rise to the complex territories that together constitute our autonomy and self-determination.
While we weave life, capitalism designs and lays out over us its own territories of death in every corner of our suffering Mexico. Supposed mining territories, cartel activity by organized crime, agroindustry, political party territories, urban zoning rights, and conservation programs are all imposed on our lands and in none of them—no matter what name they are given by the system or its obedient governments—do the indigenous peoples fit.
The capitalists began and continue to expand a bloody war of conquest to take over what has always been ours. They appear behind any number of masks in this constant war of extermination: the businessman, the politician, the police, the soldier, or the hitman. And as always, the dead, the disappeared, and the imprisoned come from us, as well as the stolen and destroyed lands. Any collective, autonomous, and rebellious hope is persecuted.
We have resisted this capitalist onslaught against our peoples. From the devastation wrought on us we have dreamed and built new worlds. From our grief and mourning for our murdered compañeros we as peoples have recreated new forms of resistance and rebellion that allow us to halt this devastation and walk the only path possible for those below and to the left: to construct and exercise the justice denied us by the powerful who purport to govern us.
It is urgent that we bring our flames of resistance, autonomy, and rebellion together. These flames illuminate every originary people who weave new worlds that are truly from below, where love and the ancestral commitment to our mother—the earth—are born.
We CONVOKE the direct authorities and representatives of the peoples, nations, tribes, barrios, communities, and indigenous organizations in order to celebrate:


To be held October 9-14, in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the CNI, at the Indigenous Center for Holistic Training (CIDECI-UNITIERRA) in the city of San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, in Zapatista territory, according to the following schedule:


October 9

Arrival at CIDECI and registration for the authorities, representatives, indigenous delegates, press, and invited guests of the CNI Coordinating Commission.

October 10-11:

Inauguration of the Fifth National Indigenous Congress
Principle themes of discussion:

Displacement and repression
Our resistances and rebellion
State of the CNI
Proposals for strengthening the CNI
October 12:

Celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the National Indigenous Congress

October 13:

Plenary session, agreements, and conclusions
Closing of the Fifth CNI

October 14:

Return home

Early registration for indigenous delegates can be made using the CNI email:

Members of the National and International Sixth who want to participate as observers in the sessions of the Fifth CNI should register ahead of time at the email:

The Fifth National Indigenous Congress will have both public sessions (the inauguration and closing) and closed ones. Media that registers with and is approved by the CNI Coordinating Commission will be allowed to cover only the CNI’s public sessions. Media registration will be held October 9 and 10 at the site of the Congress.


July 2016

For the Full Reconstitution of Our Peoples

Never Again a Mexico Without Us

National Indigenous Congress

Zapatista Army for National Liberation

Mohawk Nation News 'Cirque de Syracus Coming Soon'



Please post & distribute.
MNN, Sept. 3, 2016. We just got bombarded with 160 pages in brown and white envelopes from Judge Frederick Scullin et al. It’s all in legalese, which none of us understand. Legalese is deception or genocide through procedural bafflement. They’re trying to trick us into agreeing to drop the case by firing a shot across our bow.
We are the victims of the crime. We’re being treated like the perpetrators. Scullin allowed our ambulance chasers, Hoffman, Gonzo, Peikan and the rest, to dump the 16 of us. We refused to take the NYS settlement and to forget about the attempted mass murder in 1997. So now we’re pro se. Scullin, the lawyers and the attorney general put us deliberately in this situation and set up all kinds of traps for us to fall into. There’s a rotten stink in Syracuse!trainingfina
In 2009 Judge George Lowe reported that this case should not go to trial as NYS will lose. He urged a financial settlement.
We are entitled to a legalese interpreter, not a bar lawyer. Hardcore Scullin is sent in to finish the job. One pro se couldn’t find the clerk’s office and filed late, so his motion is dismissed. For him it’s a life and death matter! A motion was filed to remove Scullin for showing bias at the August 18th pre-trial meeting. He dismissed the motion against himself.
George Beach got promoted to Supt. of the New York State Police.
1997 Top Assailant, George Beach, is now Supt. of New York State Police.
The victims of Jones v. Parmley continue to be victimized daily by the very person who is suppose to mediate a resolution of the whole matter. We feel like he wants to sentence us to the pen instead of putting the NYS Troopers in prison where they belong. In dealing with us, Skipper Scullin and his compadre’s are like the Zamboni guy who cleans the ice. He scrapes, adds water and then it freezes up again. The whole system is built on cover-ups.
Skull & Bones preparing for Bohemian Grove meeting.
Skull & Bones preparing for Bohemian Grove meeting.

We only recently came out of the bush. What do we know about the corporate matrix that illegally occupies our land? We just know that wrong-doers should be punished.
Scullin told us he has authority over our lives when we are on his ship. His courtroom is sitting on our land. NYS still has the death penalty. They’re using their judicial flame throwers to try to get rid of us once and for all. This experience with the court is getting stranger every day. The loonies are running the loonie bin. This is all theatre. All the players are improv artists.
Conway Twitty points out the whole Syracuse Affair as the fiction that it is. They hope to keep New York State out of The Hague: “People see us everywhere. They think you really care. But myself, I can’t deceive. I know its only make believe.”
The circus is coming to town on September 20 at 100 Clinton Street in Syracuse. Let’s pack it with spectators.
I-81 INDIAN Detail disrupting our picnic.
I-81 INDIAN Detail disrupting our picnic.

MNN Mohawk Nation News for more news, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to More stories at MNN Archives. Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0 or original Mohawk music visit
Any concerned person should call these these parties and ask them what their position is: District Court Fax 315-234-8501, Angela C.; Brittany E. Aungier; Carol L. Rhinehart; Devin M. Cain; Elkan Abramowitz; Gabriel M. Nugent 315-425-2836 Fax 1-315-425-2836; Joanna Gozzi; Jodi M. Peikin; Robert J. Anello; Terrance J. Hoffman 315-471-4107; Timothy P. Mulvey 315-448-4800 Fax 1-315-448-4800; Judge Scullon’s assistant Nicole Eallonardo Fax 1-315-234-8501. Ask Syracuse Post Standard to cover this rial 315-470-0011. New York Times 

We are still here.
Stand with Standing Rock.
Water protectors maced, attacked by vicious dogs, punched, by pipeline crew and privates security. about one mile from camp, where 4,000 are gathered. Women bitten by vicous dogs.Pipeline goons attack at Standing Rock.

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