Thursday, September 1, 2016

DALLAS: Dakota Access Pipeline Demonstration at Energy Transfer Partners HQ

Dakota Access Pipeline Demonstration at Energy Transfer Partners HQ in Dallas

Hundreds are expected to gather for a peaceful demonstration against Energy Transfer Partners, the corporation attempting to construct the Dakota Access Pipeline (aka, “DAPL”), at their Dallas headquarters this Friday. The demonstration will be led by the American Indian Movement (AIM) of Central Texas to show solidarity with their brothers and sisters whose water is under threat by the same corporation attempting to build the Trans-Pecos Pipeline through WestTexas near Big Bend.

Several Sierra Club leaders and supporters from Big Bend to Austin to Dallas and beyond will join the demonstration in solidarity with AIM Central Texas.

However, the Texas connection to DAPL is more than just a show of solidarity. Texas is a key site of Native Resistance to projects that threaten the land and water. A key challenge to DAPL is based on an improper tribal consultation process by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in complying with National Historic Preservation Act, Section 106. This is the exact same issue with the Dos Republicas coal mine in Eagle Pass, Texas. The mine is actively disrupting a sacred site and pollutes local waterways. It has received major opposition by local Indigenous groups in Texas. In April, 26 indigenous nations united in opposition to the Dos Republicas mine and marched from the border to the mine site.   

What: Peaceful demonstration against Dakota Access Pipeline company Energy Transfer Partners


Where: 8111 Westchester Drive, Dallas, TX 75225

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